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4 Jan

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

– I have so much to share, I don’t know where to begin.

– Christmas was great despite the head colds Isobel, Anthony and I succumbed to on Christmas Eve. As I mentioned in my scrapbook post, we ended up cancelling on three of our holiday activities and spent the day playing hours and hours of Mass Effect. Quality family bonding, obviously.

– I hope everyone saw this year’s Christmas card(s). It was difficult, but I think I managed to top last year’s.

– Isobel got a ton of new toys, which I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand, Yay, presents! on the other hand I now have a crap load of stuff to organize and fit in to our already toy-filled abode. She received lots of fancy, expensive toys, but the gift she liked the best (after the vintage 1983 Care-a-lot plus bears, obviously) were the inexpensive set of blocks from her grandparents. We enjoyed them, too. Perhaps being sick had something to do with it, but she spent Christmas day in a new-toy stupor.

– New Years’ was even better. As a family we had all recovered from our malaise and we spent two whole days eating, hanging out with friends who drove in from all over, and playing Scribblish, with hilarious results. We now have a new saying: “I’m trippin’ balls off that Care Bear stare!”

– I’m having a lot of fun thinking up new goals and items for my life list. I’ll share the revised version later this month.

– Remember when I set up a twitter account for Isobel so I could record her milestones, but instead it became yet another outlet for my ridiculousness? Me, neither. But the other day the idea suddenly popped into my head that I could use that account to tweet actual things she says to me, rather than things I made up based on my best assumptions and my faultless mother’s intuition. If you want to encourage me in my delusions or hear about how much she loves the Care Bears constantly, you can follow her on twitter here.

– Everyone deserves a little something pretty to start the new year off right, so don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a chance to win a free Vegan-approved handmade bow from Inez Gill! These little babies are adorable and the contest is open until Friday. Don’t forget to follow Inez Gill on twitter. Not only will it give you an extra entry in the contest, but she tweets as a real person, not as a business, so she’s great to talk to as well.

– My friend Camilla sent me a whole box of cookbooks and they arrived just in time for Christmas. My favorites so far are the ones that involve cooking with kids, which she sent my way especially for Isobel. Right now our favorite is the Peter Rabbit and Friends Cook Book, which strangely had no recipes for hasenpfeffer.

Packing up Christmas is kind of a pain in the ass.

– I’m working on a special project for next week: the Best of Follow Friday 2011. I’m using my favorite 100 photos from last year and choosing the best of the best tweets from 2011 to create seven days of Follow Friday posts. The posts will not only highlight the funniest moments but it will also serve as a scrapbook of the year’s best photos and memories from 2011. I hope you all enjoy it.

– Really and truly, this was one of my favorite New Years of all time.

– I owe everybody (especially @turtleparade) a fabulous recipe for Roast Chickpeas. I haven’t forgotten. It’s coming and it will be worth the wait.

– My friend Korinne and I came up with the latest fad to lose your shit over: Mustache Bird. It’s going to be huge on Etsy.

Photos from the week:

Favorite Links:

– Vintage Alice in Wonderland invitations. I feel a themed party coming on. Via The Red Star Designs.

– My twitter wife shared this video with me: All the Single Ensigns.

– Dave Polak’s adorable kittens have started a Tumblr. As the Jennui once said, “The Internet is made of cats.

– Are you a new parent? Perhaps you’d enjoy the book Give Baldy Your Tit. Via Stray.

– The Dr and Mrs The Doctor Monarch sing Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

NYE Ridiculousness

11 Jan

I know I’m rather late in posting NYE photos, but seeing as how I only ever edited two photos from last NYE, a couple weeks late is a freaking miracle.  Ridiculous times are generally had at our New Year’s get together and some of the photos in this post are from 2009. Because that’s how I roll.

The first one is an adorable shot of some of the ladies. I am excited because I can finally show you the adorable vintage ski jacket I keep getting stuck in!I have worked the zippers all the way down so I can get it on and off with a little wiggling. I know, my cool points totally just shot through the roof right now. This photo is ridiculous because Jake is doing one of the best photo bombs ever.

Isobel took this shot herself. She insisted.

In 2009 I tried to take a shot of Stefanie and myself. It, uh, didn’t come out.

Right here. The photo of my career:

As if one failed attempt at a shot of Dave wasn’t enough, here’s a picture of my bun that was supposed to be a candid shot of Dave.

Here we are in 2009, making duckface. I think Stef’s, all the way on the left, is the best. Nailed it, Stef! This totally counts toward your doctorate, BTW.

NYE is also John’s birthday, which must suck all kinds of ass. Sorry John. To make up for it I found him this hat while thrifting. If you look closely, you can see it says, “White Trash Thuggin.” What started out as a hat became performance art.

WTT with Mountain Dew:

WTT worn on the side:

WTT while drinking Keystone. Light.

And now we have Jake. He’s tall, he’s cute, and he has a graduate degree from Yale. Laaaaaaaaaadies.

That’s just by day. By night he’s a superhero: Caffeine Man.

Noble Angle:

Hardcore Angle:

Duckface Angle:

And now for something… sappy…

(These are all from 2009.)

Retrospective: NYE 2009 & 2010

6 Jan

I stopped keeping up with posting and editing and organizing of my photos on New Year’s Eve 2009. I was so exhausted from working and babywatching that even on the rare occasion that I had time at the end of the day to work on my photos, I just didn’t have the will. Depression had made me its bitch.  The photos on my computer are still somewhat of a mess, with a year’s worth of backlog and baby pictures to sort through and edit, but I have been making strides at putting my life together post PPD, and one of the things I decided to do was create a comparison between this year’s New Year and last.

Everything has changed. Nothing has changed.

Isobel 2009


Isobel 2010

Jaime 2009

Jaime 2010

Isobel, Wreaking Havoc 2009

Isobel, Wreaking Havoc 2010


Mama & Baby 2009

Mama & Baby 2010

Isobel Exploring 2009

Isobel Exploring 2010

Ladyfriends 2009

Ladiefriends 2010

Cheers 2009

Cheers 2010

Stefanie Lecturing Justin 2009

Stefanie Lecturing Justin 2010