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Scrapbook: Jose’s Artwork

19 Jul

Artwork by my dear friend Jose Gonzalez. He let me snap some pictures during our recent visit.

My Memes, Let Me Show You Them

28 Jun

It’s no secret that I love Twitter. I lurve it, okay. Some people roll their eyes (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, HUSBAND) when I talk about Twitter but I have met so many wonderful, fascinating people there. They enrich me daily, 140 characters at a time.


For example, take @shinyinfo. You probably remember her from such Follow Fridays as, well, all of them. She’s my secret girl crush. I wished we lived next door so she could come over for MST3K and Mountain Dew. She started a very important (to me) meme on Twitter that I think should be a Thing.

Please note, the humble hashtag. The hashtag lets you mark a tweet to be seen by others looking for the word in that hashtag. One of her more awesome hashtags was #trainboner, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss today (though by all means, don’t let that stop you).

Basically, the hashtags in question are #exciting and #myliferocks. Basically whenever you tweet some mundane aspect of your day, you should most definitely add those hashtags so that everyone out there can be jealous of your rockstar life. Oh yeah! Our most recent #exciting tweets have been about HotPockets. Oh yeah! #myliferocks. #jealous?!


The second Meme I’d like to introduce you to is  Overshare Wednesday. This was invented by my awesome friend @LaurelKS, also a Follow Friday regular. One day she facetiously said, Hey! Let’s Tweet Stuff People Don’t Want to Know! as a sarcastic joke. Twitter is MADE for Oversharing! So I thought, let’s actually have an Overshare Wednesday! I started tweeting slightly embarrassing things on Wednesday and giving it the #oversharewednesday hashtag. I encouraged my friends to do the same. We never explained it, we just did it. And look what happened! People I don’t even know are participating. I think they think it is a Thing. Which is is. Now. Yeeeeah! Take this person, for example:

@zombiesitcom I’m gonna take the biggest shit in the world when I get home. #overshareWednesday

Who the hell is that person? I have no idea! No connection, whatsoever! They are just some dude, participating in the meme. Participating in Awesomeness.

I highly encourage you to participate both in the #myliferocks and #oversharewednesday campaign. You are what makes Twitter awesome for people like me. Plus every time you participate in one of these memes, a cat gets a keyboard. So tweet away, everybody!