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Thrift Store Score: The Kite

2 Jul

How perfect would this be for a child’s nursery? Handmade from 1967. In the shop soon.

The Kite

7 Apr

One of the best toys Isobel received for her birthday was a kite from our Reno friends Dave and Stef. We were very excited to test this bad boy out, and luckily for us, the day after her party was perfect: sunny, windy, only a little cold, and lovely.

Isobel had no idea what a kite was, of course, and I explained to her that we were going to the park to fly it. When we got there she just wanted to P-L-A-Y (sorry, I get into the habit of spelling certain words when I’m around her). From the field she could see the playground equipment, and there were some tense moments while waiting for Anthony to assemble the kite. So far all it had done was lay there. That’s not as exciting as going down the slide. Duh, Mama.

But when we finally got it up in the air she LOVED it.

She did not think she was too young to fly a kite. She kept grabbing the string so she could “fly” it, too.

And when it would fall down, she’d run to it.

Here’s a photo my camera took while I was doing something else.

It was so fun, even though we were all absolutely exhausted from the party the day before. Flying a kite and then going home and taking a 2 hour nap were about all I could handle.

After awhile, we let Isobel hold the spool. She really, really wanted to fly it.

We helped, of course.

I love this picture below. She’s like, “I AM TOTES FLYING A KITE!”

Afterwards, Anthony and I caved and took her on the swings. Because we are soft.

And then I took a picture of myself on the playground, looking all gangster.

(With unbrushed hair.)