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Little Big Shop

24 Sep

Here’s what’s up in the shop:

Vintage Balloon Lightswtich Plate, I’m in love with the bright colors.

Fukagawa Arita Handpainted Teacups, this set is so completely perfect.

Two airtight glass canisters, beautiful vintage storage for the bathroom or nursery.

Austria heraldic plate, because two eagle heads are better than one. Duh.

Avon collectible floral dish, this is so sweet.

Etsy Picks: Stocking Stuffers

5 Dec

Today I finally had to surrender to my to-do list. I’ve been so busy lately between the shop, my photography business, working full time, being a wife and mother and other family obligations;  I had to realize that I can’t do it all. I wish I could, but it’s better that I save my energy and do a few things well than do a lot of things crappily.

This means I may not get to add more Christmas items and stocking stuffers to my etsy shop in time for Christmas. Although it’s terribly disappointing, I’m glad to not have to live under the stress of trying to constantly accomplish things and instead can enjoy time with my family and focus on my photography clients and celebrating the holidays.

I am going to follow through on my promise to post my Etsy Children’s Picks post because I am nearly done with that one already. I hope to have that up next week. Since I don’t have time to devote to adding more things to my shop I’m going to promote the items I do have up.  I’ve also chosen some other awesome finds from Etsy that would also make perfect stocking stuffers.

I’m also extremely proud to announce that I’m a part of a new Etsy Street Team – Team Librarian.  Check us out, and if you have an Etsy shop and are involved in the library field or just have an intense love of books, contact Lisa and join forces with the best Street Team out there: Team Librarian.

1. Vintage Lion Placemats

I’m selling the pair of these in my shop and I just love their 1970s charm.

At the time I listed the estimate of the shipping based on the information I had. I can come down on the shipping (depending on your location), so if you are interested, convo me with your address and I can quote you an adjusted rate.

2. GreebleMonkey 2011 Calendar

Aimee Geese is a photographer and blogger living in Colorado. She sells calendars on Etsy that feature her gorgeous photography.

I am not exaggerating when I say I wish I could be half the photographer she is.

3. Austrian plate

I love using little plates like this to hold jewelry or my vitamins.

4. Felted ‘Shrooms

If I received these babies in my stocking, there would be much squeeing of approval.

5. Peacock Earrings

Peacock feathers are always in style.

6. Houseplant Needlepoint

A cute little stocking stuffer.

7. Fairytale Jewelry Box

8. Cassette Tape Appliques

Inexpensive and adorable.

9. Vintage Owl Vase

Could your desk use some pimping?

10. Itty Bitty Silver Music Note Ring

A fave.

11. Clear Glass Bowl

I use bowls this size to feed my cats. Also perfect for a personal portion of salsa.

12. Neko Case

A Japanese cat-themed case for your iphone or ipod touch.

(And yes, I think I’m very clever.)

13. Peacock Dish

If you don’t buy this my Mom will “borrow it” from me. Permanently.

Thirft Store Score: Mini Heart Bowl

2 Oct

Yesterday I stopped by Goodwill to see if I could find pieces for Isobel’s Halloween costume. I normally avoid Goodwill in favor of the Mom ‘n Pop thrift stores in town because often times the selection is very picked-over. But I thought it might be a good place to search for costume pieces so Isobel and I decided to stop by after work. I am so very glad I did because I found some amazing, amazing things–things I totally didn’t expect to find. Like this mini-heart bowl, for example.

It’s identical to the large one I found earlier!  The large one was easily one of my favorite finds and I’m currently showcasing it in my etsy shop. Finding the smaller bowl felt like destiny – these adorable bowls were meant to be.

I’m listing them separately so buyers have the option, but I’ll sell them as a set and knock off one of the shipping charges since clearly they can be shipped together quite easily.

This mini-heart bowl is most likely silver-plated like other vintage wire bowls and is about 6 inches by 6 inches and approximately 2.5 inches deep. It holds a rather large pear easily. Would be fantastic on a coffee table. It’s just adorable and it’s up in the shop now.

Little Big Shop Update

5 Jul

I had a few baby-free hours this weekend and I used those to add a whole bunch of new stuff to my shop, including

Vintage playing cards

A set of six hand-painted Japanese bowls

A vintage, mint-condition baby book

A set of fern mugs

A heart-shaped wire fruit bowl

A rainbow vase collection

A set of vintage glass storage jars

A Japanese owl vase

A 1970s wall decor set

A gorgeous mod bowl

And another great vintage bowl

Thanks for looking, and I hope to keep adding more awesome thrift store finds soon!