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Spring Showers

21 Mar

Last weekend my family and I drove to the coast to attend the marriage of one of my best and oldest friends. I went to her shower a few weeks ago. Turns out her cousin lives so close to me that I could walk to the shower. So I did.

The backyard where it was held was so lovely. It inspired me and made me mad with jealousy at the same time. Anthony played with Isobel in our backyard while I was gone and he could hear our animated laughter.

Look at this teapot?  Also covet-worthy.

Let me just say that this day didn’t do my diet any favors.

We were asked to bring a recipe for her recipe box. I thought it was a lovely, old-fashioned touch. I made baked brie for Jenn one time and since then she’s texted me for the recipe a few times. I also wanted to give Jenn something vintage, so I printed out a copy of a baked brie recipe and gave her a milk glass dish to bake it in.

And I made her a card.

I loved this wrapping paper. It’s reversable. So cute.

The best part? Jenn specifically demanded requested no games.

I am so happy for her.