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Little Big Links: Random Faves

4 Dec

There’s been kind of a lot going on in the past two days: appointments at the Cancer Center (wherein I found out I probably do not have a new, additional serious health problem), a new phone (finally! I’ve waited years!), Christmas decorating, a parade, friends over, and other things I’ve probably forgotten due to all the activity.  Enjoy some very awesome links I’ve been saving.

Onion article: Silvio Berlusconi Gets Penis Stuck In Wine Bottle Stuck In Prostitute

One of the best things I’ve read, ever: Breaking Dawn, Dress the Vampire Fetus and the Headboard

T-shirt: Hench 4 Life

For fans of This American Life: Ira Glass’ Sex Tape

Isobel’s Current Favorite Youtube Videos:

Fave/Least Fave

28 Feb


Jury Duty – I was once summoned to regular Jury Duty and Grand Jury Duty at the same time. I get called each and every time my number comes up.

When it’s Wet Outside and the Hem of Your Pants Get Soaked, also, Wet Socks – Wet socks are among my least favorite things ever. I have a specific hatred of wet socks. Up there, very close, is when the hem of your pants gets wet and then you must suffer through work or school catching a chill from your pants. This often leads to wet socks, which sends me down the vicious hate spiral.

Running Out of Coffee At Work – It’s a horrible thing to wake up on a Saturday and start to make yourself coffee only to realize you’ve run out. It’s completely unforgivable to run out at work when there is no hope for caffeination.

Salad Served on a Too Small Plate – Why do restaurants do this? I’ve noticed it’s a serious problem with side salads. Dinner salads seem to get all the plate you could ask for, often arriving in hulking tureens. I’m almost too embarrassed to order a dinner salad in some places, because I know they’ll have to rearrange the table to accommodate it. But the real tragedy is when you order a glorious side salad, and it’s the proper size and filled with lovely greens (none of that iceberg bullshit) and they serve it to you on a bowl that’s practically a teacup’s saucer.


Turning Off My Workday Alarm on a Holiday – I usually don’t remember to turn off my alarm the night before and anyway, I rather feel it a luxury to wake up and turn off the alarm and drift blissfully back asleep. It’s like a fantasy come true. I’m living the dream. And then I’m actually dreaming.

Frozen Thin Mints – I discovered frozen Thin Mints while trying to make the bounty last well into the fall. I stashed as many as I could in the freezer and one day, hungry and too impatient for them to thaw, I took a bite. I now know no earthly reason as to why I’d eat a non-frozen Thin Mint.

Checking My Email and Discovering I’ve Made An Etsy Sale – Remember when you were teased for liking old junk? Validation, baby. This feeling never gets old.

Answering the Library Phone, Expecting a Telemarketer, and Hearing My Husband’s Voice Instead – By far I get more telemarketers at the library than I do at home. Partly this is because we turned off our landline, and partly this is because I get a shit-ton of telemarketers at work. When they call I have to wait for them to give me their speech, and at the end I tell them I’m sorry, I’m not interested because I don’t have a budget. I haven’t had a budget in quite some time, and have been told it will be years before I’ll have one again. The budget situation was so bad, however, I was laid off. My job was saved at the last second. After I explain all this most of them ask, “Can I call again in two months to see if things have changed?” I WAS LAID OFF, YOU IDIOT. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO LET ME BUY YOUR STUPID PAPERBACKS. It’s pretty wonderful when I’m expecting the pointless back and forth with a telemarketer and I hear my husband’s voice instead.

So, This Happened

6 Dec

In the spirit of my Posts About Random, here are some random things that have happened lately.



Anthony and I snuck out while the baby was with Grandma and watched the latest installment of Harry Potter. Before the show was a Glenn Beck commercial. This is how that went down:

Me: Honey. Please. Be quiet. I really don’t want to be lynched today.

At least one other person was laughing, which made our day.



While my Dad and I were trying to get the turkey in the oven on Thanksgiving, Jupiter jumped on the counter, stole the gizzard, and ran down the hall into Isobel’s bedroom.

He spent the rest of the day locked in the garage.



Anthony: I really want to play D&D now.
Me: Okay. Sure. Fine by me.
Anthony: No, I mean right now.
Me: Uh. We’re in the car.
Anthony: You love garden gnomes, right? You could be a gnome!
Me: I don’t think they’re the same as D&D gnomes.
Anthony: We’ll make an exception. You can be a garden gnome. Suddenly, by the roses, you see Voldemort! What do you do?
Me: I attack him.
Anthony: With what?
Me: Tiny gnome axes. Like, a bunch of them. All garden gnomes have little axes. Or tiny hammers. I throw them at his shins.
Anthony: Okay, then what do you do?
Me: Um… I pull down my trousers to relieve myself?
Anthony: You’ve confused Voldemort! Your attack is successful!


Posts About Random

30 Nov

Hello, new readers! My recent post about Library Apps garnered some attention across the web and it lead to Freshly Pressed featuring Little Big on their home page. Awesome!

(Freshly Pressed is the official WordPress Blog. Tons of bloggers use word press to publish their blogs, so it’s really nice to be featured.)

My favorite part is that I’m listed as blogging about “random.” Which is one hundred percent true.

If you’re new here, feel free to say hi. It’s nice to meet you.

Midweek Update: Overshare Edition

17 Nov

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any sort of update, and those of you who follow me on twitter probably don’t need another update from me because damn, I update a few times a day anyway. But seeing as how it’s Overshare Wednesday on twitter, why not?

* (By the way, I never seem to lose any followers on Overshare Wednesday. At first I felt really good about that. Yeah, I thought, my followers get me, they really get me. But then I realized my numbers hardly fluctuate at all no matter the random crap I spout. This lead me to assume that at least 90% of my followers are bots that don’t care what I say. Fair enough, Twitter. Fair enough.)

* I feel like I should preface things by saying good lord I am so busy. But I am always busy. I exist in a perpetual state of laundry, errands, and looming deadlines. The business is so constant and boring I feel like I shouldn’t bother sharing but it’s the (non)glamorous truth: I am always busy.

* Last weekend I did a photoshoot with my friends Erin and Jaime who are expecting their first child. Their happiness is obvious.

* Thanksgiving is coming. Two years ago I was pregnant during the holidays and I decided that being pregnant during a holiday in which all you do is eat and eat and eat and eat is just about the best reason to get knocked up in the first place. (Unless you have rampant morning sickness. Then this is an awful time for you and I pray for your soul.) I’ve made Thanksgiving dinner so many times now I can practically do it in my sleep so this year I’m focusing on getting creative with the appetizers. A post on this is coming.

* On Thursday Isobel and I are hitting the road with my cousin Liz and her daughter Victoria and we are going to go see YO GABBA GABBA LIVE. OMG, I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. Isobel is too young to understand what is coming but I am pee-my-pants excited for her. Her head is going to explode. I never thought I’d be able to take her to YGG (as it is known in my house to prevent extensive requests for Babba? Babba? BABBA?! from the toddler). Tickets are expensive and besides, Anthony really didn’t have an interest in going. However, my cousin received four FREE tickets to YGG Live in Sacramento and she invited us to go with her.

* I promised Shanti a guest post for the month of November. It’s coming! It’s my goal to guest post at a different blog each month. I’d happily do a guest blog exchange if anyone’s interested. I haven’t scheduled anyone for the month of December yet so if you’d like to exchange guest blogging services with me, let me know in the comments.

* Isobel is such a little girl now that it kills me. She echoes almost everything we say and uses simple sentences like a champ. My mom is still teaching her sign language and she knows so many signs that I can’t keep up with them all. For example, the other day I noticed her tapping her face with her finger. What a little philosopher! I thought She’s a deep thinker all ready! Later I found out that was her version of the sign for water. The poor dear wanted a drink. Still, I’m still proud!

* When Isobel eats something and finds it delicious she exclaims, “Mmm! Pizza!” no matter what it is she’s eating. She knows it’s a noun, but she uses it so often to describe something that’s delicious it may as well be an adjective. Anthony and I are trying it out in normal conversation. For example, “That move was SO PIZZA!” or “Man, honey, you sure do look PIZZA today!”

* Last weekend we went to my friend Leonard’s birthday party in Stockton and I’m happy to say we didn’t get mugged once while we were there. Stockton ranks really high on the Places It Sucks To Live list but fortunately we always have a great time. Mom watched Isobel so Anthony and I could enjoy a childfree evening. My husband got a little wild on the keytar and the night ended with the entire room singing a chorus of Bohemian Rhapsody. Melynda and I got a couple of duets in and I had so much fun singing Undone: The Sweater Song that I think we should probably create an all-female Weezer cover band. Before I left I sang Chicago’s 25 or 6 to 4 with Leonard, which we both happen to know because we grew up with a serious condition known as White Parents.

* I am at home with Isobel today because Mama Juani had to have emergency dental surgery and our back up person (my Mom) is out of town visiting family. I’m torn about this: I absolutely love being here with her but as a solo librarian they close the library’s doors when I’m gone and the kids miss out. And I miss them. And I feel guilty for letting the school down. Boo. But here we are, dancing to Here Comes Science and having a great morning.

Random App Round Up

16 Nov

Here are some random apps that I love. No company has ever given me money for… well, anything at this point really, but especially not to promote their iphone apps. I just like these. “I’m Carrie Anne, and I approve this message!”

Digitally Imported – In the late nineties Anthony and I used to stay up all night dancing to techno music in warehouses. Now if we’re staying up all night it’s because we’re grooving to the repetitive sounds of Isobel whining. Anthony and I still love techno and electronica. Anthony stumbled upon a free app called Digitally Imported with several channels of really, really awesome techno. Several different flavors of techno, too. I love librarianing to music so I listen to this at work a lot.

Chess Free by Optime – A crazy old lady taught me how to play chess in the seventh grade. I hated it! I still do. It’s a character flaw. My husband, however, learned chess from men that were recently released from prison. They were pretty good, seeing as how they had lots of time for practice. At the time, my husband was working at a community center and it was basically his job to 1. play chess 2. play ping pong 3. engage in activities with the children 4. supervise the chess and ping ponging.  Anthony loves chess and he’s quite good at it. He amuses himself sometimes by playing against the computer on this, his favorite chess app. He’s tried a couple but this one is his favorite.

(Note: If you were wondering why you haven’t seen me around Words with Friends for awhile it was because the app died along with my phone. I haven’t reinstated it again, but I’ll let everyone know when I do to get some games going again.)

Offline Map Guide – Oh boy, we could have used this while we were lost in the redwoods. Next time I have to go anywhere with spotty to nonexistent cell reception I’m plotting the way using this app first. We’d be lying in a ravine somewhere gnawed on by possums and mountain lions if it weren’t for the paper map we just happened to have with us (courtesy of my mother).

Tap Forms – Are you obsessively organized? Do you, like me, wish you were obsessively organized? Tap Forms keeps all your forms and information organized. Yessss. The Precioussssss.


I’d love to hear your recommendations about your favorite apps for:

Pregnancy Timelines
To do lists and calendars

Bonus points if they are free!

Versatile Blogger Award

3 Aug
Imagine my surprise this morning when I click on my various links to find I have been tagged by Pink Collar Harlot for a Versatile Blogger Award! I’m sure it’s some sort of mistake so I’m going to fire this post of quickly before Pink Collar realizes her error. You’ll pry this award from my cold, dead, blogging hands, Pink Collar.

(Also, thank you!)


The rules state I’m supposed to thank the person who gave me the award, share seven bullet-point items about myself, and then nominate 15 bloggers I have recently discovered who are awesome–wiggitty WHAT?! I’ll be honest with you: I don’t have much internetting time now that Isobel is here. I am a crusty old denizen of the web from way back (since it was just a wee series of tubes) and time was that I could fire off 15 new blogs off the top of my head, no problem. Now, though, my time is mostly spoken for and I play a constant game of catch up with the awesome bloggers I do follow. So let’s nominate five and we’ll call it square, shall we?

Here are my nominations:

1. Megan Boley of Mega Good

2. Windsor Grace of Knit in Public

3. Kerri Ann

4. Jose Gonzalez of Quarkland

5. Sarah Blackstock

Seven Facts About Myself:

Although I don’t have any other food allergies (that I’m aware of) I became slightly allergic to fresh, raw pineapple while pregnant. I after eating a delicious plate of slices my tongue and lips became kind of numb and tingly and everything tasted very bitter in my mouth for the next half hour. I was perplexed as I’d never had any sort of food allergy before. This happened one or two more times before I made the connection. I love fresh pineapple and I hoped like crazy it would go away after the baby was born. No such luck. I’ll probably still try to eat it now and again (I’m a slow learner) but I am pleased to note that I’m not allergic to pineapple that is cooked.

I really cannot stand Huell Howser. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all, but if you’ve ever caught part of his show on channel 6 you know what I’m talking about. The man has only one volume and it’s called “yell at you in the face.” And my cousin Katrina pointed out that when he interviews people he speaks to them as if they are… challenged. I’m practically in love with California but his show is not doing our tourism any favors. So basically I’m using Random Fact Number Two as a slot to bitch about someone I don’t know. Huh. Carry on!

I’ve been making a conscious effort to need and use less things lately. I sort of feel like that’s the mission statement of this blog as a dedication to peeling back the layers of life to find what really nourishes me, but I’ve been paying at lot of attention to stuff lately. Probably because we just got back from that trip and I was obsessed with packing light. I feel like I spend a lot of time at home cleaning and taking care of stuff so I’ve been going through things and donating a lot. I don’t want my entire life to be spent taking care of things.  This is not a new thing for me: every so often I get the urge to get rid of 90% of what I own. This is been the case with me since high school and Anthony has witnessed it many, many times. On the plus side I cleaned out the closet and had a giveaway and also have a bag of goodies to send to my good friend Jenn.

I’m learning quite a bit of Spanish by teaching it to my daughter. She pretty much makes me a better person in every way.

My Mom has a half brother who had five kids. Even though we are cousins we don’t get the opportunity to see each other very often. They are all super awesome and I’d want to be friends with them even if we weren’t related.

Before you ooh and ahh over my flawless skin in photos, kindly note that I have Photoshop and I know how to use it.

I immediately lost all of my baby weight in the months following Isobel’s birth. But in the months immediately following that I immediately put on over 20lbs and it has been my very stubborn constant companion. I’m terrible at dieting and have limited ability to work out. Fantastic! I’ve been cautiously trying to up my activity level while monitoring what I eat (I fail at dieting, but I do pretty well at monitoring and evaluating food choices) and I’ve lost ten pounds since the summer. Yeah! Let’s see if I can keep up that momentum when I start work back up again. My working life is a whole lot different than my SAHM life and I’ll have to have a whole new strategy. My Mom congratulated me on my achievement by saying, “You’ve lost weight! You’re stomach doesn’t look so big!”

Random Thought Roundup

22 Jul

Sometimes I just like to share my random thoughts. You’re welcome.

Jupiter had his Very Special Surgery, The One That Will Ensure He Sings In A High Voice Forever, yesterday. He came back from the vet and if I didn’t know better I’d have no idea that six hours prior he had gone under the knife. Really, cat? What does it take to calm you down? Horse tranquilizers? Because I’ll buy you horse tranquilizers. Shit. He was running around and eating food and playing with baby… he’s a bit more calm today but I’ve never seen a cat bounce back from surgery so quickly. Poppy’s next up for the Special Surgery. Here’s hoping we don’t have to get her a cone.

Speaking of the kittens, Anthony and I are pretty sure that if we died in the home Poppy and Jupiter would wait like a half hour, TOPS, before they started snacking on us. They are wild, crazy, and although not actually feral, it’s like they have some Krazy Kountry Kat gene that gives them a bonus points to survival. I’m pretty sure if they’d have an alignment it would be Chaotic Neutral.

Anthony and I think Poppy and Jupiter are about the same in terms of intelligence.  They rank below Zorro, who is actually fairly smart. Although Peaches was not known for his brains, but he had idiot-savant-like gifts in certain areas that made him quite ingenious at times. Hands down, Tinkerbell was just a genius. We used to joke that she was a member of Mensa. I swear we’d have conversations sometimes. It’s all worth it, though, because the kittens are 100% willing to snuggle with Zorro and each other. Totally makes up for the lack of brains.

I love me some Top Chef and I’m so happy it’s returned. I was watching reruns the other day on Bravo and saw the episode that featured Padma and Nigella. Two of my biggest girl crushes at once! I kept looking at them and trying to decide who’s prettier. Anthony thinks Nigella and I’d have to agree. (I have three main girl crushes, but I can’t remember the third one right now. Oh, well! My heart belongs truly to Nigella I guess.)  I promised Shanti I’d not reveal any season spoilers since she lives in NZ and watches the show on a delay, but I accidentally let it leak that Angelo said he had crabs, which I thought was hilarious. He may be cocky as fuck, but at least he can make fun of himself. My friend Ryan regularly rubs elbows with Top Chef contestants from this season as well as seasons past and I read his twitter feed with envy as he tweets about eating their food. We both decided that Top Chef can never go off the air and I’d pay good money for either a vampire or a zombie to bite Padma and all the judges so they can film the show forever from an undead state.

Do not think I have forgotten you, Adriana! As Winner of the Green Dress, Adriana shall not only receive the dress (I promise) but she will also receive some other Fabulous Prizes that I am gathering together as we speak. I shall mail it off soon. I promise. I wanted to add a present for her son, Wolfie, and some fresh rosemary that I picked from the garden. I’ve also been in the process of cleaning out my closet and wanted to add a bonus item or two. I was going to have to spend the extra money to fit the dress into a medium-sized flat rate box, and I wanted to make it worth her while. I also sold my gold candelabra, so I’m going to the post office tomorrow to mail that off anyway.

Isobel about has a seizure every time the trailer for the new Cats and Dogs movie comes on. She starts shouting “Chucho!” (which means puppy) and “Kitty!” Then she starts barking and meowing. She could just stare at those talking animals all day. Anthony further became my soul mate when he said to me, “I never liked those movies as a kid. They always made the cat the bad guy.” TRUE. Those movies are always made by some dumbass who doesn’t understand cats. Isobel’s too young to understand our political intrigue, though. She just likes staring at the animals.

Weekend update!

9 Jul

A random list of updates, in no particular order:

* My iphone up and died. It had been dying a long, slow, painful death that started with me not being able to check my @ replies or DMs in Twitter, then spread to not loading my WWF games, and then started being a nonresponsive jerk in general. (There were other problems with the phone, but the twitter & WWF problems being the most pertinent.) It also started vibrating randomly. Fortunately it’s all covered under the extended warranty so one extended trip to the Apple store later and I have a new phone. I’m still trying to restart all my WWF games, so find me under Ex Libris.

* This is my second iphone replaced under the warranty. Anthony complained that I am too hard on my phone. It’s always the same story with me: when I first get a new phone I treat it with kid gloves for about two months. I contemplate getting a custom-made iphone baby bjorn so I can carry it around with me at all times in comfort and safety. Something happens around the two month mark, though, and I transform into a harsh iphone master. I tell it to SACK UP and BE A MAN and TAKE WHATEVER PUNISHMENT I DISH OUT. Then the damn thing dies on me. Wimp!

* Jupiter is going for the title of World’s Most Annoying Cat and I think it’s time for his Special Surgery soon. The one that will guarantee he sings in a high voice forever. He is obsessed with Isobel’s bottles and loves nothing more than to chew the nipples off the very expensive Dr Brown’s bottles. He breaks off pieces of my woven laundry basket and tries to eat them. He sneaks in the stroller’s basket when I take the baby for a walk. He climbs up the screen door and can’t get down.  He mews incessantly for no goddamn reason. He is so very lucky he’s adorable.

* I’m absolutely drooling over Sunday’s Apocalypse Soonish? flickr set. Preparing for the apocalypse is on my life list and when I start that project I am totally going to use her set for reference. I’d like to write an Apocalypse Preparedness book with her, or at least read the one she would write.

(Photo from Sunday's Flickr)

* I’m also drooling over Shanti’s Oden post. Mmmm…

* I made another sale for the Little Big Shop. Yay!

* I am behind on everything computer-related. I am so constantly on the go now that I haven’t had a chance to catch up on everyone’s blog posts, flickr, or twitter follows. I know, that is totally a First World Problem, but I miss it. Also, been feeling all old and crotchety because I don’t like flickr’s changes. I want my olde-tymey flickr back, dammit!

* I’ve been wanting to write a post on vintage style in the home but it seems like no matter what time of day my house is a dark cave and photos don’t turn out to my liking.

* A post about millet is coming up. As soon as I can find some millet, that is.