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Still Sick

5 May

So I’m still pretty sick, and I’ve run out of prepared posts so I’m taking a cue from Gen with a G and sharing an awesome video with you instead. I was totally going to blame this sickness on Gen, too, but she had the stomach flu and whatever’s wrong with me is more on the Strep throat spectrum of Hell. I’m going to the doctor today so at the very least I can get a doctor’s note and assuage my massive guilt about missing work when I should be conducting inventory.

Anyway, Gen’s video is about what happens when Oscar Wilde meets Jersey Shore. I don’t even watch Jersey Shore but I have a basic, rudimentary knowledge of pop culture so it was fucking hilarious. I highly recommend you go check it out after your done over here. Also, I love Gen’s writing. Probably more than is appropriate.

This video is called “Roll a D6” which is a parody of 1. a popular song I’ve never heard of and 2. Dungeons and Dragons. If you (or someone you love) has been seduced by the roll of the dice, this video is for you.

Last but not least, whenever I’m anywhere near the computer Isobel asks to watch “bunny videos.” So this one’s technically from her.

For the Love of Brobee

4 Jan

I had kind of a little break down yesterday but some banjo from Beck Hansen and the comfort of a grilled cheese sandwich went a long way toward restoring peace in my soul. We also had a visit from our friend Brandon and he bought me one of the most awesome shirts I’ve ever seen. Brandon himself thought it was the nerdiest shirt ever—at least, he thought that up until I introduced him to the Sci-Five.

(For those in the area, Brandon is having a yard sale either this weekend or next, and it’s going to be full of nerdy goodness. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you the details. Movies, games, posters, that sort of thing.)

We had another restless night with Isobel. I’m definitely coming down with her cold and I’m hoping it will maintain that level of ick that is gross but still possible to function through. I’m too busy at work to take sick days.

Yesterday I got an email from a Viking who shall remain anonymous. It contained a link to a petition to bring back Yo Gabba Gabba. While it doesn’t seem that YGG is in any danger of being cancelled, Nickelodeon has not aired all of the last two seasons and season four has yet to be ordered. Not only is this crappy for the fans, but it’s even worse for the employees who kind of sort of need to know if they need to look for another job or not.

I certainly don’t want them to have to look for a new job, but they have to feed their families, and if Nickelodeon is going to keep them hanging, then well… how about this–don’t keep them hanging, Nickelodeon. It’s kind of dick move.


I surfed the YGG fansite, Gabba Friends, extensively when I was looking for information about seeing YGG Live. Apparently they have set up a petition to let Nickelodeon know that its viewers strongly support the show.

I signed it proudly, and if you appreciate Yo Gabba Gabba, you should sign it, too. Thanks, Anonymous Viking!

Genetics & You

27 Jul

First off I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I felt that since I made promises about thrifted home interior posts I need to deliver. That project is still in the works but it got a bit derailed by Isobel getting sick, followed by me getting pounded by migraines that were caused by me catching Isobel’s cold. Awesome! This is the second time I’ve been sick during summer vacation. A personal best.

When Isobel got that scary high fever I flipped out and made sure she saw the doctor immediately. California has a nasty whooping cough epidemic and my mother convinced me we were all going to die. That wasn’t her goal, of course, but you put her neurotic worry together with my neurotic worry and it goes something like this:

I love my mother dearly, but sometimes she’s about the quickest way to give me an aneurism. I can hardly blame her for being crazy when I’m just as crazy myself. And she’s been spending a lot of time over here helping with the baby while Anthony works and I’ve been surrounding my head in ice packs and moaning for death.

Migraines take me out and pretty much waste my day, which puts me in a horrible mood. When I found out that I not only had the migraine but also a fever, signaling I was coming down with Isobel’s cold, my bad mood did not get any better.

I have been trying to find ways to entertain Isobel that are appropriate for a sick child and something I can supervise while not feeling so hot myself. We’ve taken lots of cool-down baths together:

Anthony supervised her playing with pots and pans (my migraine would not tolerate that):

I tried to Beiber her hair:

We played dress up:

And we snuggled with Daddy:

And with me:

She wants to go outside but she’s way too sick for that. Although I love Yo Gabba Gabba I’ve been kind of YGG’d out from all the time we’ve been spending loafing around in front of the TV. I’m going a little insane from the repetition of the songs. Neither of us have much of an appetite so it was a small miracle when (former chef) Grandpa Doug brought us ribs and she tore into them with gusto.

Right now I’m still sick but grateful the worst of the migraine seems to have passed and Isobel is finally napping. Anthony is getting ready to for his overnight hike up Half Dome. I’m trying not to be neurotic and terrified about that. I’m sure he’ll be fine. He’s the height of personal fitness and strength. We had always planned on making this hike together but when I was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s we knew that was no longer possible. The arthritis alone makes walking to the park difficult, never mind a 14 hour hike up a mountain. And the cables. ::shudder:: I’m terrified of the cables. He’s going with some experienced hikers who know what they are doing but I’d be ruining my reputation as the Worry Champion of the West Coast if I didn’t admit that I’m a little terrified for him. They are doing the majority of this hike at night, did I mention that?

Yeah, I’m terrified.

Too hot to handle

22 Jul

I had a regular post all planned but our day has been derailed by a sick baby. Poor Isobel came down with a fever last night and after her first nap it spiked to 104 degrees F. We have an appointment with the doctor in two hours but as soon as they are back from lunch (five minutes or so) I’m going to call and see if we can go in now. She’s never been this sick before and I am freaking out.
Thanks for all the positive energy on Twitter, everybody. I’m going to go bathe my baby.

Wherein I am Deathly Ill

24 Jun

Occasionally (and I mean very occasionally) Isobel will spit up after doing some tumbling or jumping or other vigorous activity after downing a 16 oz bottle. This is very rare as she never was much of a spit-up-y baby, but she’s so active that occasionally it does happen. Immediately after she barfs she always looks at me and says “Uh-oh!” As in, “Uh oh, Mama! There goes my stomach contents!”

So the other day when Isobel barfed on me and then said, “Uh-oh!” I just thought it was a result of all the climbing she had been doing. Little did I know that that innocent barf was the start of the vomit-pocalypse to come.

Fortunately fate dealt a compassionate hand and Isobel threw up a total of three or four times within a span of about three days. She still has some pretty awful diarrhea and it’s a week in, but granted, it could have been a whole lot worse.

The day after Isobel barfed on me I woke up not feeling so great. I felt exhausted, run down, and depressed. I had just lost Peaches and thought that was the cause. Isobel seemed to be doing better so we went about our day. I kept feeling worse and worse. Luckily my Mom was going to stop by for a few hours to watch the baby while Anthony and I worked. I started puking the moment she rang the doorbell.

I’m not sure if I got it worse than Isobel because I’m older or if it’s because I have Crohn’s disease, but the next 48 hours were nothing but a feverish blur of puking, taking meds, restlessly turning, and trying to keep liquids down. My body burned with fever and inflammation. I lost track of how many times I threw up after number eleven. The whole time I kept thinking, thank god Isobel doesn’t have it this bad. We’d have to go to the emergency room for sure.

I have very rarely been that sick before and more than once I thought I was going to end up in the ER needing a steroid shot but fortunately I am feeling much better. My poor Mother, however? Is now in the throes of vomit-pocalypse.

On the bright side, getting over the vomit-pocalypse has done wonders for my mental state. Depressed? Me?! I’m just so fucking glad I’m not puking!

Before I got all nasty sick I took these photos of Isobel when we were just hanging out with Dad in the library. She’s wearing a dress her cousin gave her and it’s my mission in life to take her to the aquarium in this dress. (If I want to brave four hours in the car with a toddler. Which I’m not sure I want to do.) But how cute is that dress?!

The next two shots were pure random; just me holding the camera up and away from my face and clicking.

Isobel took this shot herself. Her very first self-portrait!

I’m still pretty weak but I’m recovering. Thanks for all the good wishes on Twitter, everybody.