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After Photos: Nursery

31 Jan

Remember when Anthony and I went on that organizing binge, and I shared photos of my Secret Shame? Well, I’m happy to produce somewhat-decent after photos. (I know, I’m as surprised as you are.)

I have done so much work in the nursery, and it sort of makes me want to butt my head against the wall when I show off these photos because, at best, they still look like we’re in the middle of a transition. Which, I guess we are, but for the amount of time and attention I’ve given this room, it should be spectacular.

The nursery is the sort of room that needs constant maintenance as Isobel grows and her needs change. The closet and its limited capacity to hold what seems like Isobel’s endless piles of clothes, has been an issue. I hate to pass on too many outgrown garments because at some point we do plan to have another and my pre-nesting instincts are wanting me to save it all in case we have a girl. I’m trying to meet my insanity in the middle: we keep some, we give some away.

Then there’s the toy situation. Actually, I should refer to it as The Toy Situation. When Isobel was a baby I put out a desperate plea to the interwebs: Excuse me, but how to we keep Isobel’s toys organized and store them neatly? The answers I received were nothing but helpful and polite, but I sensed stifled giggles. Silly mama, the interwebs replied, toys are an invasive specie and will  now take over your entire house. Resistance is futile.

It was the beginning of the end for me. My carefully organized house would never be the same.

 Nevertheless, I still try to keep some semblance of order. In this case, I weeded out all the old “baby” toys and reorganized her newer, big girl toys.

You might also notice the plethora of seating options. I’d describe this decorating style as “Goldilocks.” That’s because the white chair was kicked out of our bedroom when we moved the elliptical in its place. I don’t want to get rid of it till we are done having babies, much to my husband’s dismay. He wants to get rid of it but dude, I’m going to need a place to nurse. I’d like several options, in fact.

The little yellow chair was my Mom’s chair when she was a toddler. Behind that we have a stroller parking lot.

 We don’t have the option of spending a ton of money for storage in this room, so I used a bunch of thrifted tins and baskets. Isobel loves the tins, provided that she can open them herself.

The wooden hamper holds all of Isobel’s dress-up stuff, most of which she’s still too little for.

 There’s the closet. Behold, it’s not that bad.

 I found these lovely lime green tubs at the grocery store. At four bucks a pop, I pounced on them. They contain large groups of toys, including Isobel’s cooking gear. The white tub is all of her coloring accessories.

 A closer view reveals her thrifted cradle, with thrifted baby quilts, and her baby, “Kirk”, sleeping peacefully away. If only we had a tiny Picard! Then I could introduce her to the miracle of Sweet Sir Baby Picard Jesus from an early age. But Kirk will do. She can already say, “Captain Kirk,” by the way.

  Also, thank you, Brando, for the awesome Kirk doll!

 The polka-dot box holds baby doll clothes that we haven’t used yet, and the basket is full of finger puppets and smaller stuffed animals. The white basket is for Mama, and it holds wetbags and diaper pail liners.

Doing these after photos reminds me that I need to get on posting the nursery edition of the Thrifted Home Tour, but man. I can hardly look at those photos without getting all maudlin and weepy. Meaning, it’s coming (eventually).

Sharing the Crafty Love

18 Aug

Before Isobel was born I indulged both my love of crafts and my love of organizing by creating closet dividers for the multitude of tiny pink garments we were receiving by the truckload. The project ended up taking up much more time and effort than I had originally planned, but I was fueled by the nesting urge and once I started there was no stopping me.

It was so much work I wanted to share the process with others who might be trying to create the same thing so that they could learn from my mistakes. You can find the tutorial here along with a handy-dandy door hanger template I made in Photoshop.

After reading the tutorial, head on over to Mommypalooza to see her back-to-school closet dividers for her two sons that share a closet. She’s used my template to create her own version and I’m happy she’s found a way to utilize the project that doesn’t involve hours and hours of cutting and laminating and cutting. Because seriously, that was a lot of work.  (That no one forced me to do.)

(Besides myself.)

(Because I was crazy.)

(And pregnant.)

(I’m not longer one of those things, by the way.)

(I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one.)

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about what do to with these when I don’t need them anymore. I put so much work into these things I can’t fathom throwing them away. I thought about selling them but let’s face it, they are used and could be sturdier. If I’m still blogging by the time I’m ready to pass these suckers down I’ll probably have a giveaway for them, so if you’ve always wanted the closet dividers without all the work, stay tuned.