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Thrift Store Score: Toy Camera

14 Nov

Nothing like letting your kid dress herself and then taking her outside to play with your latest Thrift Store Score: a realistic-looking toy camera.

It doesn’t actually work, but this toy is magnificent. The buttons depress, the dials spin, and the hot shoe is functional. In case she wanted to pretend she abhors flash like mama.

I nabbed it for twenty cents.

Isobel likes to carry her purse and her camera around, just like Mama.

This is easily one of my favorite Thrift Store Scores ever.

Scrapbook: New Umbrella

27 Oct

It rained for the first time a few weeks ago and Isobel couldn’t wait to grab her umbrella and play in it. The rain had slowed to a light drizzle by the time we got outside. The concept of being in the rain, but not actually getting wet, fascinated her.

Scrapbook: Stroller Ride

14 Aug

These photos were taken back in June, when we had a brief cold spell in between two hot spells regularly known as “summer.” This year it actually rained when the local schools were having their graduations–something we hadn’t dealt with before at the school I still worked at. The weather was strange.

This particular day I’d dressed her in shorts and a t-shirt, and when she asked to go for a walk in the stroller, I had to put socks and legwarmers on her. Because she was very into playing “baby” (I blame her obsession with the Babies documentary) she wanted to be wrapped up in the blanket, too, even though I didn’t think it was necessary.

As we strolled through the neighborhood we passed a man doing heavy yard work in his front yard. He was shirtless and sweaty. Isobel took one look at him and shouted from her stroller, “MOMMY, HE’S NAKED!”

It’s a great way to meet your neighbors! Try it sometime.

The Egg Hunt

28 Apr

It was Easter morning, and time for us to suit up in our Spring finest and hit the egg hunt. We have a lot going on this year, but I guess that’s hardly an excuse as we always seem to be in the middle of work and a dozen projects at once, but as I’m finishing up work and we’re getting new carpet I just didn’t have any extra brain space to devote to Easter outfits. And Isobel’s closet is so stuffed with clothes of all seasons and sizes it is impossible to find anything except that one outfit that a well-meaning family member gifted us one time that naturally, I hate. Our friends Chris and Rachel gave us this white and brown dress for her birthday, and it is sufficiently floofy, so she wore it. Isobel’s kind of against any item of clothing that isn’t pink right now, but it was covered in “bubbles” so she went with it.

Black patent mary janes would complete the look but I could not find them anywhere. I’m pretty sure they are somewhere at Grandma’s house as that is the last place I saw them.We did have some white slippers that I managed to get on her feet (they were a little snug) and I thought all systems were go. Anthony watched her while I did my hair and apparently she turned to him, took off her shoes, told him they were too small, and put her “Mrs. Cat” boots on and waited by the door.

That’s the kind of logic I can’t argue with, people.

Isobel kind of has an obsession with her Hello Kitty rain boots (whom she refers to as Mrs. Cat), despite the fact that Jupiter or Poppy somehow chewed the loops off the tops of them. Leave it to the Moron Twins to find the least edible thing in the house and eat it. Take that, god! You don’t tell them what does or does not go in their GI tract! In your face.

For as much as she loves to wear those boots they are not the most practical shoe. They are prone to fall off her feet unless she’s actively walking around in them, which means we’ve nearly lost them in many a grocery store parking lot and have come close to abandoning them in restaurants.

As we lined up for the hunt an older woman noticed her boots and turned to us. “I see your little one is going to have an advantage on this wet grass with those boots of hers.”

Damn. My kid is smart.

Finally, it was time for the egg hunt. Isobel had a method. She’d grab an egg, shake it first, to be sure it had candy, then open it, tossing the candy into her basket while discarding the empty, obviously useless eggshells over her shoulder.

Anthony and I scrambled behind her, gathering her litter and preventing her from unwrapping each foil chocolate she came across.

One enterprising young girl was not going to let a little distance keep her from the prize.

The boots served her well.

After the hunt we found Isobel’s cousin Victoria.

The girls don’t really understand the concept of taking pictures together unless they are hugging.

Which is fine with us. Hug it out, girls!

They are pretty good at hugging now. A few months ago they’d try to hug like this and they’d end up falling down, legs in the air, crying.

They have improved to the “no tears” version.

It was a good Easter.

On The Road

6 Apr

The weekend trip we took to Cayucos recently coincided with a large storm system that had moved into California. Virtually the whole state experienced rainstorms all weekend. That made the drive there and back eerily lovely. 

All these shots were taken from inside the car, obviously, which should explain the occasional strange glare.

To get to and from the seaside town of Cayucos you had to drive an 8 mile stretch of highway called Old Creek Road. It was also beautiful in a decidedly abandoned, creepy way.


During the drive home our way was clear for about a hundred miles, but we could see it pouring across the valley. This photo was taken by Anthony (I was driving).

As we neared home we drove from clear skies right into a hail storm. That was fun.

I don’t ever remember seeing snow on the Coastal Range before.

As I was taking pictures of the hills, their beauty struck me as oddly… familar.

Oh yes! It’s straight out of a Windows desktop wallpaper.