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29 Jan


25 Jan

What I’m up to:

– I am finally getting over a cold that’s left me barely functioning for the entire month of January. I know some of you were a little disappointed about the lack of a Follow Friday post last week, but I had been running on empty for days and halfway through editing I knew it was a lost cause. It will be back with a vengeance next week, though, so don’t worry. It’s not going anywhere! In the meantime, check out my new 50 Thrifty Fun Things To Do series. I’m drawing on all my experience of taking care of Isobel while working with a budget that dips into the negative numbers on a regular basis.

– Speaking of vengeance, last week I asked you to send in your questions about me so I could complete the versatile blogger award. I received  a bunch of emails, DMs and tweets after I threatened people to post Beck lyrics if no one responded. Well call me a dead hobo on the patio! After that threat I was inundated with responses so I will answer a couple per week until I make it through all of them. If you still have a question for me it’s not too late–email, tweet, comment, or DM me and I’ll answer it in a following Snapshot post.

– Isobel occasionally refers to Anthony as “Swiper.”

– Next month I’m going away with some friends to visit my dear friend Stephanie in Reno. I’m excited to cross this item off my life list, even though I’ll be going without Anthony and Isobel. Since we started a family Anthony’s gone away for work and fun a couple times, so now it’s my turn. I’m going to be going four hours away over Donner Pass with my besties. What could go wrong? P.S. Can you be kicked out of a state for being inappropriate? Asking for my friends. Specifically.

-Also, this is the first time I can remember going overnight somewhere without Anthony since 1998. Holy shit.

– Since I’ve been sick I’ve watched a lot of Star Trek, and, consequently, Isobel has watched a lot of Star Trek. Fortunately, she loves it and dances and shrieks with joy when she hears the theme song. I shit you not. It’s hilarious to hear her take on what she sees, too. To her, Klingons are lions, the Borg are robots, and Worf’s son Alexander is a girl.

– I have been getting more photography work, which is good because I feel really guilty about quitting my job to stay home with Isobel in such rough economic times. I’m not going to lie, we’re personally dealing with some rough finances and so are most of my friends. A friend recently sent me a link about the Ten Worst Cities for Finding a Job. If you look on that list, the first five cities are within about an hour from where I live. The other day a girl came to our door and asked if I had any scrap metal for her family to sell. It’s so bad  nearly grabbed my bindle, flung Isobel into a sack of potatoes, and rode the rails to Canada.

– Yesterday we were in line for checkout at the grocery store when I noticed Isobel was chewing on a head of broccoli. I let her. Because it was broccoli.

– One of my recent shoots has been for my bestie’s Etsy shop. She is selling some awesome Valentine’s cards, including robots, Alice in Wonderland, and my favorite, the Anti-Valentine. I really love the Eat Me/Drink Me tags. How perfect would those be attached to a plate of homemade cookies for a housewarming gift? Too perfect.

– If you’re into vintage clothes, check out my friend Valerie’s shop. She has been uploading like mad and I’m personally drooling over several dresses, particularly this 1960s rainbow dress. I probably shouldn’t show you this adorable children’s owl sweater or orange townhouse dress.

Little Big Links:

– Thank the Sweet Baby Picard Jesus those Princess Bride movie remake rumors are false.  Via Amanda Stretch

Goats in a tree. This is called “making my day.” Via Ian Boudreau

Reading Rainbow meets Star Trek. This derailed my whole afternoon. Via Veronique Rickets

– Good as backup NFMBFTKS, but not as primairy NFMBFTKS . Read the first review. For Samurai Ninja Rockstars, only. Via Chris.

Downton Abbey Drinking Game. To my utter delight, Anthony enjoys watching this with me–without drinking, even!

Feminism does not predict poor romantic relationships, in fact quite the opposite. A fascinating study. Via Justin

Weekly Photos:

Reader Question:

This post is running waaaay long, so I’ll answer just a few.

1. Why the Viking liking?

My family is Swedish-American on both sides, and we still have a pretty strong Swedish culture three generations out. I grew up with lots of stories about Sweden, about my pioneer relatives (it was all very Kirsten), and Scandinavian culture in general. I live in an area settled by many Scandinavian families and my parents used to be very involved in the local Scandinavian heritage festival. So it’s just something I grew up around.  That and vikings are badass.

2. Do you still go in your child’s room at night to see if she’s breathing?

Oh hell yes. Though my main paranoia is in regards to her choking. I still want to slice grapes into miniscule pieces for her. I got too far. It’s totally irrational. She has learned she can fake cough to get my attention because she knows I’ll come running.

3. Are you a loser, baby?

In the time of chimpanzees, I was a monkey. Butane in my brain and I became the junky with the plastic eyeball. Spray paint the vegetables dog food skull with the beefcake pantyhose. Kill the headlights and put it in neutral. Stock car flaming with a loser in the cruise control. Baby’s in Reno with the vitamin D, got a couple of couches, sleep on the love seat. Someone keeps saying I’m insane to complain about a shotgun wedding and a stain on my shirt. Don’t believe everything that you breath you got a parking violation and a maggot on your sleeve. So shave your face with some mace in the dark. Saving all your food stamps we’re burning down the trailer park.


Cut it.

Follow Friday – Fall-Like Photos

28 Oct

Nature has finally decided to act fall-like around here, which means cooler temperatures and windy days. I’m celebrating by posting my favorite fall-like photos.

This weekend we’re celebrating Halloween by driving down south so that my husband and a few of my friends can leap over hot coals, wear viking hats, and drink beer. Should be good times.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple stepsfurther.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

adamisacson Weird to think my cats don’t know my name. To them, I’m probably “Guy Who Gave Us Tuna From the Can That Time in 2007.” (They know years.)

Handflapper I just got up and already I need a nap. I must not be doing this life thing right.

NicLewis If you’re smart, you’ll have a car waiting. If you’re brilliant, you’ll have a jet pack waiting. #StepsToSurviveAHorrorMovie

notthatkendall Processing invoices while watching Rachel Zoe means I type things like “super-gigantic” and someone should come run me over with their car

LOLGOP Since 1980, the top 1%’s balls have grown by over 1,000%.

NicLewis You only get to say, “It’s over,” if you’ve detonated a neutron bomb in the killer’s colon. #StepsToSurviveAHorrorMovie

jberthume Was just picked up from a rural airport by someone in an RV. I think I saw this on Breaking Bad once.

badbanana I’m guessing the worldwide average is about one great idea per every 2.7 million Moleskine notebooks.

TNG_S8 The prime directive is completely ignored when Picard really wants to ride a Centaur. Geordie sleeps through the whole episode by accident.

J__Swift If you have a kitten do not eat the kitten. Pet the kitten, also, cuddle the kitten. DO NOT EAT KITTEN.

MariaMelee Every time I start to catch a cold I secretly wish it’ll make me sound like Jessica Rabbit.

freudiantypo Autocorrect just turned “doable” into “spanked” in my last text.


MmeSurly “Siri, where is the nearest bakery?”
“Are you sure? Those pants look like they’ve shrunk a bit in the dryer.”

misskubelik The mom calling her kid PEAPOD is freaking me out. She’s not saying it nickname-y. OH GOD, WHAT IF THE KID IS REALLY NAMED PEAPOD? #library

ameliastier There’s nothing worse than chipping your nail polish on the first day. Except maybe AIDS and world hunger I guess.

TheDweck Netflix is really in a downward spiral. If Netflix were a person, it would be eating pizza and watching Netflix all day.

abbeyrenee “I figured out why I’m so weird. I’m from the fourth dimensional.” #stuffJiminsays

PolyesterPony This home printer is needier than my ex.

TheTweetOfGod Seize the day. Arrest it. Throw it in jail. That’ll teach it for having so many possibilities.

InfiniteChicken Life has yet to give me an opportunity to make good on my “I could punch my way out the Vatican” boasts.

trypnotik I don’t do anything for love, but I’d do that.

morninggloria This isn’t a popular opinion to have in this politically correct reality we inhabit, but I believe that being Lady Gaga is a choice.

joeinverarity Thirty-some odd years experience of “existing,” and I’m still just OK at it.

mariannecanada My hair looks really nice today, which always happens the week before I reach Critical Mass levels of needing a haircut. Pray for me.

MrWordsWorth If I have learned anything from the cats, it is this: the stress of a long day is easily alleviated by noodging a cushion.

sgnp The best stall doors are the kind that fling themselves open when the person next to you slams theirs shut. #OppositeDay

WindsorGrace Why are there so many hamburger fonts?

SpaghettiJesus If everyone spent five minutes a day saying “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” in assorted redneck dialects, there would be no crime or poverty.

anneheathen My glass of wine brings all the fruit flies to the yard.

carlabare My icy hostility brings the boys to the yard.

MeganBoley I wish all the boys in the yard would bring me a milkshake.

rstevens First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they have sex with you. –Ghandi

misskubelik and you might say to yourself: “Hey, is there a picture of a Corgi dressed up as the USS Enterprise?” And the answer is “Corgiprise” & YES.

JesseThorn “Nope. Too classy.” – CEO of GoDaddy.com, at every meeting with every ad agency ever.

apelad General Mills’ Box Tops for Education is a money laundering scam. I’ve found no evidence to support this, but the search has been delicious.

JLYoungsma If you’re following me in hopes of deep reflective thoughts & inspirational quotes, you got the wrooong bitch.

lateandsoon Long-ass day. An ass should be firm or pert or voluptuous. ANYTHING but long.

himissjulie Natalie Dee’s “pleased to eat you” is appropriate to wear around children, right? Right?

BuenoBabyGirl I cannot hear my kids screaming at each other when I’m shaking my martini.

markleggett “Live nudes! All of our nudes are alive! Unless you mean emotionally, which in that case they’re all quite dead. But still very nude!”

Greeblemonkey Attempting dinner at home second night in a row. Hold me Martha Stewart, I’m goin’ in.

apodixis I’m a classy, sophisticated guy, so I spell it Herpès.

hotdogsladies Bad writing—like bad farts—often come out of anonymous assholes.

kfan Patchouli girl, my love for you is locally-sourced and mad sustainable.

johnmoe “Do you think being really funny is a more important trait than being a really good economist?” – the 10yo just now.

OurGoatRodeo Google Translator’s language’s “Detect Language” option should just be titled, “WTF to English.”

PolyesterPony Self editing. Like a grown up.

annakarenine buy a cat some fancy toys and he’ll end up playing with an old earplug 99% of the time.

magistratewu How I know I’m losing my hearing: I thought I heard my prof say that the United Nations resembles a giant titty bar.

rstevens The dog somehow hid a gooey rawhide bone up my shorts leg. I think I still like the dog.

telephase 2 y/o is doing some mansplainin’ to the wall in this restaurant. #thatsmyboy

simontarr Hell yeah! New LEGO catalog in the mail! I mean, my son will be very excited about this.

Dude_WaitWhat I want one of those LifeAlert things. I believe I should be able to use it when out of wine and too drunk to drive.

TweetsofOld A young man in our town ate, at one sitting, 5 1/2 feet of eel. We predict for him a brilliant future as an “eatist.” PA1879

ErinCerulean “It can seem a bit crazy that we humans don’t wise up a bit earlier in life. But if we smartened up sooner, we’d end up dumber.”

iasshole Mmm, wacky misunderstanding at work forced me to repeat the phrase “ASCII penis” four times. A good day.

ApocalypseHow A recent study says psychopaths use certain words more often than everyone else. For example, “Murder-tunity.”

lindseylu The decision to never have kids is really a gift to the world, so can you guys pick up the tab for my birth control?

hellnope Sent an email for the team huddle today. Realized just after hitting send I sent a team cuddle email. Today is gonna be adorable soon.

Bookish_Bitch Control top stockings are weird. I feel like a sausage from the waist down. A sexy, sexy sausage.

Bagyants When I scream “I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING” it’s always about leftover food and never about feelings.

Krud I am pro-noun.

ApocalypseHow There once was a man from Nantucket/Who prepped at Choate/And enjoys golfing. #VulcanLimericks

apelad The first a in Nevada is pronounced like the a in apple, unless you pronounce it opple.

sarahmcdallen Who you calling a hoecake, Paula Deen?

FakeeEtiquette It is polite to look for and point out time travelers in all historic photos.

joshjs Somewhere, Katie Holmes is asking Siri to buy Suri a Sari. Also, I apologize for that last sentence.

MrWordsWorth If I understand the plot of Anonymous, Shakespeare was a tweet thief.

joeinverarity HOW DID YOU DROP YOUR PHONE IN THE TOILET?! Oh wait. Don’t tell me. Are you on Twitter?

vhsTapes2 Today I will be hunting the worlds most dangerous game: Russian Roulette.

BridgetCallahan One of the major differences between me and a highly effective person is pants.

milonguera Pan flute. The spa industry’s musical overlord.

alwysabridesmd Just saw some old bitter people with a YES WE CAIN bumper sticker. WHAT IS IT LIKE TO HAVE NO SOUL.

mikeleffingwell Watching my wife and daughter napping peacefully just feet from my dog who’s aggressively licking his penis. Mixed emotions.

hateyouprobably Can someone fetch me a steak and also cook it and feed it to me?

ProfessorSnack I suppose the difference between bent and hell bent would be the shipping fees.

morninggloria All cat litter’s “fresh” scent smells the same, which defeats purpose of masking smell. Why not make a hickory bbq scented variety?

UnvirtuousAbbey Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Jesus replied, “Truly I tell you, I’ve got two tickets to paradise.”

oldkimcole I’m starting “to” think some “of” you don’t really understand “the” proper use “of” quotation marks.

clarkekant Fuck the self-cleaning oven. I need a self-cleaning toilet.

LouisPeitzman I do NOT want to get a flu shot at Ralph’s. Well, maybe if it comes with a free sheet cake.

CorporateMonkey every year on my birthday I wonder if THIS is the year that I’ll finally get my superpowers.

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Follow Friday – iPhone Photos

23 Sep

It’s been awhile since I used iPhone photos in a Follow Friday. I know how easy it is to just default to capturing everything on a camera that slips into your pocket, which is why I make the effort to keep my big camera fully charged and easily accessible. Locked and loaded, as it were. But the great thing about using the iPhone camera is not the actual camera itself (I’m still rockin’ and ancient–by Apple standards–3G version) but the spontaneity of the images themselves. This is what we were doing in the moment, without posing or planning or adjusting the light. For better or for worse.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

mommywantsvodka Missed Connection. Me: 31-year old with slightly kicky hair. You: My motivation.

MelissaLynnette There is a gif of Nancy Grace shaking her tits on @jezebel and now I need new eyes.

helgagrace Have been known to use “Butternuts!” as a mild curse.

ampersandwich Oh, Netflix. I like Meatballs, so you suggest Weird Science, Spaceballs, and… The Civil War by Ken Burns? Really?

KeepingYouAwake My phone just autocorrected “totes magoats” to “Totes maggots”. In other news, don’t judge me. That’s a hilarious phrase.

Qwikster I just got scared I went into the shower turned on the water n then stuff started falling I was lik omg wtf lol

badbanana I was prepared to suspend disbelief when I rented Thor, but come on. Admitted to a hospital without insurance?

heyrenees Trust me, bores of the world, no one cares where the hell you’ve checked in. We’ll BARELY care when you’ve checked out.

EvenMoreSarah Oh Michael Vick got injured in a football game? This is me, not feeling bad.

InfiniteChicken I want to burn all the good will my business once commanded. If only there were some model on how to do that effectively.

alyankovic I don’t need washboard abs. I’ve got front-loading Energy Star-compliant abs.

MagpieLibrarian If yr library coworkers insist on celebrating TalkLikeaPirateDay it is perfectly acceptable 2 keelhaul them under the library’s bookmobile.

joeinverarity Did anybody else notice Larry King has slowly transformed into a man-size Praying Mantis?

MightyHunter My phone doesn’t seem to be connecting to any of my social media outlets. A smart person would take this as a sign to get to work.

burnstand “Trust me, I know the difference between foamy and frothy, and your mother’s vagina is definitely foamy.”

jillsmo This headache that I’ve had for 4 days now is starting to get a little old. I’m a headache hipster; this is no longer cool.

EvenMoreSarah Pints of Ben & Jerry’s are $3 at Rite Aid. A friend told me.

ClevelandPoet MaritalBliss = I call out “I don’t know, but I’ve been told” and @kittenkaboom calls back “Eskimo pussy is mighty cold!” #FullMetalJacket

markleggett My beard is almost long enough to chew! How exciting for me.

AmandaStretch Just pushed my computer/reading glasses up with my pointer finger by the bridge. I’ll be turning in my Cool Person card now. If I have one.

telephase Children left unattended will be given Jolt! Cola and a Vuvuzela. #newdeptsignage

yoyology A lampshade wearing a lampshade on its head #RejectedHalloweenCostumes

mocoddle SEXY Can of Corn #RejectedHalloweenCostumes

ryankresse Diabeetus. #RejectedHalloweenCostumes

ElKaboing Active Yogurt Culture #RejectedHalloweenCostumes

jenifersf Pillowcase full of ham. #RejectedHalloweenCostumes

negativsteve Dignity. Also, Sexy Dignity #RejectedHalloweenCostumes

pattymarq Mr. Collins and Lady Catherine de Bourgh #RejectedHalloweenCostumes

timeblimp A fully functional rotary sander. #RejectedHalloweenCostumes

Killerrobodb The miracle of birth #RejectedHalloweenCostumes

turtlesby SEXY Umlaut #RejectedHalloweenCostumes

NicLewis Drunk cactus. #RejectedHalloweenCostumes

NicLewis Freddy Krueger, as an innocent baby. #RejectedHalloweenCostumes

InfiniteChicken Dog disguised as other dog #RejectedHalloweenCostumes

Vernacularshift Snake with a leg #RejectedHalloweenCostumes

mocoddle Toner Cartridge #RejectedHalloweenCostumes

NicLewis CircleJerx. #RejectedNetflixNames

jenifersf Discwank. #RejectedNetflixNames

NicLewis Digisquirt. #RejectedNetflixNames

ElKaboing ‘Puter Vision #RejectedNetflixNames

Thoracic_Park Ooopster #rejectedNetflixnames

bradmahler Qwikderp #RejectedNetflixNames

msbellows In Netflix’s defense: if the Union Pacific had evolved into an airline like it should have, its old customers would’ve hated riding Haulster.

jillgengler Earlier this morning, found the three year old dancing around with her brother’s athletic cup on her head like it was a small, kicky beret.

michael_J_m00n I just did an amazing impression of a Keurig coffee maker. The guy in the next stall was really impressed.

MassageByTed Sometimes I only want 3 or 4 hours of energy.

adamselzer Getting scared that clowns will blow up in 2014 like pirates did in 2002. I should start writing a clown romance now, probably.

johnmoe My 1990s self just time traveled in and can’t believe anyone’s complaining about Netflix. Brought the new Cracker cassette too.

thejohnblog Starting my new job today. I’m still trying to decide between using a cockney British accent or loud Scotsman.

hereslizz Ever consider getting your pinky toe removed so your insensible shoes will fit more comfortably? Just me?

MakeMommyCoffee I looked up briefly at Sesame Street and saw what I swear was Mr. Noodle fellating a Sonicare toothbrush. I think I need more coffee.

fierceflawless Oh, Michael Vick got hurt in the game last night? We’d better just put him down then. I have a few ideas…

tigervsshark Boss: Remove each star from this galaxy photo
Me: Thats millions of stars. Can I just make a new picture of black instead?
Boss: Hmmm..no.

LisaMcIntire “We had to destroy the service in order to save it.” – Netflix

danforthfrance Netflix just called me drunk, kept saying “I’m sorry” and said, “I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. Whoops, there’s the cops” and hung up.

MightyQuinn72 O hi bots. Shoulda seen that coming. Let’s see… ipod mcdonalds walmart porn diet insurance, Ready. GO.

ohrebecca I hope fantasy football is mostly about riding pegasus through rainbows and feeding cupcakes to unicorns, ’cause then I GOT THIS.

BridgetCallahan CW is like the Countess Bathory, it bathes in the blood of young girls to stay young.

theleanover You know it’s a party when people bust out ukeleles and didgeridoos.

pistolval Tired. Like zombie tired. If I start eating people I’ll let you know.

blondediva11 I’m disappointed that Fox News didn’t win for Best Comedy again! #emmys

limadean We need an eighth day in the week. I’d call it Bookday, and make it dedicated to reading my pile of 20 books.

Mike_FTW Every once in a while San Francisco puts someone in front of me that makes me question evolution.

notbrandoncrane My mom was talking about a movie called “Yellow Icing”. The movie she was actually talking about was “Layer Cake”. At least she’s seen it.

TheNextMartha I’m not sure what makes church more attractive. The free God childcare or the wine.

bebehblog Which is worse: The Education Connection commercial song or Dino Dan? DISCUSS.

TwoAdults Husband took Ezra to Chucky Cheese. That’s where “Contagion” was filmed, right?

jenifersf My ears are itchy. I think that means someone is talking about how well I can hear.

ericsiry I honestly don’t mean to tweet so much about my dog’s poop, but as writing instructors say, “tweet what you know.”

shinyinfo Sign of the end times: My Mother has a tablet before I do. Jesus wept.

theleanover I’ve spent 30 years fattening myself up for this winter.

Cramtron Its Thomas Kinkade! His body fades away in pastel motes of light. The light gathers and enters your heart. YOU ARE NOW THE PAINTER OF LIGHT.

The_Pigeon Abbreviations made easy: “LOL” is an abbreviation for “Ha”. “LMFAO” is an abbreviation for “Ha Ha”.

AndreaDesirePen Bowling is the perfect activity when I’m in the mood to stick my fingers in disease-ridden holes, but your mom is unavailable.

eareeve I was just so excited at finding a low-dose iron supplement, I may have aged 40 years.

HopicalTumor 6 hours spent carefully crafting, editing, rewriting and honing epic tweet to end all tweets: 0 Stars. Cat walks across keyboard: 47 Stars.

PlainSaraJane22 I just found the ball bearings from a Magnetix set inside of a tinkerbell sock. My girl’s getting ready for a brawl, ya’ll.

Greeblemonkey My life revolves around how much battery charge my iPhone has left.

joeinverarity Listening to Fleet Foxes because I was in the mood to hear human beards play music.

MommyNaniBooboo Dealing with a 3 yr old is way harder than that time I saved the world.

InfiniteChicken I got a bill from ‘State Farm’. Why do I owe money to a communist cooperative? Did we lose a war?

shinyinfo @exlibris What was the name of the bookmarking site where you insulted their moms? This is a work related question.

MmeSurly Ruby wrote a song and she’s been singing it all morning. It’s called “Flippin’ Panties.” You’re welcome, Other Preschool Parents.

UnicornFlavored I’m tired of junk food commercials trying to pull the whole fresh farm-to-bag crap. Crackers, cookies, chips. Know your role, assholes.

emoryshatzer If I had a magic wand I’d use it to make another magic wand, except one that’s thinner & has a longer battery-life.

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Guest Post: Montmartre Vignettes

27 Jun

Today’s guest post is brought to you by my good friend Gisela, who recently founded photodudette.com, a photography website I can’t get enough of. Gigi posts her own amazing photography, tutorials she’s found, and examples of other great photographs on the web. She explains what mes a photograph a good one and why it works.  What I love most about the website is its message: what makes a good photographer is the person behind the lens, not the equipment. This is very validating for someone like me who has very basic gear. Expensive equipment only takes you so far. What matters is you.

Gigi is a world traveler, originally from Portugal and currently living in Paris. She lives with her husband and two cats. We met on flickr when I begged to join her group, The New Domesticity. We became fast friends. Her personal style is classic and timeless and fits Paris perfectly. I’ve long admired her dressing room self portraits. Today she is going to take you on a little photo tour of Paris, specifically Montmartre.

Monmartre encapsulates both sides of Paris: the sacred and the profane, coexisting side-by-side, a vibrant city center at the intersection of crass and culture. And Gigi is going to give you the tour.


Montmartre is a charming place.

Metro station Abbesses has one of only three art nouveau glass canopies still in existence in Paris. Walking around in the narrow and steep streets you find many treasures. Wallace fountains, street art, quirky cafés and restaurants.

Everywhere you look you see Paris much like it was when van Gogh, Renoir or Picasso lived there. This was the place of artists. Many well known painters, writers and philosophers called it their home. A place of creativity, excess drinking and cavorting, if you know what I mean.

Today it remains a symbol of Paris’ art spirit and bohemian fun with commercial street artists and, at the base of the hill, the sex clubs.

One of the reasons I love Montmartre it’s the view. At the top of the hill there is a snowy white catholic church, the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, and a wonderful view of Paris. We can see everything from up there. It’s like a gigantic “Where’s Waldo?” of famous buildings. The Invalides, the Cathédrale Notre-Dame, the Panthéon. You name it. Because Montmartre is one of the few hills in Paris, you can see for miles.

After soaking in the view you will be ready to go down hill and enjoy a show at the Moulin Rouge or a new cordless toy, which ever floats your boat.

Follow Friday – Newb Edition

4 Mar

This week’s Follow Friday post features photos I took of our friends’ newborn, the lovely and sweet Dominic. I’m ending this week with a migraine, but I sure as hell better feel better soon, because I have a full weekend ahead of me. Have a good one!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.

himissjulie Taking a bag of pants to the lost and found. #hellsyeahMLIS

JohnFugelsang CBS plans to continue ‘Two & A Half Men’ without Charlie Sheen under the revised title ‘Two Men.’

Caissie Listening to Paddington Bear audio book in car. Sound drops out several times. Me: Oh no! 8YO: They have to do that because of the swears.

Cutlerish My argument centered around cannibalism being good for the environment

oodja Unexpected challenges for the Gamer Dad: trying not to laugh when your daughter asks if you have “wood for sheep” while playing Catan.

rampersand In Europe, it’s called “5/2 Men” and it’s much smarter. #sheenius

apodixis It may have been America’s #1 comedy, but I’ve never successfully laughed at Two and a Half Men.

alwysabridesmd HELP I JUST LAUGHED OUT LOUD AT SOMETHING ON Dr. Oz. #cabinfever #stabstabstab

21stcenturymrs The thing about having a friend that works on the Jersey Shore is you watch to support said friend. Then you never get to ask for an apology

inversejaik I’ve become convinced that cats are a gateway drug that leads to babies.

mommywantsvodka So it’s decided. I’m going to turn the treehouse in the backyard into a panic room.

StephenAtHome I wonder who decided to call those things Infographics. It’s such a clumsy, nondescript word. I would have called them Statpicstics.

joseph_ocon If I pat you on the back during a hug, I’m tapping out.

TheRedQueen One of my neighbors named their wireless network “shut those fucking dogs up”. Amen dude, amen.


tommycm It’d be good if, one year, they ran a clip show of past ceremonies for the Oscars. Like in The Simpsons when they can’t be bothered. #oscars

librariannheels I’m sorry, I have to tweet this. Someone just asked me if I had books by Gop. He’s the leader of the Republican party, you know.

pistolval Ivy made clothing for one of her littlest pet shop dolls out of playdough and is telling all the other dolls: “Lady Squeak Squeak is here!”

milonguera In the ultimate mom move, I am home by 10pm and stopped to get paper towels, apples and bananas. #oldlady

Lord_Stewie I went to the store to buy a “Where’s Waldo” book and couldn’t find it. Well played Waldo, well played.

Zaius13 Rock out with your vagina out! Your freakish protruding vagina.

louispeitzman Ever since seeing Catfish, I’m not convinced I didn’t invent you all. In which case, kudos to me for being so funny and prolific!

LisaMcIntire FOR THE RECORD: no matter what the Chron(icle) says, never OK to say “Frisco” and never OK to say “Cali.” NOT EVER.

bookishbella “Running errands” is my code phrase for “hunting down girl scout cookies.”

matthewbaldwin There’s no business like show business. Well, except taxidermy. Remarkably similar, it turns out.

sarcasmically Pretty sure the Bible has a passage distinctly forbidding the ways in which I am enjoying this taco and I DON’T CARE.

daniellefraggle just chatting with my friend’s cat on facebook. #saturdaylibrarian ahem someone please ask a ref question.

bitchylibrarian Another day where I should be doing laundry. Future, clothesless me is really going to be pissed.

owlpacino There have got to be very few things in life worse than having that “I whip my hair back and forth” song stuck in your head.

MeganBoley It’s #oversharewednesday and I may have had a dream last night entirely around the premise of finding the perfect shapewear. #spanxfantasy

ScrewyDecimal “Tired” doesn’t adequately describe how I feel. A new word needs to be invented. I’m exhaustrolated.

NathanFillion Identifying bears: Climb tree. If bear climbs & kills you, Brown Bear. If bear knocks tree down & kills you, Grizzly Bear.

StephenAtHome If more seniors get into porn, it may get more difficult to slow down sexual excitement by thinking of grandma.

blainecapatch trojan “fire and ice” condoms. at last, that burning sensation you get when you pee…while you fuck!

UncleDynamite “Murder,” she farted.

ethanharrison I hate when bathrooms have timed lights. It’s like I’m trying to defuse a bomb in my pants. If I fail, everything goes black.

OngoingBS Sometimes my narcissism is the only thing keeping me upright. Although I’m pretty amazing at laying down too.

CMastication My wife’s use of the nickname “Chuckles” for anyone named Charlie is amusing. Doubly so for Chuckles Sheen.

louispeitzman Mario Kart separates the men from the men who can’t lose a video game without weeping.

markleggett I make some money from selling dog monocles, but not much.

lafix I like my blogs angry and my caps all’d.

KeepingYouAwake Suddenly, and with no reason, parts of The Eagles – Life in the Fast Lane just made sense to me. I must have had a stroke.

yowhatsthehaps I know all the words to every Jay-Z song. (If you change all the words to “Derp derpa derp, derp derpa derpaaaa.”)

markleggett A stranger looked at me while I was wiggling my finger around in my belly button, and I didn’t bother to stop. This is who I am now.

Mister_m00n How many assholes does it take to change a mood?

sween Dogs have fifty words for woof.

swedishpancake I should probably buy stock in Amazon so I feel like I’m getting some of my money back.

seamusmccauley Just been Rickrolled by a damned television

shinyinfo Since the book cart isn’t motorized, I basically just dance around the cart while someone pushes it. #GhostRideTheBookCart

MeganBoley If un-brushed hair and cats are in, then I am right on trend.

MightyQuinn72 Only with timing & masterful purpose can one grow both the hair on their head & face to the perfect length to go in ones mouth while eating.

BonniesBows Move over Weight Watchers, there is a new way to lose weight. I can’t afford to buy groceries to feed myself because I just filled my gas tank

popcandy Confessed my love of jigsaw puzzles to my pal Laura, who replied, “It’s OK, I do puzzles by Thomas Kinkade. He is the painter of light.”

VHStapes2 Eat hottest jalapeno. Walk into work. They’ll insist you take the day off what with the tears & discoloration. Get yourself some gelato.

kristenhowerton Watching “World’s Most Talented Kids” on Oprah. Man, my kids are untalented sloths. Happy, well-adjusted, untalented sloths. #notatigermom

corrinrenee Eating Cheetos while cooking dinner kind of defeats the purpose. And is awesome.

@librarylovefest BREAKING NEWS: Muammar Gaddafi refuses to step down until HarperCollins relents on the 26-eBook-checkout limit.

madiganreads You MUST be a librarian, because my circulation is rising! #librarianpickupline

slackmistress Too busy to tweet today, so this is what you get: Poop joke; self-deprecating remark; funny observation about song lyrics; something I ate.

telephase Our vending machine gives out gold dollars for change. I hoard them and pretend I’m part of the aristocracy. #oversharewednesday

Greeblemonkey Wondering how many Sudafed I can take before becoming a meth addict.

Zaius13 Pizza gives me a mouth boner.


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Flip Book: Poke

6 Feb

Photos: Grocery Store

30 Jan

Look Who’s Been Developmentally Appropriate For Her Age

15 Dec

It’s that time of year again! It’s cheesy Christmas portrait tiiiiime! My MIL is very dutiful about taking Isobel for regular portrait sittings at the mall. Which is great, because it’s hard for me to justify taking Isobel for portraits that I’m inevitably going to have to adjust later in PS. (Every time I see a photo I can’t help but noticed how the white balance could be adjusted or the angles corrected or whatever. Blame it on the way I learned Photoshop or my latent OCD.) I’m sure I’ve said it often enough before, but my philosophy on Sears or Penny’s or any other big portait company is  that a rite of passage. The photos are inevitably cheesy and usally need PS work. I, personally, have fond memories of going to the mall with my cousins for photos, and I love looking back at the cheesy Christmas scenes or the photos where I’m making a terrible face or whatever. Of course I think I take better photos of Isobel myself, but since they are photos of my daughter, I tend to love them no matter what.

And there’s something to be said about the wonderfulness that happens in a portrait studio. Look at this photo set, for example:

Or this, where in my daughter is in bunny heaven:

This is from Christmas last year:

Here are the best shots from the Christmas 2010 shoot:

Okay, she freaking adorable here. Her hair’s totally shaggy, but that’s my fault: I’m trying to get her bangs to grow out, and my MIL was set on this specific hairstyle. Normally I style them so they’re off her face. Also she’s not very fond of getting her hair cut. It was much easier the first time we did it.

She’s still cute. Although her hair appears very red in all these shots when it’s dark brown in person. I think it’s something about the lights they use. Also, here’s a fun fact: Isobel’s never seen snow. Hell, I’ve only been in the snow about five times in my life. So she has no idea why she’s standing in white fabric.

This face kills me every time. It says, “I am adorable. And I will crush you.”

Ima break this

Isobel trimming the tree? What a heart-warming scene! Actually, she’s probably trying to break something.

Let’s up the cheese factor to 11, shall we? My daughter hits me when she gets angry and throws herself on the floor in a fit sometimes. Does this make her good? No, but it doesn’t make her bad either. It makes her developmentally appropriate for her age. Which I think is perfect.

Okay, the first time it was just sort of funny, but how often does Santa sit and stare at photos of children? It’s creeping me out. And please note the death grip Isobel’s got on that teddy bear. If there is an item around that is remotely snuggleable, she will snuggle it. See also: Bunniez.

She’s only thinking one thing right here: “Suckers.”

Arguably, this is my favorite. She’s so freaking cute, and she knows it. Plus this dress is very, very close to my family’s plaid, so I heart it. All it needs is a tiny yellow stripe and she’s representing all the Scottish brawlers of her line. Daaaaw.