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Scrapbook: Babysitting Kingston

9 Aug

Forgive the lack of words here lately. I’ve been experiencing an unpleasant flare up of my Crohn’s disease and it’s left me depleted. I’m doing all the things I know to do that generally helps my body back to its own state of normal, but sometimes these things take time. I’m trying to be patient with me.

Recently my bestie and her husband worked on the arduous task of dismantling their entire house and moving all of their worldly possessions into a new home a few miles away. Really, just thinking about moving makes me tired, so I figured the least I could do is babysit their son for them for a few hours.

All of this happened, however, while my husband was out of town, which makes me insane for volunteering to watch two toddlers all by myself. Kingston immediately got to work breaking all the things:

Ha! I got news for you, kid! I have cats and a toddler myself, so all the things that could be destroyed already have been. Long ago.  Take that, Danger Baby!

When I asked Isobel what she was doing in this picture, she responded, “Exercise.”

I hope Kingston had as much fun as we did. Isobel and I slept very well that night.

Wonderful Carpet

3 May

With our new carpet in and our house somewhat back to normal, I can say unequivocably that we love it. Love it. Words can’t describe how much we love it, except after it was put in Isobel danced around the livingroom and ran through the house singing, “Wonderful carpet! Wonderful carpet!” That was how I felt, too except for running around the house I simply luxuriated in the feeling of standing on the plush carpet with my poor, arthritic joints.

Our old carpet was original to the house, meaning it was from 1987. That’s the same year, incidentally, our friend Caleb was born. Fortuantely for him, Cay’s in a lot better shape.

Old carpet, or OC, was gray. We’re hoping. I guess it could have been off white or some thing at one point, but seeing as how this is what it looked like when we had it replaced, I’m hoping it was gray. After they pulled it out and tossed it on our drive way it looked slightly lavender in the morning sunlight. But not in a good way. The kind of lavender you might find in the fridge inside a container yogurt you forgot about. I was worried our flooring was gaining sentience.

 The worst part of our old carpet, besides the horrible stains that pitted and riddled its entire surface, was a patch right next to the kitchen in a spot that you might want to walk on 50 thousand times a day. It was so badly deteriorated that a row of sharp, horrible nails was exposed. We lived with them like that  for the first five years. Only after Isobel gained mobility did we have the ghetto classy brilliant idea of covering the nails with duct-tape, the homeowner’s cure-all.

Years of living in this house had trained Anthony and I to lift our foot rapidly at the first hint of  putting pressure on the nails. Our friends lacked this conditioning and sadly several of them felt the wrath of OC. Especially Danny for some reason. He managed to step on those nails every damn time he came over. Poor Danny. You can see the horridness of Old Carpet if you can look beyond the cuteness in the middle. Stains, wear, and general nastiness prevailed througout the house.


There were some especially bad stains in the library. When we moved the vintage desk in dirt came off it in chunks, adding to the problem.

 I really wish this photo showed off our nasty 80s tile. We were getting rid of that, too.

Oh, you can see the tile in this one.

When it came time to choose a new carpet color, I thought we’d go the safe route and choose something that’s not only neutral, but will hide stains well. So I made a list, from least to most, of things most often spilled that would stain the carpet:

5. Coke

4. Water

3. Pachas

2. Beer

1. Cat Vomit

Although our biggest probelm is with cat vomit, that isn’t exactly our favorite color. Sorry cats! Instead we went with “ale.”

Naturally we had to move everything off the carpeted areas of our house to replace the carpet, so all of our furniture and  other crap precious items had to be stored in our kitchen, garage, and patio. All of the boxes you see in the garage are books from our shelves and the clear tubs are all Etsy shop items.

Here’s the end result. Isobel’s running on the soft, smooth carpet. Not pictured: Zorro dancing with glee, Anthony and I chest bumping with joy, doves crying. 

Ale. You gorgeous carpet, you. And look at that laminate! So much better than the tile, and it matches the flooring in the kitchen (which you can see from the front door.)

 Besides the laminate, the best part is the hallway. I can’t really describe it but the beauty of this hallway. It is just so luxurious to wake up and see this.

Wonderful carpet.