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Follow Friday – The Aquarium

11 Feb

Have a great weekend!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.

LisaMcIntire I think it’s just swell that GOP electeds are so comfortable with their hypocrisy about sexuality.

helgagrace Patron: “My girlfriend invited me out there. She wants me to meet her ferrets.”

joshuamneff I’m surveying unicorns about web design. RT @kembrew: Screw evidence-based research. I’m all for fantasy-based research.

AlitaLyn Hubs has decided to buy me a new bed instead of jewelry for Valentines Day. Guess he’s really expecting to get some that night.

gothiclibrarian i asked mina “why did you eat that crayon?” she said “IS CHOCOLATE!”

VHStapes2 That’s it. I’m gonna start living under a bridge like some sort of troll or prostitute or squirrel.

21stcenturymrs I don’t like being called an “attention whore.” I prefer “attention escort.” Because I’m classy.

simontarr My kid loves Outkast’s “Hey Ya” because he thinks they’re saying “Hi-ya!” and doing karate.

jillgengler Found one cat staring intently into a corner in the kitchen. Thought it was odd, then realized I was staring at a cat staring at a corner.

mommywantsvodka Whomever wakes up and says, “Today would be a good day for some inspirational quotes,” needs a swift taco-punch.

louispeitzman There’s a thin line between Bette Davis eyes and “You look like a pug-human hybrid.”

3kalb  “And that’s why you always leave a note.” #127hours

wordlust The expression “Shame on you!” isn’t working. We need to invent a shame hose.

pcsweeney Kid- “Iron Man was a book?!” Me – “Yeah, a comic book!” Kid- “Whats a comic Book?” Me- “like a movie but on paper” Kid- head explodes

thebookpolice “Keester” is a very Grandma word, and does not belong in the Hot and Steamy section of Valentine’s Day cards.

KeepingYouAwake “You are never to old to push and then ride on the back of a shopping cart. Especially at Costco.” – me

SarahIvy Alright, surly not-sleeping toddler, you win this round. But tomorrow Victory will be mine!! #nonaps

Greeblemonkey Zuckerberg was stalked through Facebook? Damn! Even *HE* couldn’t figure out all those damn privacy controls.

filigreegirl Just checked discussion board for my Theology class. Many comments posted which need the reply of a snarky and wizened woman. Going in.

jillgengler This user just came back to my highly detailed, technical question with the response equivalent of “I like tacos.”

tommycm My nose has run for so many hours now, I may enter it for the London 2012 Olympics.

KeepingYouAwake Whenever I say “one of these days…” I like to motion at a calendar so people have an idea of when to expect it.

GuyEndoreKaiser “God, I want to fuck that couple in separate movies so bad!!!” -Natalie Portman watching That 70s Show years ago.

librarianearp Best book title ever: Pimpin’ from the Pulpit to the Pews

slackmistress Make sure to wrap Valentine’s gifts to famous people in restraining orders to save them the trip. #whenyoucareenoughtosendtheverycreepiest

FakeAPStylebook Before installing a paywall on your newspaper’s web content, ask yourself this question: Is my résumé up to date?

TweetsofOld The Odd Fellows of Bear Wallow are going to have some kind of an entertainment on the 26th. VA1910

simontarr If I start screaming for an ambulance later, someone remind me that I just ate a ton of beets.

ghweldon The fact that Superman does not have a fabulous, queeny uncle named Cru-El just seems like lazy writing, doesn’t it?

graphicgrrl Necessity is the mother of invention. Perversity is its older brother. #dodgyproverbs

tomhenrich Error 404: Consciousness not found. (Redirect 302: Caffeine.)

ScrewyDecimal I fell asleep reading a children’s biography of Lady Gaga. Something is wrong with my life.

theRratedBull The only reason I know this is the real world and not The Matrix is because my phone malfunctions at least twice a day.

MrWordsWorth I feel for Christina Aguilera. I remember the time I was booed at the Stanley Cup for botching O Canada by singing ‘true pastry love.’

KeepingYouAwake The Pegasus is the new unicorn. Thought you should know. Now go be cool.

markleggett Put any two words together. That’s the name of a band on Myspace.

BillCorbett “You are not aware of how aware you are. Are you aware of that? You are, more than you’re even aware!” — my upcoming self-help book

danforthfrance A little girl who thinks planets are cool called into Science Friday. I might have welled up.

badbanana C’mon, Hollywood. More scenes with little old ladies hitting people with purses.

Brain_Wash Some sociopaths are so detached from basic reality that they don’t see victims, only pawns. At least, that’s what my cat tells me.

smileydooby Wait. AOL is still a thing? Like, with money & shit?

UncleDynamite The only qualm I have about all the Oscars going to “The King’s Speech” is my having to hire a face-patter to keep me conscious throughout.

sucittaM I finally got all my ducks in a row. Working in an office full of unorganized ducks is just too stressful.

blainecapatch hang in there, baby…friday’s coming! and eventually, death.

colsonwhitehead Because I could not stop for Death, Death was like, Hold up, G.

lafix Where there was one set of footprints, that’s where God lifted me for my keg stand.

joseph_ocon I’m in love! Wait. Never mind. I was just sitting in a really comfy position.

God_Damn_Batman Is it weird that some nights I just stare at a picture of M. Night Shyamalan until I’m angry enough to go on patrols?

eshep Trying to place ethical #Superbowl wager. Which team has least number of rapists, dogfighters, etc.?

louispeitzman Feel free to quiz me on the #superbowl. I already looked up which teams are playing, and I can fill the gaps in my knowledge with Wikipedia.

dandavenport What dreadful humidity in this dome! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance. #JaneAustenAtTheSuperBowl

jillgengler was awakened this morning by a kid with a pan flute.

squeekzoid The “F” key on my keyboard is malunctioning! Motherucker!

apelad I liked the part when the queen kicked in the doors of parliament and started singing “Anyway you want it that’s the way you need it.”

badbanana Taking this party to the next level, Charlie Sheen style. Just gave a $30,000 check to one of my cats.

joseph_ocon Dude and I exited bathroom stalls at the same time. We locked eyes and he nodded, as if to say, “Hey, bro. We did it.”

louispeitzman This is probably going to sound really gay, but the sunset is GORGEOUS right now and I love making out with dudes.

VHStapes2 Its time to get my full back tattoo of the cast of The Golden Girls. Its time.

EllieMcE I guess if doctors wanted to connect with cool kids about mild pain relievers, they could start calling it “I be proffin’.”

Bagyants If you put “LOL” in your own bio, you can rest assured I will.

peterbyrnes With all the times he mentions the Shaolin Temple, I was shocked to find out Bruce Lee wasn’t Jewish.

tommycm Thank God for Darwin.

apelad In ancient cultures, finding your sleep number was the culminating moment in an elaborate rite of passage.

markleggett Oh cool, I gained a follower! Hello asshole!

markleggett Oh no, I lost a follower! Come back asshole!

FrankConniff HR358 bill lets ER deny women abortion even if it saves woman’s life. GOP should call it “Right To Life My Ass” amendment.

CorporateMonkey my weekend is gonna be so much more relaxing now that I know I don’t have to go view an autopsy next week.

badbanana Tartaur. Half man, half delicious seafood condiment.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.

Just Beachy

23 Oct

Given Isobel’s excitement at seeing the ocean for the first time I really looked forward to Isobel’s first trip to the beach. She is too young still for the traditional beach activities: wave chasing, sand castle building, etc, but since we were in the area for my cousin’s wedding, I wanted to, at the very least, formally introduce her to the Pacific.

We never intended on getting Isobel going swimming or even getting wet. It wasn’t a warm summer for the Pacific Coast by any means, and due to a deep ocean trench the constant temperature of our sea water is frigid at best. Not that this stops many children from playing in it or adults from surfing in it, but I don’t even like getting my feet wet.

I’ve only ever swam in the ocean once really, and that’s just if you count wading in ice cold water up to my thighs only to be knocked over at the first wave and nearly carried out to sea. I would be long gone if it weren’t for the fact that Stefanie was holding on to one arm and Anthony was holding on to the other. Stef is tall enough to stay upright in the waves and Anthony is strong enough. I, on the other hand, experienced full-body exfoliation from being drug along the sand. I remember a crab hitting Melynda. It was a wonderful yet terrifying experience. The waves at Half Moon Bay, our local coastside haunt, are no joke. They are powerful.

I’ve never liked the beach at the Board Walk. It is always dirty, littered with trash and packed with people. But it was the closest one to the hotel, and we weren’t planning on staying long. We found a small strip of beach next to the Boardwalk that didn’t look too bad and set off for the sea.

For Isobel, the sand itself was the most fascinating and infuriating part of the beach. It tripped her up constantly as she walked along, infuriating her, but she delighted in letting it run through her fingers. She loved it so much she ignored the ocean, no matter how many times we tried to coax her toward it. The crush of the waves could just not compete with the fine, warm sand.

Which is just as well because as we neared the water we saw signs up and down the beach saying that the water is contaminated and people should not come into contact with it.  Huh. Good to know. We were doubly sure to keep Isobel on the sand and away from the shore, despite the several dozen children splashing away in the water while their parents sat lazily by, sunning themselves on blankets.

I kept looking for my Santa Cruz friend Laura, just in case she happened to be on the most touristy beach in town, but no luck.

As on other trips we used the trunk to change her diaper, and it proved the perfect spot. It protected her from sun, wind, and the large lip of the trunk kept her safe from rolling out. I wish my trunk was on Yelp so I could give it a glowing review.

Before we left I tried to get a cuddly photo of just Anthony and me being all couple-y, but I didn’t realize it was still zoomed and so our photo was an EXTREME CLOSE UP!

In five years when I tell Isobel about her first trip to the beach I’m going to tell her, “Well at least you didn’t get hit by a crab.”

This Must Be Underwater Love…

27 Sep

I have been meaning to write this post since we got back from vacation, but all the craziness of starting back and work and getting into a new routine derailed it. Plus I had about a million photos to edit. You see, taking photos isn’t good enough for me anymore. I have to monkey around with them in Photoshop now, too. These are my precious memories of Isobel, and in 25 years I’m going to be able to look back and say “I’m so glad I adjusted that white balance.”

I had been looking forward to taking Isobel to the Monterey Bay Aquarium since she was born. Or really before that, to be honest. It was even on my Life List. I’m such an MBA fan girl. I would go there once a year if I could, but given that money is tight and the aquarium is far away, I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to take Isobel this year. Fortunately, we were near Monterey for my cousin’s wedding so we were able to stop by right before I had to return to work.

Anthony was convinced Isobel would not get a whole lot out of the trip but he’s a nice enough guy to indulge his crazy wife’s request. (Also, he’s not stupid.) She’s too young to enjoy it, he said. This experience is going to be more for us than it is for her.

The aquarium was an hour’s drive away from our hotel so first thing in the morning, we set off. The previous day we had just gotten hopelessly lost in the woods and my nerves were still a bit raw from the experience but fortunately we just had to say on Highway 1 so it was easy.

On our way to the aquarium I passed by some beautifully healthy succulents, and, er, helped myself to a couple of their babies.

I’m going to hell, aren’t I? Whatevs.

We were ready to eat by the time we got there and I don’t regret eating at their restaurant at all. It was BY FAR the best museum/day trip/food on the road I’ve had EVER. I bought a selection of cheeses! And fruit! And fresh clam chowder in a bread bowl! Oh my god, I’m having flashbacks just thinking about it. Anthony had a fantastic-looking slice of pizza and something else but I can’t remember. The verdict? Nom. Nom nom nom. Isobel had a bit of everything we ordered and loved everything, too.

To our delight, Isobel LOVED the aquarium. L-O-V-E-D it. She interacted with the exhibits, watched the otters play, ran around the kid area, and said, “HI FISHIE!” about every ten seconds. It was PURE JOY to see her loving every minute.

At one point we took her outside to see the ocean for the first time.

Pure. Joy.

She was fascinated and could not stop staring at it.

We tried to get different family shots with the ocean in the background, but it was hard because she didn’t want her back to the ocean. She wanted to look at the majesty!

She also wanted to push her stroller around and around through crowds of people. Because we loaded her up in the car and drove four hours and paid several hundred dollars so she could push her stroller through a group of people in Monterey as opposed to at the park at home.

I can’t really complain. It was adorable.

I also tried getting some photos of her on my lap. Yeah, that didn’t work out well as she wanted to run around and play, Mom, not sit on your lap like a lump! You can see I’m totally miffed in this picture.

The part that was less than pure joy? The fact that she was just too stoked to sleep. We were there during her nap time and we brought the stroller for napping purposes. Usually, even if we are out, we can get her to nap in the stroller. She napped through the wedding reception like a champ. No amount of pachas or stroller time or mommy hugs could counteract the SUPER AQUARIUM FUNTIMES though, and she refused to sleep. She eventually slept in the car ride back to the motel, which was a blessing.

Refusing to nap, bitches!

I wanted to get a photo of her and Anthony under the “Devoted Dads” seahorse exhibit sign, but she was in the midst of a no-nap fuss and not having it. Of course, that may prove just how devoted of a Dad Anthony is.

I normally try to avoid gift shops because we don’t need any more crap, thank you very much, but it was Isobel’s first time at the aquarium and they totally make money off of parents like me because I convinced Anthony to get her not one but TWO stuffed sea creatures:

We named the jelly “Bloop Bloop,” after the noise they make when the float around, the octopus “Cthulhu” for obvious reasons. Our favorite game to play with the octopus is to put it on her face and yell CTHULHU! over and over. Surprisingly, she adores this game.

The best, the very, very best part of this visit happened outside. After she had gawked at the ocean for a half hour we decided to take her to the outside tidal pool tank that was covered in a “waves” every thirty seconds or so. The waves terrified her at first, but soon she realized there were fishies in the tank, and the wave itself was a fun game, and best of all, there was a special little nook just for her. We were probably in that area with her for an hour and she just loved it. She played with other kids, she danced in the ocean spray from the wave, she talked to the fishies… it was just heaven to watch her enjoy herself.

I may have taken a couple (hundred) photos.

(Waving to fishies)

I tried to let Anthony know how much I appreciated this trip. It meant a lot to me.

Home of the Sea Wolf

26 May

A bunch of us recently took a day trip to Point Lobos for Melynda’s birthday. I am all about day trips and someday I want to spend a summer devoted to them. I’ve decided to sum up this particular trip with bullet-point factoids.

  • After the previous weekend’s disastrous day trip we decided not to bring Isobel with us. Instead she went with Grandma Livia and Papa Doug to the Chocolate Festival where it was at least 85 degrees. We coated her in a protective swath of sunscreen first.
  • Before we left we took two portraits of everybody on the stairwell. Everyone’s in the portrait except Justy and me. (Oh and Scott met us at the Point so he’s not in it, either.) I got a shot of Justy later on to compensate.
  • This is the first trip we’ve taken to Monterey in recent years wherein Anthony and I did not get lost. This might have something to do with the fact that this was our view the whole way there:

stef’s car’s butt
  • For those of you with romantic notions about California, the photo below is what much of my area looks like. Try not to be too jealous!

  • Driving to Monterey still took almost four hours because we stopped at Casa de Fruta, a large touristy area with a large candy store and other roadside attractions for the weary traveller. I bought a bag of caramel corn and regretted it an hour or so later after I finished the whole thing in one sitting. Bleh.

Casa de Lollipop

Casa de Couple

Casa de Husbands
  • We met my dear friend Zack’s significant other Heidi for the first time. She is awesome. I felt like I already knew her since we hang out  on the internets. It was wonderful to meet her and person and even better to see Zack so happy.

  • Having fun with Dave and Stef was bittersweet as they are packing up their cats and books and moving to Reno in a few weeks. Something about Stef finishing school to get her doctorate or some such nonsense. I’m so proud of her. This has been in the works for years but I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that it’s actually happening. It makes me a little teary. I’m so happy she’s on Twitter now.

  • Point Lobos has that rugged coastal California beauty that’s a combination of windswept piney forest and clear glistening tide pool, moody clouded skies and fresh saline breezes. Which is to say I loved it. California is so beautiful my love only grows stronger over time.

  • The word “lobos” is Spanish for “wolf,” but the wolves in question at Point Lobos are actually sea lions. Or sea wolves. Whichever you prefer. They hang out in droves all along the point. I love them and don’t mind their barking noise.

  • We meandered from tide pool to tide pool and took a quick hike through the trees. I took lots of breaks throughout the day and lagged far behind everyone else. I had doubled up on my Crohn’s meds in preparation but I still had to take it easy.

  • Justin Brown spent a lot of time climbing to inconvenient places recording ocean noises to sample in his music. At the lagoon he crawled into a cave which apparently had great acoustics. It also was an ideal spot for the tide to come in! More than a few of us got wet feet from a surprise wave or two but Anthony was the only person who thought to bring extra shoes and socks.

  • We found a totally secret lagoon that humans have never visited before ever. Just us! The only ones! Ever! We wandered around there for about a half an hour skipping rocks and recording sounds and exploring before some lady’s head popped out of nowhere and started asking us about directions. So much for our secluded, pristine lagoon. That lady scared the crap outta me.

  • Anthony really loves climbing on dangerous, slippery rocks. And giving me heart attacks.

  • While we ate our picnic lunch we watched two seagulls courting. One caught a fish and gave it to the other one. I have never seen seagulls behave that way and around here they are sometimes referred to as ‘greedy bastards.’ As in, ‘that greedy bastard is stealing your lunch!’ It was quite a surprise to catch a seagull in an altruistic act. We were pretty sure it was horny. The subject of Isabella Rosselini came up.

  • We stayed late at the beach because the overcast day meant the light hardly changed at all and we lost track of time. Or at least I did. I don’t know if that’s everyone’s excuse but I didn’t notice the hours going by till it was almost eight. Ravenous and cold, we called around to find a restaurant that would accommodate eleven hungry beach goers. Melynda arranged reservations at a nice restaurant on the wharf. We were lucky to get a table since there were so many of us, it was a Saturday night in a touristy city, and to top it all off, it was Prom season. Our table was excellent, right on the water and far enough away from formal-clad adolescents.
  • I had been fighting a migraine all day. Instead of taking my prescription meds for it I tried to amble along on Excedrin. Imitrex can make me very sleepy and I didn’t want to miss a minute of the fun so I suffered through on Excedrin. Stupid choice, me! By dinner I could barely move and had to bust out the big guns. I was better by the time my food arrived but it was a really crappy way to end a lovely day. Speaking of food, I ordered scallop risotto. Heaven.
  • I was feeling so ill at dinner I only got one photo. Enjoy my ridiculous husband posing with bottled water.

Big Pimpin'