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From Robots with Love

30 Jun

It’s time for another round of Useful Life Content!

Behold, my spam filter:

No thanks! I’m on a diet.

This comment pretty a lot says it all.

I make it a policy never to chat with robots. My twitter wife would leave me.

Without becoming a Geek? Oh man, you’ve come to the wrong blog…

Your Mom’s on-page one. I totally optimized her.

Did you just greet me like that neighbor from Tool Time, or are you insulting my womanly honor?

Better luck next time, robots!

Useful Life Content

21 Dec

When I first started blogging, my spam folder was unimpressive: advertisements for weight loss pills, c!ali!s deals, and the online retail of prescription drugs from Canada. That changed slowly and over time the spam comments became more amusing.

I remember the day it all started. I opened my spam folder to empty the cache and saw that someone had left me a message that said,

“This is quality post!”

It was a fluke, I thought, because then I was back to receiving offers insulting the girth of my penis.

Then I received a gem that said only this,

“herp derp.”

It was like a spam bot had spontaneously developed a sense of humor. After that I began to receive comments about toasters and bulk life content.

I present to you now my current favorite spam comments. I think we should all vote for our favorite.

1. The Screen Toaster.

2. Useful and Life content.


3.  Very special

4. This is a nice blog and greatly.


5. Makes me want to drink.

6. Good molly, bulk and Life content.


7. Extolment to you!

8. Colon Clense

9. Trap Period Roster

10. I give birth