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Internet friends

13 Sep

I know the nicest people of all the interwebs. I really do. I have received letters and cards and even presents from people I know online but have never met in real life. My husband is, by now, used to receiving packages in the mail from people he doesn’t know. Most recently was the awesome Klingon Bird of Prey corkscrew from Amanda. I’m sure when Isobel gets a little older she’ll just assume that the interwebs sends everyone presents from time to time.

I talk about people I know online to my husband, but he’s not very good with names, so I have developed an elaborate system of referring to online people in ways he’ll remember: a descriptive word about themselves, or a present they sent us, or their location or even occupation.

For example, my twitter friend shinyinfo is known to Anthony as “science fiction librarian,” or sometimes as, “Chicago mountain dew girl,” or lately, “my twitter wife.” Megan Boley is referred to as, “New mother with cats in Chicago.” Leah is called “the Chicago librarian with snarky boyfriend.”

The Alaskan family of Piper, Ryder and Ollie is usually called, “The Alaskan Family” or just “The Alaskans I know” and Ollie, is “Alaskan Baby.” I actually know another Alaskan who rocks, but I don’t think I’ve discussed her with Anthony, even though I told her we’d adopt her and save up to send her to that expensive ukulele boarding school. Oops

Sunday has sent me numerous awesome presents, and the most recent awesomeness came in the form of a gorgeous hand-knit sweater that I’m just itching to put on Isobel as soon as the weather turns cold. I think Sunday was originally called “the girl I sent those bear ears to” but Anthony recognizes her now as both Sunday and Subspace. Her Viking boyfriend, Mike, is still referred to as “Sunday’s boyfriend who slouches in front of the Xbox.”

Gigi made this hat for my baby cousin Victoria and also made several others for Isobel. Anthony knows her as, “My friend from Portugal” even though she lived in Portugal two countries ago. I should call her, “My jet-setting European friend.”

My flickr and twitter buddy Ryan is known as “that guy in LA with the shrimp heads rolling around in the car, the one whose party I was invited to” but more recently, “the one who knows all those Top Chef contestants.” Ryan and I have mutual friends in Omar and Alicia and their tiny new baby Olivia but I think Anthony recognizes them by name now. For awhile there they were called, “Remember? They sent Isobel that amazing cardigan?”

Speaking of amazingness, flickr friend 2 of 62 sent Isobel this hat and an amigurumi doll of Isobel dressed up as a cat. She is known as, “my awesome Canadian friend with the Maine Coons.” Actually, I have met a lot of awesome Canadians now that I think about it.

East Coast friend Shannon once sent us pickles, jam, mincemeat and scrumptious pumpkin pancake mix. I usually call her, “the girl who sent us the pumpkin pancake mix and pickles.” Oh, were those pickles gooood. I met fierceflawless through pumpkin pickle girl and I call her “tattooed cat mama in Atlanta.” I seem to make friends online according to geographic location because I’m zombie-buddies with Atlanta’s Windsor Grace and April. Together we’re going to defend humanity from the Zombie Hoards through our team we call ZAFT.

Midwest-turned-Southern- native Dingey took pity on my poor Martha Stewart-less soul and sent me her old issue of Everyday Food numero uno. I know, I’m still getting over that astounding act of generosity. She also sent me an awesome glass plate depicting the History of Thread but the mail man broke it when he wedged it in my mailbox. Jerk. The corner smashed off and the whole thing cracked down the center. And it had the gall to slice my finger! I’m pretty sure I just call Dingey “Dingey” though since it’s such an awesome nickname. I know her real name, but Dingey is just so cool.

Networking has allowed me to meet so many people I’d otherwise never meet from all over the globe. I really feel that through networking I am more intimately acquainted with America, which is a wonderful thing. I’m so grateful to have met you all.