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Little Big Shop Update

5 Jul

I had a few baby-free hours this weekend and I used those to add a whole bunch of new stuff to my shop, including

Vintage playing cards

A set of six hand-painted Japanese bowls

A vintage, mint-condition baby book

A set of fern mugs

A heart-shaped wire fruit bowl

A rainbow vase collection

A set of vintage glass storage jars

A Japanese owl vase

A 1970s wall decor set

A gorgeous mod bowl

And another great vintage bowl

Thanks for looking, and I hope to keep adding more awesome thrift store finds soon!

Little Big Shop Update

29 Jun

I am bouncing in my chair right now as I type this (hasn’t hurt my accuracy none, 70 wpm HOLLA!) because I am so excited. I’m excited whenever I have a moment to work on adding stuff to the shop, but I am doubly excited because I have another sale. I’m not surprised that these plates sold, rather, I’m more surprised that I sold them. Because I definitely contemplated keeping them. Only my lack of storage in my toddler-filled house convinced me otherwise. Here are the gorgeous plates my friend Laurel will be recieving in a mock setting:

I hope she invites me over to eat off them (hint, hint).

Other things I added to the shop was a cafe curtain I originally intended for Isobel’s room, a delicate pink glass vase that I also thought about keeping, some adorable Malaysian bird glasses, and three vintage dishes. That I also thought about keeping.

Let me be honest: I think about keeping all of it. But some I definitely think about keeping certain items more than others.

I always envision uses for the things I find, perhaps that’s why they are so hard to let go. But I try to translate my idea to the photo so hopefully whomever purchases the item will be inspired. For example,

Vintage Desk Organizer

Jewelry holders:

Floral centerpiece:

Oh, and last shop update I totally forgot to talk about the Egyptian themed-vase, which a kind commenter pointed out was a vintage Jim Beam bottle.

Baby is due back from Grandma’s so I’m going to wrap this up. I’m super, super excited to reveal Round 2 of the Little Big Shop. Believe me, my sister’s bedroom is still full of stuff I need to photograph and list, so there’s more where this came from!

Little Big Shop Update

20 Jun

I did it! I finally did it! I think no one is more surprised than I am. I’ve only managed to get six items listed so far. I have a lot more stuff that’s just about ready to go so I’ll be adding to the store throughout next week. After dreaming about opening this shop for years I finally listed my first items for sale on the Little Big Shop.Within an hour of listing my first six items I also had my first sale. I’m thrilled!

I’m still working out kinks with the shipping. It’s difficult to calculate and since these items are large and fragile they aren’t the cheapest to ship. Right now I’m trying out the US Postal Service’s flat rate service but this might take some experimentation to perfect.

Let me introduce my first items:

The first is a vintage Treasure Craft apple platter that was most likely made by hand in California in the 1950s. That orange glaze is just stunning and this would be perfect for a platter of veggies with a scoop of hummus in the middle or as a jewelry holder with rings and pins in the middle and bracelets and necklaces along the outside.

It’s a substantial, statement-making platter that would look good on the coffee table holding nuts, or chocolate or even just sitting there by itself.

Next I found three of these vintage plaid glasses. Oh, I wish I could have found a bunch more! They are so cute. They remind me of a picnic, or of drinking apple juice in the fall. They are so whimsical.

I’m proud to say that this platter is my first sale. First! Sale! Boy, that felt good to type. I loved this platter and had a hard time parting with it, but I know it’s going to a good home. I can see it on someone’s patio serving drinks or on top of a liquor cabinet holding glass bottles and decanters.

These lion place mats are vintage 70s at its best – happy, wholesome, and gender-neutral. They are in great shape and if they are bent go back to their original flat shape easily with mild coaxing. These two place mats are tough enough to take a lot of toddler abuse but they could also be framed and hung on a wall as cheerful nursery art.

Isobel found this candelabra for me while thrifting, so I suppose when this sells the proceeds should go to her college fund. I love the graceful arcs of the arms and the delicate, minimal floral shapes of the candle holders. And it’s gold. You guys, gold suffered a bad rap for the last twenty years and I am here to say that gold(tone) discrimination is OVER! Bring back the gold! I love it.

Even though this would make a fantastic table centerpiece, or look great on a mantel or in a feminine bathroom, my favorite place to envision this is on someone’s dresser in their bedroom.

I have received so much support from friends online and in person for this shop that I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your encouragement. It means so much to me.