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Follow Friday – The D Cup

10 Jun

See that bit of nature up there? It is the reason why the D cup isn’t with us today. Well, that and a certain 25lb cat.

I found the D cup while thrifting. It was so gorgeous–a delicate glass cup monogrammed with an Old English-style “D” in gold, wreathed by laurel leaves. I was going to sell it in my shop, but first I was going to fill it with flowers and nature and take some photographs. My mistake was leaving it unattended. I keep forgetting that Zorro will do anything to DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY the natures. In an effort to eat the leaves and berries I put in the vase, he knocked it off a shelf and destroyed it. Boo.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.

Zaius13 Area man gets gist of Onion article after first paragraph, stops reading.

RestlessLori Today I will honor the shaving of my pits by wearing a maxi dress. #youarewelcome

TheSuniverse Since it’s so hot, I’m thinking I’ll put bags of frozen peas in my clothes. I’ll cool off AND make a side dish!

charlesthomas “And then Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves using his heat vision, because George Washington died for your sins.” #PalinHistory

SadnessRUs Life is very long. Very very very very very very very long. Really long. So. Long. And for most of it, you’ll be very tired.

danforthfrance I just took a stab at the name of the new X-Men movie and came up with “X…Class?” Hello. I am your dad now.

MrWordsWorth Josh Duhamel will return to All My Children. After you’ve been in a Michael Bay film, that’s a step up.

thejohnblog When computers become self aware, you can spot the douchebags easily. They’ll be the ones wearing their CAPTCHA sideways.

adam_fogle Beyonce could sing the phone book and I’d still think it was amazing that they continue to make phone books.

TheBlackStar @exlibris I played countless hours of [Kid Icarus] myself, and who knows how many of those as an eggplant.

FlyteAphrodite “Live in the moment”?! That advice sucks. You live in my shitty moment. I’m going to live in my fantasy future where everything goes right.

LouisPeitzman Just read a comment that said, “Society today has gone crazy.” I think that’s YouTube for, “Everything since the Dark Ages upsets me.”

thomashawk I sure hope what happened to Anthony Weiner doesn’t happen to Barbara Bush.

markleggett I only get interested in how my office chair is constructed when I have something important to do. Is this bit welded? It looks very welded.


mariadiaz FAMOUS MEN: Once again, I can teach you how to sext and how to delete pics from your phone. Special discount this week! DM me.

Glinner “I was hacked” is this century’s “a witch did it”.

wishing4horses So a guy took a picture of his penis then sent it to a girl? No way!

TheRedQueen Phone tree is making me homicidal. “it sounds like you said you wanted to stab me in the face, is this correct” #ohverymuchso

massagebyted It’s bad for Rep. Weiner now, but he’ll feel even worse when I release the pics I got from Michelle Bachman. That lady is hung like a horse.

mrpilkington I say to myself, “Self,” I say, “How can I slip some root poison into the lot next door? Is there a squirrel I can pay to do this?”

ScrewyDecimal Monday and I are officially in a fight. There’s gonna be fisticuffs.

Riser_ I’m still waiting for Beavis & Butthead to weigh in on this Congressman Weiner scandal.

badbanana I just unlocked the “Living Simply Without Unnecessary Technology” badge on @foursquare!

helgagrace Have suggested we boost the library’s budget by contributing found money. Just boosted by .25 cents.

mommywantsvodka Whomever said, “thou art as lovely as a summer’s day,” has NOT spent any time near my garbage can in mid-June.

oodja “There are only two rules in television; don’t swear and don’t whip it out.” -helpful social media advice from Krusty the Clown

FrankConniff Wiener not getting it. After press conference, to prove how bad he feels, he tweeted everybody a pic of his limp penis.

EvenMoreSarah Maybe if I stay real quiet, Monday won’t notice I’m here and will go home early.

markleggett Most of my childhood memories are videogame cheat codes.

frageelay Madonna’s lyrics all make perfect sense if you imagine they were written to her cats.

giraffrocentric Okay, guys, guess the movie! (NO CHEATING!!!1) … “Nice to meet you, Harry Potter!”

killorn My dog is always so thrilled to see me come home for however long it takes him to realize I am not carrying a ham in my purse.

apelad I always feel sorry for never before seen footage. Be more assertive, footage!

Ahm76 Every time I’m disappointed in twitter, I realize I’m just disappointed in myself. I’m the one who didn’t make plans or leave the house. Me.

apodixis Assflap! That’s what I always think that duck in the insurance ad is saying.

theleanover At some point my neighbours are going to wonder what my horrendous laughter stems from and I’m going to have to say a 15 yr old kids cartoon.

LIFECOACHERS It’s great to focus on your gifts but sometimes you need to focus on what you don’t do well and feel really bad about that.

killorn You people act like you’ve never seen “I have a head for business & a bod for sin” written in purple Comic Sans on a business card before.

BillCorbett Yes, the rumors are true: my dog just ate a Japanese beetle. #ourlivinghorribleEarth

sandwichpolice I hung up first. I won the goodbye!

Sarah_PallinUSA That whole Watergate thing was bad for the economy. It’s poor fiscal planning to build gates underwater. Fish can’t even vote. #PalinHistory

eihposa There comes a time when the only thing to do is eat sour cream on taco shells. Now is that time.

ordermeanother Indiana Jones: the only thing in history that is better when there are Nazis involved.

danforthfrance If Kevorkian’s death is ironic, then the only thing that has died is what words mean.

StephenAtHome I wonder if it’s hard for a cricket doing standup at a comedy club to tell if they’re bombing.

shinyinfo Oh Youtube comments. You make me feel like a genius.

sbellelauren hope you like my new show girls gone mild we just drink chai lattes & discuss if we HAD to choose if we’d be ravenclaw or hufflepuff

Athenabee Athena finally said “tit-tays.” No more mommy/daughter Dave Chappelle.

telephase Cleaning out a Gatorade bucket, with a 1/2 inch of Kool-Aid/sugar sludge in the bottom. #livingthedream

laurahartgerink i came upstairs after some painting to find a little bare bottomed, diaperless baby in her pack n play. and so it begins. #underpantsaredumb

happyrobot I just sold a bike on CraigsList. I didn’t get murdered. I have cash.

trypnotik @ampersandwich If “disappointed the cat” is code for something I disappointed the cat all the time.

LouisPeitzman “No” means “no,” Microsoft AutoUpdate.

haridnc time to walk around the office and tell everyone exactly what I think of them.

MagpieLibrarian Actual question from an actual child, “Why is Mayor Bloomberg such a douche-bag?” #savenyclibraries

val_forrestal I think #wwf should let you use “invented” words if you can justify them. eg: BORATE – to bore everyone with your lengthy speech.

endquote Yes, I love it when you shout “Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean!” at me from across the street. Please do that again.

BridgetCallahan You know what the opposite of cool is? A smooth jazz interpretation of the State Farm Good Neighbor song.

TheNextMartha I should do a whole line of “time out videos”. Me riding my kids’ bikes, destroying their legos. Demolishing train tracks. HOW FUN for me.

loresjoberg I was sad that I had no shoes until someone pointed out that thigh-high stiletto boots do, technically, count as shoes.

willgoldstein I taught the boy a very important phrase this morning: “Mommy Pwetty”. #TenDadPoints

thegrumbles we drove by a guy parallel parking a giant green tractor so he could make a donut run. he is king of today.

guiltysquid Today I’m late because, apparently, bras are not “optional” in the office. Unless you’re a guy.

ProfessorSnack Has anyone gone back to explain to watermelon farmers what the word “seedless” actually means?

bridger_w A commercial just asked, “Who says you can’t have your shrimp and eat it too?” I’m not positive, but… Nobody?

rachaelosborn Sometimes I take Nyquil and chase it with a Red Bull and let them fight.

kerryhowell Why you don’t have me buy the Costco cake for departing coworkers: it has a dinosaur on it. And “You’re not extinct to us, Lori!” as message.

notthatkendall A little piece of advice for no one in particular: If you try to tell me I can’t watch “Baby Mama” for the 87th time, I will divorce you.

NASeason Random mid-week getaway to Newport Beach. All I’m really interested in is the king sized bed and the freedom from cat hair.

TheDollSays I see Coldplay is trending. Have they died? Have they died horribly in an appallingly pretentious and tedious accident? I do hope not.

lunchyprices Teens: Don’t do cocaine! Save it for your 30s when you’ll need it just to watch TV until 10 p.m.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.

Thrifted Home Tour

23 Jul

A few weeks back my MIL Olivia watched Isobel for an afternoon while I tackled a project that just seemed too daunting with a baby around: photographing my house. I want to create a series of posts that featured thrifted goods throughout my home, some of them purchased for the shop and some of them that are mine. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve pretty much decorated my whole house with things found while thrifting and yardsaling and nothing would make me happier than to inspire people to do the same.

Right out of high school I had an awful roommate for about two years. Even though she reached out and asked me to live with her, she made it clear from the moment I unpacked my bags that I was not welcome in her house. I even heard her complain about me to her boyfriend when she thought I wasn’t around, saying, “She’s going to make this place look like a thrift store.” At the time I was totally caught off guard and I found it very hurtful, but you know what? Today I’m proud to have decorated my house from a thrift store. Damn straight. I think more people should decorate their home with thrifted goods. Here’s why:

CHARM & PERSONALITY: There is nothing cookie-cutter about the inside of my tract home even though most of our furniture came from Ikea. A thrifted home truly has some individuality; it’s not something that looks like came straight from the shelves of Target. I’m saying this as someone who has nothing against Target. In fact I like Target a little too much for my budget so I try not to visit very often. As much as I like Target there is something to be said about mixing up your design with less common items. I’m sure you’ve had the experience of being in someone’s home and seeing something that you saw in a store somewhere before, or maybe you’ve gone to somebody’s house and found the very same you bought on their mantel on display. Yeah. That.

FRUGALITY & VALUE: Not everything I find at a thrift store or yard sale is always cheap, and some times I pay a nice chunk of change for something vintage, but it’s often much cheaper than finding a comparable item new. And many times you can get great deals second hand and save a whole bunch of money. Case in point? Second hand frames. Have you checked the price of a custom frame job for artwork? Insane. If you have something that doesn’t fit nicely into a standard frame striaght from the store you are looking into paying a whole lot for buying a custom frame for that bad boy. Even if it does fit into a typical poster frame you then have all the drawbacks of a typical poster frame: it being cheap and ugly. Fortunately I have been able to find solid wood and glass frames secondhand. Sure sometimes I have to buy whatever crap work of art is already in the frame, but for five dollars I can have something I’m proud to hang in my living room. Also, don’t overlook the value of something. Vintage may not be the cheapest, but when you consider the fact that you are getting something gorgeous that you love that you can’t just find anywhere, it more than justifies the purchase.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: Buying second hand is recycling at its most basic form: what could be greener than reusing an item that has already lived a useful life? How many times can you reuse an item to save resources? What is more sustainable than looking around you at items that already exist and choosing to purchase that item as opposed to one made by child labor at some big box store? Exactly. I knew you were the responsible sort.

SUPPORT A SMALL BUSINESS: Here’s where I post a shameless plug for my Etsy store and other purveyors of second hand goods. Often I shop at yard sales and estate sales but most often I go straight for thrift stores. All the second hand shops in my area support local causes: hospice care, the homeless, youth camps. My favorite thrift store forever and ever is run by the Catholic church and supports their charity. I’m not Catholic but I see the difference their outreach makes in the community. The stores I frequent are volunteer-run by the nicest people. I feel good about giving them my money because I know it is used to help others and keep the secondhand cycle going. And, *ahem* running my vintage shop through Etsy is a dream come true. Last month I bought some groceries with my Etsy earnings and I thought to myself, I did it! I’m a small business! That feels awesome. I’m not going to lie: every time I make a sale and I package that item up I think to myself, I can’t believe I’m letting this go. I truly love each and every item I find for my store, and I’m thrilled that you do, too.

Over a series of posts I’m going to be featuring a tour of my house and I’ll highlight all the thrifted goods and items to hopefully inspire others to look to second hand sources for their decorating projects. I’ll also be featuring some stuff in the photos that will end up in the Little Big Shop so you can see ideas of how they can be used. I hope it inspires you to reuse items in your design.