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Weird Science

9 Sep

This napkin holder could tear ass all over the table

In my previous post about the fair, Little Big reader Shelby commented that she didn’t bother going to the fair anymore because drinking beer in 100-degree temperatures while listening to crappy free bands wasn’t her thing.  I can’t imagine why not, Shelby! That sounds like an evening I’d gladly pay twenty bucks for.

What I personally like about the fair is this:

  1. It’s an excuse to eat a whole lot of fried food
  2. I go with people who are fun to hang out with, so we always have good times
  3. I really like goats, and chickens, and bunnehs
  4. Crazy shit, people. Crazy shit.

I have a soft spot for all the crazy shit you find at the fair. It’s a weakness. I’ve become one of those Old People Who Go To The Fair For Exhibits. In my defense it’s not everyday you see a Marilyn Mon-Lincoln or a Lego napkin holder on wheels.

Baberaham Lincoln

I am enamored by entering things in the fair. I think it’s a dying pastime that deserves to be revived. I think communities need to focus more in the inspiration, the creative process, and the skills of the community and celebrating that effort through exhibition is something we need to revisit. I think we need a grassroots community effort to involve children through city programs and the fair.

Also? I just love seeing people enter weird shit.

I get all my tablesetting inspiration from the fair.

I love love love children’s art. I love it unironically down in my soul. I feel that children’s art is the most perfect form of artistic expression.

ZOMG Adorable!

"Everybody's Racetrack."

And this? This is just badass…

I can hear air guitars wail when I see this.

I love that someone entered their Science Fair project in the fair, even though no one else did.

I nearly forgot there was a problem! A delicious, delicious problem.

I really wanted to show this painting to my piano-loving friends Melynda and Stefanie.

It looked way better than person. My flash messed it up.

Speaking of weird shit, I’d like a guard llama, please.

Until next year, crazy fair entries! Until next year.