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Scrapbook: Coloring on the Fourth of July

11 Jul

We didn’t exactly have the 4th of July holiday I’d envisioned. The day before Isobel came down with a cold, and what started off  as an innocent temperature skyrocketed into disaster when her fever went from 99.1 to 103.7 in a matter of hours. We kept her as comfortable as we could and administered baby Tylenol at regular intervals. The night before Independence Day I was up until five in the morning when Anthony relieved me. That’s when I noticed I, too, was coming down with the cold.I was in a horrible mood from lack of sleep and my own fever, and I wasn’t made any happier by the thought of cancelling on the barbecue we would have been attending, a barbecue with cousin Victoria, whom Isobel adores. My family understood, though.

My fever must have made me somewhat delusional, because I still assumed we’d at least drive out and see the community fireworks display a few miles from our house. Anthony, rightly, questioned this idea. “Are you even wearing pants right now?” he asked me.

Touche, husband!

The argument (such as it was, I replied while mumbling nonsensically into my EmergenC) was over when Isobel passed out at 7:00 pm anyway–the show doesn’t start until after 8:00 pm when the last remnants of the sun are gone. What to do, then, with a whole night to ourselves while I felt so crappy?

Anthony and I ended up spending our holiday with a marathon video game session, which was perfect. Isobel slept through all bangs and pops and explosions and we hacked through our thief guild nemeses. It was the best possible way to celebrate America’s rebellion and subsequent establishment if you happen to be severely sleep deprived and running a fever.

These photos were from the Fourth of July afternoon. I may not have been wearing pants but I managed to dress Isobel up and take photos of her in her favorite coloring spot–the window seat in the library.

Yay, America.