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Action Shots

16 Dec

Friend and fellow Etsy Team Librarian member, Lisa Rabey, recently sent me two awesome pins from her shop.  When she first started toying with the idea of opening a shop, I was on hand to critique and offer advice when asked and she repaid me by sending me two of her awesome pins. It was a welcome surprise that I totally did not expect.

She requested I send her shots of me wearing them, but I’d rather do one better and post them here so everyone can see how awesome these pins are.

The first pin is one of her Pride & Predjudice pieces. It’s from one of my favorite parts in the book, when Elizabeth walks the six miles or whatever to Netherfield to check on her sick sister Jane. She arrives flushed from the exercize and thoroughly muddy. Caroline critisizes her actions by saying this:

“I shall never forget her appearance this morning. She really looked almost wild.”


I love it because I’ve known a lot of bitches like Caroline in my time.  How I love to mock them.

The next pin is from her Custom Pin line, which if you have ever wanted a pin like this with your own favorite saying, you’re in luck. These are totally cute and can say virtually anything you want as long as the text will fit. Lisa made me this one by taking a line I said from my twitter stream. It says,

“Print Screen: You Complete Me.”


Print screen, you never let me down. You’re probably my favorite keyboard function. Hearts!

Lisa’s shop is called Excessively Diverting and although she’s been busy putting together a large order for a company in HOLLYWOOD she will give equal attention to your order, because that’s how special you are.