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Follow Friday – Subjecting You to Photos of My Cats

19 Aug

Yesterday Isobel and I were in the backyard playing her new favorite game: “beach.” It involves a large patch of sand and several buckets and plastic shovels. While we were digging, Jupey came over the fence with a fresh Barbie in his mouth. He ran to Isobel and dropped it at her feet.

“A dolly! Jupey brought me a dolly! Mommy, look!” she shrieked excitedly, picking it up.  “Thanks Jupey! I love you.”

It’s my Mom’s birthday today and she’s pretty much the a Cat Whisperer. Today, in her honor, I’m subjecting you to photos of my cats. Happy Birthday, Mom!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

wheelfreed Does farting count as tooting your own horn?

mindykaling Oh no. Every T-Pain song now seems like a parody to me.

apodixis I have tuna flavored laxative on my fingers, in case you were wondering.

sgnp I’m not losing horribly. I’m helping you have the best game ever!

louisvirtel This tweet may not seem like an awesome Madonna tribute, but I’m actually lip-syncing it and humping the floor.

twopretzels Craig taught Lila to say “dog balls.” Yup. Can’t really say much more than that. Dog balls.

CourtNeedsSleep I just don’t understand why we went with ‘Unicorn’ over ‘Unihorn’ that’s all

Greeblemonkey Season 2 Muppets is clearly the year Jim Henson started smoking weed. #muppetnight

danforthfrance I never found out if the girl in that movie got her grade changed. (It was porn.)

cbnickras Back in the old days, before health insurance, people just died young! We should just return to that magic golden age!

LouisPeitzman This guy’s OKCupid page says his ideal partner reads at least six hours a week. Does reading online dating profiles count?

stray @pcsweeney My unbridled hatred for Outlook is thicker than the richest pancake syrup.

freudiantypo Just once I’d like to get a prescription bottle with a warning label that says, “Take with plenty of beer.”

shariv67 Isn’t it cute how old people sign all of their online comments? Sincerely,

MakeMommyCoffee Clearly tired of me checking for new teeth Allie waited until I was vulnerable and plunged her whole hand into my mouth & laughed maniacally.

PlumeriaSprite Atypical cells are the enemy but atypical friends are really fun.

Hojimoto I shouldn’t have to ask for a *Chocolate* Frosty. In my day when you asked for a Frosty you got Chocolate and liked it!

massagebyted Yes, I do think you should fill the back of your truck with lettuce and old chairs before you take the craigslist “for sale” photo.

MagpieLibrarian Cat skirt, squirrel shirt, snoopy scarf, AliceWonderland necklace, RedRidingHood pin. I’m your fucking kid’s librarian. Let’s read some shit.

sarahmcdallen Such a lovely day. Kim & I discussed having a lie down on the grass, but she said, at our ages, people wld probably think we’d fallen down.

apelad How can it be 1:35 already? Oh right, time passing.

FuckItLibrarian This lady honked at me as I turned into the library. I told her to kiss my ass. No one honks at the librarian.

rstevens my kingdom for an easier to control kingdom with more serfs and better access to navigable bodies of water

MagpieLibrarian if you liked it, then you should have put all hold on it. #allthesinglelibrarians

InfiniteChicken …now if you’ll all just cover your eyes for a few seconds… #BadMagicTricks

thechrisleroux Ladies and gentlemen, I think we can all agree that this puppy is now dead… #BadMagicTricks

johnmoe Sawing a bagel in half #BadMagicTricks

sgnp The Miser’s Reach-Around #BadMagicTricks

InfiniteChicken Now moms, kids—you will notice I am not wearing any pants… #BadMagicTricks

jenstatsky “OMG sooo cute, did you see this YouTube video of Zooey Deschanel playing the piano?!” – Cats.

NotGaryBusey Crocs are just PT Cruisers for your feet.

badbanana Where Settlers Settled #NewNebraskaSlogan

badbanana America’s Vast, Pasty Midsection #NewNebraskaSlogan

badbanana That Smell is Iowa #NewNebraskaSlogan

fierceflawless My constant inner monologue while watching tv: “these people are assholes.”

PMuffintop Day 2 of Kindergarten and my child has already asked me what “shitballs” means. Hooray!

muffpunch You know it’s a good day when you’ve used the phrase “you’re more than welcome to fire me.”

slackmistress It doesn’t matter where I work, I’m always the one who has to explain what Furries are.

LPCookbook Someone in the hallway is kerfuffled because they do not know how to use the watercooler. JUST PRESS THE BUTTON THAT SAYS “WATER.”

slackmistress “You’re a good neighbor..like a State Farm rep I get to sleep with. ” – @BeTheBoy to me

giromide Take these broken wings. They’ve been sittin’ in the basement for, like, two years. Shake ’em first. Might be some damn earwigs in ’em.

EvenMoreSarah Dear God I just got a Google ad for flushable dog poop bags called Flush Puppies. Now I kind of want to disable my OWN account.

maggiesox I am beginning to resent every email in my inbox that doesn’t come from Pottermore. I just cursed out an email from my mom.

BridgetCallahan I resent almost all of you for almost everything – my acceptance speech.

jephkelley Flying next week and already know which section of SkyMall I’m flipping to first. The Pendant of Arwen Evenstar is as good as mine.

ClevelandPoet There’s a statue of a priest guy sticking his fists out in my gallery. Every time I pass by I have to urge to fist bump him. #GotMadRespect

thecheckoutgirl Just washed down my birth control pill with french fries, essentially doubling the effect.

chickenscottpie I’m suffering from Michele Bachmann overload. Can we all just agree she’s an embarrassment to humanity and then never talk about her again?

batsly I hate to brag, but I’m really fuckin’ good at it.

wheatnik Instead of writing books, I tweet, because I am horrible at stringing sentences together in a coherent manner. I love chocolate pudding.

jszyd How does a shepherd keep track of how many sheep he has without falling asleep?

heyrenees The state of everything makes one thing crystal clear: we picked the wrong time to cancel the space program.

EliBraden Actually ‘B’ isn’t a number. RT @KimKardashian: How many people u know can take it this far? B

mrpilkington Who wants to watch antiques roadshow?! I’ve got 137 hours saved on the DVR. You’ll probably never hear from me again.

rstevens I don’t need to get enough rest if I just keep raising my Sleep Debt Ceiling.

danforthfrance Told Grandma how to order the Internet and asked her to call me back to tell me how it went. Chain smoking like Apollo 13 Mission Control.

TheSuniverse I have a cut on the tip of my middle finger. Damn. That finger gets the most work.

revtrev Actual Sign: “In case of fire, exit building before tweeting about it.”

guiltysquid I’m letting my children vacuum. The mama bear in me is wanting to run and grab my precious in a protective fashion. Oh, my poor Dyson.

Ahm76 When couples introduce me to their infant, all I hear is “look what we built using only our private genitals!”

jszyd “Holy shit!” – Guy who walked into the stall immediately following Jesus.

Cre8BeautyDaily No, YOU just lied to your 3 yr old niece & told her that the sea salt caramel you just ate was special vitamins for pregnant ladies.

KeepingYouAwake That there is a soda called Squirt is just hilarious to me. Honestly, just try not to laugh with a mouthful of Squirt.

dantelfer I wish a museum would hire me to wander around and yell at everything.

luckyshirt After the Flood, God made a rainbow as a promise He would never kill us all again. But later He got all mad at us again and made celery.

Shedletsky A computer is like an Old Testament god, with a lot of rules and no mercy.

luckyshirt “This feels so amazing. You are so terrible at this. I am in heaven. I want to kill you. That’s perfect. You’re an idiot.” -a cat being pet

ecsuperhero Old man Shane received his first ever jury duty notice and just tried to throw it in the trash. Aw, my baby daddy wants to go to jail.

thejohnblog I don’t believe in cruelty to animals, so I lied and told my dog his butt looked great in the jeans I put on him.

guiltysquid Answer your phone in public with, “Where in the hell is my monkey??” and people act like you’re odd.

smileydooby So few racists ever take the time to get to know me. They’d still end up hating me but you know, later.

Filmdrunk Jesus Christ, iTunes, I just wanted to buy an album, but I’ll have my lawyer take a look at this agreement and get back to you.

zombiesitcom I don’t care how much your bridesmaid dress cost, you still look like Grover. #ThingsIShouldFacebook

Athenabee @exlibris I’m a Jupey groupie.

steenyweeny i don’t care what any of you say, growing out your bangs is the single most awkward stage of life.

trollprincess Dear rest of the world: If Bachmann gets nominated, please invade. We’ve clearly had an accident and are unable to care for ourselves.

TheNextMartha At a restaurant that advertises “Shrimp 5 ways.” All 5 ways are fried.

ispinyarn Damn autopilot led me around 3 sides of a large square. It is so fired.

pourmecoffee  To actually vote, Iowans go on stage and the John Deere Sorting Hat announces their choice.

TheRedQueen Well my genius appointment was 20 mins ago and I am still waiting. Genius a little faster guys.

amandaha I did the walk of shame back to my old hair stylist with June’s awful uneven cut. That’s what “walk of shame” means, right?

arcasmically @exlibris marinating chicken. LIKE A SAUCE.

morninggloria Every time I read about a drunk man in his 30’s falling into the river or something equally dumb, I wonder if it’s one of my ex boyfriends.

johnmoe Hey now! Your a monster! Put some pants on! Go play! Wait now! Here’s a lobster! Call your friend’s mom! No way! #SMASHEDMOUTH

apodixis I’m convinced that typing in all caps is a sign of some kind of learning disability.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

Scrapbook: Isobel’s First Kitten

31 Jul

Recently we were at my parents’ house for dinner and Isobel finished before the rest of us, as she usually does. Eager to run around Papa and Ama’s living room, we let her down from her seat so we could eat in peace while keeping an eye on her.

Eventually she disappeared into the laundry room and returned holding the gray and white kitten my mother was fostering. Isobel had never held a kitten before although she had dearly wanted to since she first laid eyes on one. This is the first kitten she’s ever picked up and held all by herself.

I would have thought she was too young to pick up and hold a kitten by herself but she did a great job, surprising the whole family.  Now she thinks she’s ready to hold any animal she comes across, including the goats at the fair.

One step at a time, kid.

My Cat Takes a Pacifier

5 Jan







Home Movies: Poppy

5 Sep

Poppy’s kind of a spaz. We refer to her as our feral squirrel kitty. Whereas Jupiter is definitely a domestic sort of cat, Poppy is sometimes unaware of the fact that she’s even a cat. Weirdo.

Here she is trying to attack a ceiling fan that is several feet out of her reach.

Swear Bear

30 Aug

So far Isobel hasn’t picked up any bad swearing habits from either Anthony or I but we know our days of unfettered swears are numbered. She already copies my manner of speech and different phrases. Lately she has been saying, “OH NO” just like Mama when something goes wrong. Often when I greet her and say, “Hi, baby!” she responds with an enthusiastic “Hi, baby!” right back. She mimics everything we do.

When Anthony was a toddler his Grandma got to experience his first swear. When something would go wrong Anthony would very quietly mumble to himself, “Oh shit.”

My parents rarely swear but two things used to set my Mom off: 1. driving in traffic and 2. typing on a manual typewriter. The typewriter would especially make her swear, but thank goodness that’s not an issue anymore. I don’t remember swearing at all as a child so she must not have done it very much around me. Which is funny because, unlike my parents or anyone I grew up around, I now swear like a sailor.

I need to find some good substitute words before I pass this habit on to my impressionable toddler.

We’re currently trying to guess what Isobel’s first swear will be.

Jupiter taunts the helpless kitten who has not yet figured out how to work the cat door. Punk.

My money’s on the phrase GODDAMMIT, JUPITER!!!!!

Jupiter's favorite hobby: destroying nipples while still attached to the bottle

I Have a Dream

17 Aug

I had really weird dreams last night. I mean really weird. I doubt that any of you are interested in my dreams, but this particular dream was hilarious and it involved Windsor Grace of Knit in Public.

Basically, she was throwing a Christmas Gala. I was expecting to hear her read passages from her book that was coming out and perhaps speak on the finer points of blogging. Instead I go an auditorium with Anthony and a few friends and witness a play of epic proportions written and acted by Windsor Grace herself, plus a cast and crew of hundreds. She wrote a symphony! And a chorus! And she sang! And somehow orchestrated a stage show of millions of twinkly Christmas lights all while acting out some sort of play. It was incredible. Needless to say, if Windsor ever does put on some sort of show, you need to be there.

I laughed! I cried! I ate dolphin!

That was the second part of my dream. It tasted revolting.

In reality-based news, we have a found a loving home for our sweet kitten. My interwebs friend Phaedra has two little girls who are lining up to give this neglected sweetheart all the love and affection a kitten could want. I know she will be loved and taken care of and what more could I ask for? Well, occasional visits, maybe.

Thank you so much for opening your home and your heart to this little furball, Phaedra.

Weekend Update

14 Aug

The first day of school is Monday. I admit it–I’m excited. And I’ll be live-tweeting all the drama straight from the library. (By that I mean I’ll have twitter open, like I always do, tweeting throughout the day during lulls. Or lolz. Either way.)

Here’s what I’ve been up to.


Last night I heard mew mew mewing and I recognized the pathetic cry of Jupiter locked up somewhere he did not want to be. That can has one whiny, piteous cry that motivates one to immediately remedy the situation so he will just fucking shut up already. My Mom had been over to watch the baby while Anthony and I got some much-needed sushi so I thought she locked him in the laundry room or bathroom by mistake. That cat is a gray ninja and can slip past anyone unnoticed, even if you’re looking for him. It’s common practice for me to discover him in the basket of the stroller while I’m a block from my house. And we know he does that, so we watch out for him. His ability to move swiftly and completely unnoticed is uncanny.

I walked down the hall calling his name, trying to find the mew mew mew. Bedroom? Nope. Bathroom? Nope. Laundry room, spare room, nursery, closet? Nope, nope, and nope. I sat back down in the living room to play with Isobel when the pathetic mew mew mew started up again. There was definitely an edge of panic to his voice. I noticed Zorro staring through the window next to the front door with a superior look on his face.


Jupiter wasn’t… outside was he? My cats are strictly indoor-only. We don’t live in a cat-friendly area and I’m terrified of them getting out. I open the front door and a wretched-looking Jupiter looked up at me and cried meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.

We still have no idea when or how he got out, but thank god he hadn’t had dinner yet because hunger for sure would have lead him back home.


Some time ago over the summer I woke up and my wedding ring didn’t feel quite right. I looked at my hand and was shocked to discover the band of the ring had a large dent in it, causing a too-snug fit on my finger. We were getting ready to go out of town with friends so I put off taking care of it. My ring had always fit perfectly but the misshapen band meant I could no longer get it off my finger.

Eventually I stopped by a jeweler and the ring had to be cut off. It’s so sad to see it in its mangled state. The jeweler said I needed to wait a few days for my finger to recover and then go back and get it re-sized and mended. After eight years of constantly wearing a ring on that finger it felt horrible and naked without it so I’m wearing one of my Mom’s rings for good measure. Plus I don’t want to look like I’m advertising that I’m single or anything.


Isobel has recently learned to kiss and I can say without hesitation it’s the best part about parenting so far. There are a lot of truly wonderful things about parenting, but when Isobel kissed me on the cheek for the first time my eyes welled with tears and my heart overflowed with happiness. It made up for all the times she’s bitten me.

The first time she kissed me we were sitting on the floor together rough-housing and watching TV. She came up behind me, put her little hands on my shoulders, and kissed my hair on the back of my head. It was amazing. The next day I was holding her hand and walking with her and she kissed me twice on the hand. That night, she kissed me on the cheek and this morning she blew Anthony a kiss. Just thinking about it gives me thrills. I can’t describe how amazing it is that this little creature that we’ve nourished and love is expressing her affection. It makes me want to sit up a little straighter and be the best mom possible.


I have reached a stage of exhaustion at work that only comes after a week like this one. First I had two days of round up excitement, wherein I oversee and organize and participate in the handing out of several textbooks to each of our 1600 students. We were significantly short-handed this year but we had such excellent help we were an incredibly fast and efficient (if exhausted) team. I couldn’t have done it without Doppelganger John (my coworker who is a carbon copy of my friend John—they have never met but are eerily similar) and the Nicest Office Lady Ever. I sometimes have to remind myself she works in an office because she’s so dang nice and beloved by all. Anyway, right after that I was slammed with deliveries and received maybe 300 boxes of things that need to be counted, sorted, and sent off to teachers ASAP. I’m still working on that one. I no longer have an assistant so it’s going to take awhile for me to get through it, especially with how exhausted this week has made me. Please note my current collection of boxes to go through.


At the very end of the week DJ (Doppelganger John) came in to the library and asked if I needed another kitten. Um, no. But that’s not the right question anyway. The question should have been, “Will you help?”Because, duh. Yes.

Three kittens were dumped in the parking lot yesterday morning. One died already. DJ took the other one home. A lone calico female had been living off of old pizza scraps in the detention room.

I called Anthony and he came with Isobel, a cat carrier, and a container of food and we did what we were born to do: took her home and welcomed her to kitten heaven. Things were going smoothly until late last night when Poppy and Jupiter changed from being indifferent toward her to picking on her. We’re looking to find her a home because she’s already been mistreated and abandoned, we don’t need to add “constantly harassed” to that list. I have two leads but nothing is definite so if you’re in my area and interested, let me know.

She’s very skittish and timid but already learning to trust me and show affection.

Also she doesn’t know how to work the cat door yet so when she gets in the garage she goes to the window and cries till someone lets her in. Note the pathos:


We were spending some quality family time in the backyard this morning when Isobel tripped and totally ate it on the cerement. It was so awful. Both Anthony and I were just out of reach and could only watch the fall happen but do nothing to prevent it. Her nose is pretty scratched up and she has a small bump on her head and Anthony’s been calling her, “Baby Fight Club.” I told him not to talk about Baby Fight Club.

She cried of course and I rocked her, but she recovered pretty quickly. She always does. Usually while she’s still sobbing she’ll say “kitty!” or “agua!” or “baby!” or whatever else catches her eye. She usually starts laughing before the tears on her cheeks are dry. For all of her tumbles and falls she’s never really hurt herself so I think we’re pretty lucky. I tried to get a picture of her face but that girl lightning, lightning I tell you!


Random Thought Roundup

22 Jul

Sometimes I just like to share my random thoughts. You’re welcome.

Jupiter had his Very Special Surgery, The One That Will Ensure He Sings In A High Voice Forever, yesterday. He came back from the vet and if I didn’t know better I’d have no idea that six hours prior he had gone under the knife. Really, cat? What does it take to calm you down? Horse tranquilizers? Because I’ll buy you horse tranquilizers. Shit. He was running around and eating food and playing with baby… he’s a bit more calm today but I’ve never seen a cat bounce back from surgery so quickly. Poppy’s next up for the Special Surgery. Here’s hoping we don’t have to get her a cone.

Speaking of the kittens, Anthony and I are pretty sure that if we died in the home Poppy and Jupiter would wait like a half hour, TOPS, before they started snacking on us. They are wild, crazy, and although not actually feral, it’s like they have some Krazy Kountry Kat gene that gives them a bonus points to survival. I’m pretty sure if they’d have an alignment it would be Chaotic Neutral.

Anthony and I think Poppy and Jupiter are about the same in terms of intelligence.  They rank below Zorro, who is actually fairly smart. Although Peaches was not known for his brains, but he had idiot-savant-like gifts in certain areas that made him quite ingenious at times. Hands down, Tinkerbell was just a genius. We used to joke that she was a member of Mensa. I swear we’d have conversations sometimes. It’s all worth it, though, because the kittens are 100% willing to snuggle with Zorro and each other. Totally makes up for the lack of brains.

I love me some Top Chef and I’m so happy it’s returned. I was watching reruns the other day on Bravo and saw the episode that featured Padma and Nigella. Two of my biggest girl crushes at once! I kept looking at them and trying to decide who’s prettier. Anthony thinks Nigella and I’d have to agree. (I have three main girl crushes, but I can’t remember the third one right now. Oh, well! My heart belongs truly to Nigella I guess.)  I promised Shanti I’d not reveal any season spoilers since she lives in NZ and watches the show on a delay, but I accidentally let it leak that Angelo said he had crabs, which I thought was hilarious. He may be cocky as fuck, but at least he can make fun of himself. My friend Ryan regularly rubs elbows with Top Chef contestants from this season as well as seasons past and I read his twitter feed with envy as he tweets about eating their food. We both decided that Top Chef can never go off the air and I’d pay good money for either a vampire or a zombie to bite Padma and all the judges so they can film the show forever from an undead state.

Do not think I have forgotten you, Adriana! As Winner of the Green Dress, Adriana shall not only receive the dress (I promise) but she will also receive some other Fabulous Prizes that I am gathering together as we speak. I shall mail it off soon. I promise. I wanted to add a present for her son, Wolfie, and some fresh rosemary that I picked from the garden. I’ve also been in the process of cleaning out my closet and wanted to add a bonus item or two. I was going to have to spend the extra money to fit the dress into a medium-sized flat rate box, and I wanted to make it worth her while. I also sold my gold candelabra, so I’m going to the post office tomorrow to mail that off anyway.

Isobel about has a seizure every time the trailer for the new Cats and Dogs movie comes on. She starts shouting “Chucho!” (which means puppy) and “Kitty!” Then she starts barking and meowing. She could just stare at those talking animals all day. Anthony further became my soul mate when he said to me, “I never liked those movies as a kid. They always made the cat the bad guy.” TRUE. Those movies are always made by some dumbass who doesn’t understand cats. Isobel’s too young to understand our political intrigue, though. She just likes staring at the animals.

The Moron Twins

27 Jun

I’d like to say it’s been awhile since we’ve been terrorized by something small, striped, and furry, but I’d be lying. Not too long ago we rescued a cat I called Moxie and my sister called Sakara but still, and that cat was an asshole, but still, I don’t think I was prepared enough for the assholery of owning two kittens at the same time. They are NUTS.

My dream of having cats that cuddle together is realized. Even better, they cuddle with Zorro, too. In fact, Zorro will never admit to this publicly, but I have have caught them trying to nurse on Zorro before. He’s such a good Mama!

Moxie-kitten was often referred to as ‘that asshole kitten’ and these two were beginning to hear that a lot well. But now that Isobel’s talking I decided a change in nicknames was in order. We can’t have Isobel referring to the kittens as “our li’l assholes” when family comes to visit, now can we? I’ve been calling them The Moron Twins, which you’ll remember if you watched the movie Splash a thousand times as a mermaid-crazed child. It gets the point across without getting us kicked out of finer establishments.

These kittens are destructive, and we all have sets of claw-marks on us, but they aren’t feral or aggressive cats. They just tend to do things like try to climb up your leg with their claws. When you’re wearing shorts. Or launch themselves on your back from the couch. Or run across your face a top speed, scratching you in the jugular. (Anthony is convinced Poppy was trying to decapitate him.) They’re not wild, they’re just kittens.

This happens on a daily basis now:

Fortunately, unlike other cats I’ve seen do this, she is capable of climbing all the way up and going all the way down. Jupiter climbs up here, too, but he never goes as high as Poppy.

You may notice that my lovely curtains are gone. That’s because one of the first things Poppy did after we brought them home was pee on them. Excellent! I wanted that spot to look more… yellow. I’ve washed the curtains and they are good as new but I’m not putting them up yet for fear they’ll get shredded to bits.

Both kittens also love sleeping the Easter baskets that I haven’t put away yet (since Isobel still loves to play with them). Isobel thinks this is the greatest thing ever because there’s nothing she enjoys more than carrying around a basket of kitten.

The kittens get her back by pestering her intermittently throughout the day.

The first cat name Isobel learned was “Peaches.” She still goes in our bedroom looking for him and calling his name. She calls Zorro ‘Orro’. Poppy comes out clearly half the time but the other half the time she’s called ‘Moppy.’ Jupiter, however, is usually also called ‘Poppy’ because there is no way she can say anything even close to Jupiter. We tried getting her to call him ‘Jupey’ but it came out ‘Peepee.’ So he  might just be Poppy for right now.

Even though we’re down two important members, our house still seems full of kitty goodness.

Isobel & Poppy

13 Jun

I decided to create a YouTube account to feature videos over here. I like flickr videos but I can’t embed them here (or at least, I don’t know how) and they are limited to a minute in length. I’m posting this one just to get a feel for how this works.

Isobel and Poppy are adorable when they play together. I showed this video to Isobel and she started cracking up. Apparently it’s funny to everybody, even babies.

Look carefully and you’ll see a secret Zorro.