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Alphabet Magnets

5 May

Isobel’s new favorite thing is magnets. She loves the fact that she can set something on a vertical surface and it stays there all by itself.

Once she expressed extreme frustration at trying to make a piece of paper stick to a door. Every time it slid to the ground she shrieked with rage. I’m not sure why she thought that would work, but you could tell that when paper dropped down she felt betrayed by gravity.

I’ve noticed that Isobel tends to get very angry when Things Don’t Go According To Plan. Gee, I wonder who she gets that from?

Anthony went on a quest to Target for alphabet refrigerator magnets and searched the store in vain. He was going to make a trek to the next town over but I found some at the grocery store. The colors are kind of garish and awful but they get the job done. They stick magically to the fridge every time. Isobel loves them.

Things that make Isobel laugh:
-Watching me brush my teeth
-Hiding behind furniture
-Seeing the cats play
-Attempting to put her bottle into our mouth
-Giving raspberries
-Sometimes she’ll spontaneously laugh at nothing at all