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Follow Friday – iPhone Photos

3 Jun

Today is my last day of work. So far I’m feeling good about it all but that may change as the day wears on. I’m sad, of course, but not as sad as I was when the students and staff left. The last four days have been nothing but work, so I’ve been pretty distracted. I’ve saved the saddest chore, taking down my desk photos, for last. Other than all this, we are well, and the fever Isobel came down with yesterday seems to have mellowed. I’m chalking it up to teething or some other Mysterious Toddler Ailment.

We are getting sod put in our moonscape this weekend. Hooray!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.

badbanana Sorry, kids. Daddy can’t watch you grow up because he has to constantly change the batteries in his Apple wireless keyboard.

OTOOLEFAN Luke Russert just said “unflappable Weiner” on MSNBC.

librarian_kate My co-worker’s philosophy of life: “If you have to be a crazy person, at least be the head crazy person.”

markleggett The Sherlock Holmes/Batman fan-fiction I’m writing is going great, except they keep making out with each other. Solve some crimes already!

markleggett To Do: 1- Take photo of cat. 2- Get photo printed on t-shirt. 3- Put t-shirt on cat. 4- Take photo of cat in t-shirt. 5- Repeat forever.

letsdiefriends Am I totally cancering myself if I play Words With Friends?

babybabylemon If my toddler were an adult, this unwanted chest groping would be prosecutable.

markleggett People who say “meteoric rise” know what eventually happens to meteors right?

sandwichpolice I don’t know if I want a cat so much as I just want somebody that takes and takes and NEVER FUCKING THANKS ME AND EATS MY ELECTRICAL CORDS.

modinkpeeb On my bike ride tonight, I saw one snake, one deer, and Samuel L. Jackson.

DalekThay YOUR MOTHER is so INFERIOR that when ‘The Library’ SAVED her, it used a 3 1/2″ FLOPPY DISK. #DalekSnaps

apodixis If you really love your pets you shouldn’t have them fixed. You should to teach them to respect themselves by practicing abstinence.

theRratedBull Never name a child “Bob.” Or, “Michael Bolton” for that matter. In fact, stay away from any of the character names found in “Office Space.”

jess_mc It’s PERFORMANCE ART. Palin and Trump, in tri-corner hats, will get in an oversize hamster ball and roll themselves while reporters chase.

shinyinfo I only know my way around this town by using library branches as reference points.

johnmoe “We have nothing to fear but zeega du dip bow buhdeeda ziggy buddladeezy beedy pow itself.” #ScatHistoryQuotes

schmutzie Another Who Knew? moment: I now know what little tea leaf balls look like after they’ve expanded in a cat’s stomach and then been thrown up.

rachaelosborn Hating hipsters is the new being a hipster.

sarah_fitness What is cuter than talking to a 3yo on the phone who says, “Mommy, I want to give you a hug”, then hugs the phone? Um, not much.

msbellows I’d be an awesome S.E.A.L. Team commando if we could schedule missions midmorning, after coffee and a couple sit-downs.

WhyIsDaddyCryin I declare today “Opposite Day!” shhh….don’t tell the wife.

hereslizz I could probably make some extra cash today as a phone secks operator though. I got that Demi Moore thing going on.

stephenharred How is there not already a thing titled “Pimp and Pimpability?”

ProfessorSnack Today I turned Arthur into a jackass. J/K, he did that on his own. – diary excerpt Myrddin Emrys


ProfessorSnack No longer able to keep track of them, I refer to each Knight as Sir Guyihad. – diary excerpt Lady Guinevere

simontarr Lïve twëëtïng öür ÏKËÄ trïp.

MoeZee75 I don’t like how some people are related to me.

meganberg Snuggled in bed with the baby and the cat. Though, it would be much cuter if Ben weren’t farting and Zoe wasn’t licking her ass.

notthatkendall There should be some kind of mandatory training for those interested in the privilege of using the “reply all” button.

sarcasmically Angry driver threw a taco at my car, which is a bad way to get me to STOP cutting him off ’cause yum and I wonder how many more tacos he has.

windloochieMichigan weather provides lots of practice opportunities for the aspiring Buddhist.

hotdogsladies If a team of in-laws simultaneously Googles you during dinner, be honest, stay calm, then blame the 1000s of boner jokes on “a cyber-virus.”

petzrawr I’m DVR’ing History Channel’s “Gettysburg”. No spoilers, please!

theleanover Couples: Bringing a screaming toddler with you to buy a BDSM guide yelling across the store about its contents makes you horrible people.

jen_talley Writing an information health guide on hemorrhoids. This is why they pay me the big bucks.

MightyQuinn72 I hafta piss so bad I could power wash my deck.

BisexualElves I have ennui, which is emo for dropping your iPad.

PMuffintop If I got married again, I’d bedazzle a giant bald eagle across the chestal region of my wedding gown.

PaulyMortadella My best relationship advice: Make sure you’re the crazy one.

hollypops007 Ugh! I understand why my head & liver are mad at me but, have no idea why my neck hurts. Did I “whip my hair back & forth” and forget?

HerschelWeiner Where would our pan flute players be without the spa industry?

CorporateMonkey woke up from a post-work coma/nap, and had a dream in which I was prettier than IRL. 30yrs old and my brain JUST figured out it can do this.

danforthfrance Off to mind fuck some ants with an inflatable watermelon.

Rootahbaygah Fight Club is a bully-free zone. #LesserKnownFightClubRules

Morsdeus Fight Club is allowed to be discussed though games of Pictionary. #LesserKnownFightClubRules

donhardo Tickling is not only legal, it is encouraged. #LesserKnownFightClubRules

JerryThomas My social media strategy involves no pants and a large bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.

inktwice Her: ….sss-shit. Me: Sss-shit? Her: I was not going to say it. Me: …but then you thought, “Fuck it.”

MeganBoley Just realized I had quesadillas for lunch AND dinner. This pleases me.

shamroxmysox Lets go back to the good ol days when all your problems were solved with leeches and prayer.

NicLewis “Captains Log, Stardate 4178.2: The Enterprise has arrived at planetSouthern California, again. I think Mr. Sulu has us going in circles.”

sphericalfruit Finnegans Steak #lessinterestingbooks

Lilacmess On the Origin of Feces #lessinterestingbooks

inversejaik Low Expectations #lessinterestingbooks

inversejaik Heart of Dorkiness #lessinterestingbooks

inversejaik100 Years of Soliciting #lessinterestingbooks

filigreegirl The Ho-Hum Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime #lessinterestingbooks

DaveKrumholtz Processed Animal BI-Product Farm #lessinterestingbooks

caseycannonpi The Girl With The Temporary Tattoo #LessInterestingBooks

Lord_Voldemort7 Harry Potter and the Order of Takeout. #lessinterestingbooks

inktwice Marker Felt is just an upper-middle class Comic Sans.

FakeeEtiquette It is rude to post in all-caps on Craigslist unless your listing is more important than everyone else’s and deserves attention.

modinkpeeb Ruby’s favorite game is when she spends all morning whispering jibberish to me and trying to convince me I’ve had a stroke.

Caissie Did Harold Camping mean “Oprahcalypse” maybe? I’m afraid to look outside.

purple_quark Good morningAmerica. Was last night good for you too?

PlasticJukebox You haven’t really lived until you’ve put “buy taxidermied moose for the summer home” on a to-do list.

BuenoBabyGirl I just ate a Halloween-old, flattened, fun-sized Snickers bar from the bottom of my purse and I’m O.K. with that.

jillgengler Good to know that the State ofIL Central Management Services isn’t blowing our tax dollars on good graphic design.

80sMomKara Just watched Franco Zefferelli’s Romeo and Juliet. At the end, my 11 year old said “So that whole movie was about nothing but bad timing?”

LouisPeitzman If you ever see an anonymous Twitter account correcting people’s grammar, know that I’ve finally snapped.

BisexualElves I have ennui, which is emo for dropping your iPad.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.

More Meal Planning Apps and Resources

8 Nov

Here are some random apps that I love. No company has ever given me money for… well, anything at this point really, but especially not to promote their iphone apps. I just like these. “I’m Carrie Anne, and I approve this message!”

Now that Thanksgiving approaches and I’ve been back at work for a few months now, my struggle to get something healthy, delicious, and easy on the table is making me long for summer vacation when I had energy to cook and plan. Now that autumn rolls around I feel like I need help. Enter, technology.

You can find a whole lot of posts about my struggles with meal planning here. You can find the first post about which meal planning apps I use here.

Getting dinner on the table every night is a work in progress, but I’m happy to say I’m doing better at it now than I ever have before, ever. I think some of that has to do with how hard I used to make the process for myself—how complicated, how many steps, how unnecessarily detailed it was. Using my apps at the grocery store, or during the last five minutes of work to plan dinner, or browsing recipes stoveside has changed my life. Technology flawlessly fits in with my philosophy for meal planning: make it easy, make it convenient, and make it simple.

1. Simply Recipes / 101 Cookbooks: these aren’t apps per se, but the writers of these websites have created mobile-friendly versions of their sites for recipe-browsing via smart phone. Going here will show you how to add their icon to your home screen, just like a real app. I cook from Simply Recipes all the freaking time, so I was elated to find this.

2. Go Meals: every once in a while I like to log my meals to look at my nutrition objectively. I always think to myself that I will chart my food particularly when I have a Crohn’s flare up so I can see if something is setting it off, but invariably when I have a Crohn’s flare up I nearly stop eating altogether. The point is, you can track your meals with this app, and if you counting calories is your thing (I could never be bothered) it has the ability to do that, too.

3. English Muffin: I nearly swooned when I found out Nigella has an app! I normally don’t like to pay more than 99 cents for my apps and this one cost a pretty penny at $8. But it’s worth it because it streams all sorts of videos of her cooking and demonstrating recipes and such. Plus she is my girl crush and in a perfect world I’d be married to Anthony, Picard, and Nigella. What?

4. Rules, man: Have you read Michael Ruhlman’s book Ratio? For me it was groundbreaking. From the app: “Ratios are the starting point from which a thousand variations begin. A culinary ratio is simply a proportion of one ingredient relative to another. [This app] puts 28 key ratios in your pocket… The app does all the calculating and converting for you. Just enter the amount of the ingredient, and all the ingredients will appear in their exact proportions.” Squee, I say. Squee.

5. Chow Thanksgiving: Just in time for the holidays, Chow has released a free app that does only one thing–it helps you plan and track what needs to be done the week before Thanksgiving to get your meal on the table while minimizing stress and loss of limbs. I’m honestly not sure if this will be very helpful or not so much, but it’s free so I thought I’d give it a go.


I have relied heavily on certain websites for recipes and inspiration for continuing the nightly family meal. The sites I’ve used the most are:

1. Dinner: a Love Story – one family’s committment to instilling a tradition of family mealtimes. This is my goal for my family.

2. Angerburger – some of the best writing out there. Period. Oh, and also food. And a Viking.

3. Outpost 505 – a couple post their delicious dinners on the web.

4. Lunch in a box – Biggie doesn’t update this site so much anymore, but it’s a treasure trove of information for people who want delicious, homemade food for work. This site is designed for bento enthusiasts, but the information is invaluable even if you use a humble brown bag. I live near enough to SF that I stock up on imported bento items from Japan when I can, but I also invested in a Mr. Bento. I bought one for my husband, too, who was initially exasperated with me but ultimately delighted. He loves his Mr. Bento and the last time he brought his to work a coworker asked him all about it and ordered one for himself on his phone before lunch was over.

5. Simply Recipes – This is my go-to site when I’m looking for a recipe for something. Well, this, Everyday Food, and Epicurious.


November is the month where some people commit to posting every day on their blog. Some people commit to growing facial hair. And some people commit to writing a novel. All honorable, noble pursuits, but my friend Sarcasmically didn’t feel particularly called to do any of these things. And yet she felt left out. So she’s taking on a challenge of another kind: National Deep-fry a New Food Month. I look to her with a mixture admiration and fear as I am personally very intimidated by deep-frying. I check her blog with great anticipation as she’s made some wonderful, heart-stopping (literally) discoveries. My favorite so far? Probably her deep-fried pickle-wrapped-in-bacon experiment. I have a feeling that pregnant ladies everywhere have developed a strange new craving.

Auto Correct, the Language of the Future

28 Aug

Technology has certainly solved many of life’s problems, but it’s also created some interesting new ones as well. Take auto-fill, for example.

Cingular with me on a Sobieski Journey to the Y2k Quadmire of Serape!

Hilarious auto-correct errors aren’t unique to the iPhone, but for some reason it seems like they have the most offenses. Back when I was rocking a state-of-the-art Razr it never censored my repeated uses of swear words and after awhile helpfully tried to auto-fill the words “motherfucker” and “douche bag” for me. How sweet!

Frustration at the iPhone’s prudish insistence I not swear is rivaled only by my frustration at some of their ridiculous suggestions for commonly misspelled, or even sometimes correctly spelled, words.

For example, I wanted to tweet recently about a book that I just had to include on my wishlist. Except it didn’t like the word wishlist and automatically corrected it to “quagmire.” As in, “That book is totally on my quagmire!” Thanks, iPhone, for making me sound crazier than I already do. I don’t need any help with that. Really.

Instead of tweeting about that book (can’t remember the title now—good thing I added it to my quagmire!) I ended up tweeting about the quagmire of auto-correction and received some pretty hilarious responses from my twitter buddies:

fierceflawless @exlibris my phone just autocorrected ‘awesome’ to ‘serape’. As in, “I am totally serape”.

Honestly,  fierceflawless is the very HEIGHT  of serape. I’m not just sombrero that, either.

New mama (very new!) Hvnly responded that her phone favors Russian last names over all other parts of speech.

HvnlyDlite @exlibris lol! When I accidentally type “so is it” together it always auto-corrects to Sobieski.

Dr Stef’s phone can’t remember what decade we’re in, and I blame Y2k for this.

Lilacmess @exlibris awesome. My favorite is that whenever I type “Waltons” my phone corrects it to Y2k. “I’m over at Y2k right now.”

Perhaps my favorite auto-fill happened one time when my BFF texted me and was trying to say “Justin is coming with me.” Instead it came out,

“Justin is Cingular with me.”

Product placement in auto-correct?! I think we just discovered the advertising form of the future.

Weekend update!

9 Jul

A random list of updates, in no particular order:

* My iphone up and died. It had been dying a long, slow, painful death that started with me not being able to check my @ replies or DMs in Twitter, then spread to not loading my WWF games, and then started being a nonresponsive jerk in general. (There were other problems with the phone, but the twitter & WWF problems being the most pertinent.) It also started vibrating randomly. Fortunately it’s all covered under the extended warranty so one extended trip to the Apple store later and I have a new phone. I’m still trying to restart all my WWF games, so find me under Ex Libris.

* This is my second iphone replaced under the warranty. Anthony complained that I am too hard on my phone. It’s always the same story with me: when I first get a new phone I treat it with kid gloves for about two months. I contemplate getting a custom-made iphone baby bjorn so I can carry it around with me at all times in comfort and safety. Something happens around the two month mark, though, and I transform into a harsh iphone master. I tell it to SACK UP and BE A MAN and TAKE WHATEVER PUNISHMENT I DISH OUT. Then the damn thing dies on me. Wimp!

* Jupiter is going for the title of World’s Most Annoying Cat and I think it’s time for his Special Surgery soon. The one that will guarantee he sings in a high voice forever. He is obsessed with Isobel’s bottles and loves nothing more than to chew the nipples off the very expensive Dr Brown’s bottles. He breaks off pieces of my woven laundry basket and tries to eat them. He sneaks in the stroller’s basket when I take the baby for a walk. He climbs up the screen door and can’t get down.  He mews incessantly for no goddamn reason. He is so very lucky he’s adorable.

* I’m absolutely drooling over Sunday’s Apocalypse Soonish? flickr set. Preparing for the apocalypse is on my life list and when I start that project I am totally going to use her set for reference. I’d like to write an Apocalypse Preparedness book with her, or at least read the one she would write.

(Photo from Sunday's Flickr)

* I’m also drooling over Shanti’s Oden post. Mmmm…

* I made another sale for the Little Big Shop. Yay!

* I am behind on everything computer-related. I am so constantly on the go now that I haven’t had a chance to catch up on everyone’s blog posts, flickr, or twitter follows. I know, that is totally a First World Problem, but I miss it. Also, been feeling all old and crotchety because I don’t like flickr’s changes. I want my olde-tymey flickr back, dammit!

* I’ve been wanting to write a post on vintage style in the home but it seems like no matter what time of day my house is a dark cave and photos don’t turn out to my liking.

* A post about millet is coming up. As soon as I can find some millet, that is.

Favorite Road Trip Apps

6 Jun

This post is the fourth in a series about iPhone apps I use and enjoy. This is less about being on the cutting edge of technology and more the equivalent of peeking in someone else’s medicine cabinet. Electronic voyeuristic curiosity! I’d love to hear what travel or road-trip apps you enjoy in the comments.

AAA Discounts – The AAA Discount app comes equipped with a GPS map and turn by turn direction route-planner, but this is entirely unnecessary if you have an iPhone. The value of this app is that is seeks out businesses and services in your area that offer discounts to AAA members.

ATM Hunter – This useful app from MasterCard lets users know the locations of the nearest ATMs.

Around Me – Around me lets you search for nearby hotels, coffee shops, gas stations, hospitals, banks, restaurants, etc. Apps along the same lines that I also use are Yelp and CitySearch.

Mad Libs – If you’ve never played Mad Libs then you are an (adjective ending in “-ing”) (noun). Mad Libs are (adjective). I (verb) them! I downloaded the free app and bought the paid one anyway because you have access to a lot of games that are automatically saved. Hours of fun on the road.

Emergency Survival from Wikihow – Not strictly necessary for road trips, but how badass do you feel when you can find, at a moment’s notice, how to control a spooked camel, survive natural disasters, or deal with roadside emergencies? It makes me feel like a seasoned adventurer. The entertainment value of this app alone is worth it and, along with the Mad Libs app, makes for an entertaining road trip.

Good Food Near You – Sure, you have apps that will tell you where the nearest restaurants are, but this app helps you find the healthiest choices in your immediate area. Especially nice if you are health-conscious, on a diet, or travelling with children. Nutritional information and a map to the restaurant is included.

Sit or Squat – This free app is sponsored by Charmin so you have to see irritating bears that don’t know how to wipe their butts occasionally, but for the service it provides it’s worth it. This app shows the location of the bathrooms near you. OMG! Who doesn’t need this?

Mark the Spot This app channels my passive-aggressive frustrations. Or it does nothing. I’m not really sure, but I figure it can’t hurt. Mark the Spot allows you complain directly to AT&T about areas of crappy coverage. I use this app every time I go to the grocery store.

Little Big’s Parenting, Baby, & Mommy Apps List

5 Jun

This post is the third in a series about iPhone apps I use and enjoy. This is less about being on the cutting edge of technology and more the equivalent of peeking in someone else’s medicine cabinet. Electronic voyeuristic curiosity! I’d love to hear what parenting or kid-friendly apps you enjoy in the comments.


Bab Bab Lite – This was the first app I downloaded for Isobel and she has been mesmerized by it from about four months. It’s a digital rattle with some ambient noise. Babies can shake the iPhone or trace their finger lightly across the screen and the rattles respond and change like a kaleidoscope. I have the free version and I’ve been completely satisfied.

White Noise –  my friend’s baby, Kingston, has a love affair with the blow dryer. In the early days it helped him fall asleep and stay asleep. His parents, Angela and Justin, learned very quickly that the White Noise app is their friend, especially on car rides with a fussy baby. The app also offers a variety of other soothing sounds.

Scribble – Use your finger to trace drawings and color. Shake the iPhone like an old school Etch-e-Sketch to clear the screen. Isobel has only recently begun to be interested in this but she still doesn’t quite get it. I think it’s fun and am betting this will be more useful when she’s a bit older.

Youtube – Don’t overlook the usefulness of an app you already own. Keyboard Cat and other cat videos have changed Isobel’s life. There is nothing like watching her little face as she giggles hysterically at a cat video.


Pediatric SymptomMD – I don’t think this app is necessary so much as it’s nice to have. Pediatric SymptomMD provides at-a-glance advice to look up symptoms and care to help make the best decisions for your child’s care. It also comes with a handy-dandy dosage guide for several OTC medicines.

Contraction Master – We used this app for three or four days before Isobel was born and I loved it. It times your contractions and records their history. Very, very useful because the last thing you want to do while you’re having painful contractions is write shit down.

Nursing Master – I bought a nursing app that was very expensive and, for my purposes, very crappy. Next time we have a baby I’m seriously looking Nursing Master. It has room for detailed feeding logs and works for both nursing and bottle feeding moms. This would have been perfect for me as I had milk flow issues and had to supplement with formula early on.

Expecting – next time I get pregnant I’m going to geek out with the Expecting app. This app comes with a contraction timer, but I still have my old one and I’d prefer a one-touch, simplified app for contractions. Expecting helps you keep track of doctor appointments, photos and note, checklists, due date calculator, and week by week pregnancy progression information. Again I don’t think something like this is necessary if you have a calendar or date book but it’s fun. And when you’re pregnant you need to focus on the fun so you’re not focused on the swelling, the aching, and the nausea.

Total Baby – Angela told me about Total Baby and I immediately lamented not knowing about this when Isobel was a newborn. We tried to record things on paper and inevitably the paper would get lost or be inconveniently far away. My phone, however? I kept that almost as close to me as I did my baby.

This app monitors your baby’s habits, routines, and milestones. The only thing that could make this app better is if they allowed you to store this information in the cloud and access it from the same account on different phones a la Grocery Gadget. This way you could record stuff then hand the kid off to your partner who will, without any hassle from you, have all the necessary caregiving information available right on their phone.

Here’s what Angela says about Total Baby:

“In the beginning I used it to track how much he was eating, how many wet diapers he was doing, his sleep, pretty much everything. Now that he is bigger I use it to track milestones, vaccines, medications, and occasionally when I am curious about the number of ounces he is drinking I will track it for a few days. It can basically hold all the information you would ever want to know about your kid.”

Meal Planning Apps

3 Jun

This post is the second in a series about iPhone apps I use and enjoy. This is less about being on the cutting edge of technology and more the equivalent of peeking in someone else’s medicine cabinet. Electronic voyeuristic curiosity! I’d love to hear what food-related apps you enjoy in the comments.

Shroomies Produce Guide – I have no idea why this is called ‘shroomies’ but it does make me giggle. This app really isn’t as necessary as it claims but I love it none the less. It is supposed to help you choose produce that’s in season but really, you probably don’t need help with that. If you can use your valuable looking skills to see what the store is offering a lot of cheaply then you know what’s in season.

Shroomies does offer the valuable service in the form of providing nutritional information, seasonality (when will asparagus be cheap again?!), how to store and how long to keep it, preparation advice and almost 200 photos and descriptions of all sorts of produce. Have you ever read a recipe and thought, what the heck is kohlrabi? Look it up! I love browsing the photos for inspiration, but I’m weird like that.

RelishI’ve sung Relish’s praises before and I’ll do it again: the iPhone app lets me peruse my weekly shopping list and view the recipe right from my phone, no printouts necessary. You have to have a subscription to Relish’s menu service for this to be useful, however.

Everyday Food – I sort of hate to give Martha even more of my money when she has so much already, but there’s something to be said for not having to leaf through stacks of magazines to find a recipe.

Mise En PlaceI’ve mentioned this app before also and while it over complicates the week night dinner I can’t wait to use this for a big party or holiday such as Thanksgiving. It lets you schedule all the tasks that need to be accomplished for a big meal and can help you figure out what you need to do well in advance. My organization-loving heart swelled when I found this.

Epicurious – The same benefits of the recipe website in handheld form.

Grocery Gadget – I’ve mentioned this app before, too, but when I find something awesome I like to share. Angela originally found this app and I’m so glad she told me about it. It handles far more than just your grocery list and has all sorts of handy features, such as online editing, list sharing so other members of your household have access to them, and full control over list organization. It’s the priciest app I’ve ever purchased but, for me at least, it’s been so worth it.