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Eight Years Ago

16 Aug

Eight years ago I was beside myself with anxiety about my first day of work as school librarian. I had two days to figure out the job I was entrusted with before the onslaught of parents, teachers, and students. In those eight years, some things have changed.

THEN: I had a different professional outfit picked out, ironed and prepped for the first two weeks of school.

NOW: Meh. Anybody seen my pants?

THEN: my three feet of straight long hair was painstakingly wound into an intricate bun to be kept professionally out of my way while I worked.

NOW: I have a hair tie in my pocket should I need it. I won’t even look in a mirror when I put it up.

THEN: I wore the most discrete nose pin possible so as not to attract attention.

NOW: I can sleep and shower with my ring in? Sweet.

THEN: I was as nervous as the students, as prepared as possible, but not nearly knowledgeable enough. I hardly inspired confidence in the students.

NOW: I set the students at ease while I help them. They know they can come to me at any time throughout the day for help. They leave the library relieved.  I can help parents with whatever questions they have. I anticipate teachers’ needs. Things run smoothly.

What a (wonderful) difference eight years makes.