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Little Big Shop Listing: Lusterware Bowl

18 Jan


During the holidays I got so behind I had to stop listing things for my etsy shop for awhile. Now that I’m settling down into the post-Christmas swing of things, I still don’t have the time to list collections as I’d like to, but I have such a backlog that Iwant to start listing things regularly. My goal for now is to list an item a week. I’m hoping I can get this done during my lunches while Isobel is at her cousin’s house.

Today I listed one of my favorite items, a sunset-colored glass lusterware bowl, with a sheen and and shape that reminds me of a nautilus shell.

The color of the bowl changes with the light and with the color of the table it’s placed on. Dark colored surfaces bring out the lustery, iridescent shine, while light surfaces make the orange color glow.

It would be perfect for keys, spare change, or jewelry.

If you coudl bare to cover up the inside of the bowl, it would be perfect for forced winter bulbs.

Right now, it’s up in my shop.

Little Big Shop Update

29 Jun

I am bouncing in my chair right now as I type this (hasn’t hurt my accuracy none, 70 wpm HOLLA!) because I am so excited. I’m excited whenever I have a moment to work on adding stuff to the shop, but I am doubly excited because I have another sale. I’m not surprised that these plates sold, rather, I’m more surprised that I sold them. Because I definitely contemplated keeping them. Only my lack of storage in my toddler-filled house convinced me otherwise. Here are the gorgeous plates my friend Laurel will be recieving in a mock setting:

I hope she invites me over to eat off them (hint, hint).

Other things I added to the shop was a cafe curtain I originally intended for Isobel’s room, a delicate pink glass vase that I also thought about keeping, some adorable Malaysian bird glasses, and three vintage dishes. That I also thought about keeping.

Let me be honest: I think about keeping all of it. But some I definitely think about keeping certain items more than others.

I always envision uses for the things I find, perhaps that’s why they are so hard to let go. But I try to translate my idea to the photo so hopefully whomever purchases the item will be inspired. For example,

Vintage Desk Organizer

Jewelry holders:

Floral centerpiece:

Oh, and last shop update I totally forgot to talk about the Egyptian themed-vase, which a kind commenter pointed out was a vintage Jim Beam bottle.

Baby is due back from Grandma’s so I’m going to wrap this up. I’m super, super excited to reveal Round 2 of the Little Big Shop. Believe me, my sister’s bedroom is still full of stuff I need to photograph and list, so there’s more where this came from!

BFFs: Justin & Hangover Owl

14 Jun

It’s that time, Ladies & Gentlemen! Time to give Hangover Owl over to his new home. YAY!

First, a recap: I found Hangover Owl while thrifting. After the seventeenth time I decided I could no longer pass him up. So I had my first ever give away! My Bestie’s husband Justin won fair and square via random.org. There will be more giveaways in the future, lots more, so don’t be disappointed if you didn’t win this time. I can practically guarantee that if you keep playing you will eventually win.

I met up with Justin at a going away party for two of our closest friends. (Still working on those pictures, Stef! It’ll take me awhile but I’ll post them, I swear.)

I could tell Justin loved Hangover Owl already.

You can love Hangover Owl, Justin. Just don’t love Hangover Owl.

My first giveaway was a success! I can’t wait to see H.O. proudly displayed on Justin’s work desk in his 1980s-era vintage office. It will fit right in.

Epic, chalk-covered

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the Etsy shop. When are you going to start listing? What is taking so long? First, let me assure you it’s a priority. It’s quite a challenge to be at home with Isobel 24-7 and she gets all of my attention for the majority of my day. Anthony and I are still ironing out a schedule for me to work on this. I have almost everything ready to go but I’m still photographing items for listing. I am also going to be sure I don’t start the shop unless I know I can have time dedicated to shipping, answering emails, and anything else the shop requires. I’m Isobel’s Mama first and foremost but I’m not going to open a shop unless I can have dedicated time for my customers, too.

It is my goal to open within the next two weeks. I’m nervous and excited and happy to be able to share the thrifting love!

Parenting really isn’t the balancing act everyone claims it is. The word balance implies that things are held in place statically. Parenting is a juggling act. You don’t sit still for a second. You just try to keep up.