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For the Love of Brobee

4 Jan

I had kind of a little break down yesterday but some banjo from Beck Hansen and the comfort of a grilled cheese sandwich went a long way toward restoring peace in my soul. We also had a visit from our friend Brandon and he bought me one of the most awesome shirts I’ve ever seen. Brandon himself thought it was the nerdiest shirt ever—at least, he thought that up until I introduced him to the Sci-Five.

(For those in the area, Brandon is having a yard sale either this weekend or next, and it’s going to be full of nerdy goodness. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you the details. Movies, games, posters, that sort of thing.)

We had another restless night with Isobel. I’m definitely coming down with her cold and I’m hoping it will maintain that level of ick that is gross but still possible to function through. I’m too busy at work to take sick days.

Yesterday I got an email from a Viking who shall remain anonymous. It contained a link to a petition to bring back Yo Gabba Gabba. While it doesn’t seem that YGG is in any danger of being cancelled, Nickelodeon has not aired all of the last two seasons and season four has yet to be ordered. Not only is this crappy for the fans, but it’s even worse for the employees who kind of sort of need to know if they need to look for another job or not.

I certainly don’t want them to have to look for a new job, but they have to feed their families, and if Nickelodeon is going to keep them hanging, then well… how about this–don’t keep them hanging, Nickelodeon. It’s kind of dick move.


I surfed the YGG fansite, Gabba Friends, extensively when I was looking for information about seeing YGG Live. Apparently they have set up a petition to let Nickelodeon know that its viewers strongly support the show.

I signed it proudly, and if you appreciate Yo Gabba Gabba, you should sign it, too. Thanks, Anonymous Viking!