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25lbs of Love

1 May

Little Big Shop Listing: Lusterware Bowl

18 Jan


During the holidays I got so behind I had to stop listing things for my etsy shop for awhile. Now that I’m settling down into the post-Christmas swing of things, I still don’t have the time to list collections as I’d like to, but I have such a backlog that Iwant to start listing things regularly. My goal for now is to list an item a week. I’m hoping I can get this done during my lunches while Isobel is at her cousin’s house.

Today I listed one of my favorite items, a sunset-colored glass lusterware bowl, with a sheen and and shape that reminds me of a nautilus shell.

The color of the bowl changes with the light and with the color of the table it’s placed on. Dark colored surfaces bring out the lustery, iridescent shine, while light surfaces make the orange color glow.

It would be perfect for keys, spare change, or jewelry.

If you coudl bare to cover up the inside of the bowl, it would be perfect for forced winter bulbs.

Right now, it’s up in my shop.