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Thirft Store Score: Mini Heart Bowl

2 Oct

Yesterday I stopped by Goodwill to see if I could find pieces for Isobel’s Halloween costume. I normally avoid Goodwill in favor of the Mom ‘n Pop thrift stores in town because often times the selection is very picked-over. But I thought it might be a good place to search for costume pieces so Isobel and I decided to stop by after work. I am so very glad I did because I found some amazing, amazing things–things I totally didn’t expect to find. Like this mini-heart bowl, for example.

It’s identical to the large one I found earlier!  The large one was easily one of my favorite finds and I’m currently showcasing it in my etsy shop. Finding the smaller bowl felt like destiny – these adorable bowls were meant to be.

I’m listing them separately so buyers have the option, but I’ll sell them as a set and knock off one of the shipping charges since clearly they can be shipped together quite easily.

This mini-heart bowl is most likely silver-plated like other vintage wire bowls and is about 6 inches by 6 inches and approximately 2.5 inches deep. It holds a rather large pear easily. Would be fantastic on a coffee table. It’s just adorable and it’s up in the shop now.


Thrift Store Score: Kimono Scarf

25 Sep

Newest listing: The Vintage Kimono Scarf

The print on this vintage polyester scarf looks as if it was inspired by the cloth of Japanese kimonos.

Sorry for all the pictures of my head. Someday I’ll convince friends to model for me, but for now this is all I got.

I love that this can be warn year round: as a scarf with a jacket, as a hair scarf, in a secretary bow for work, or just as a fun, flowing scarf to dress up a tee shirt.

Scarf is approximately 58 inches long by 5 inches wide.

It’s up right now in my vintage etsy shop.

Thrift Store Score: Enamel Clock

18 Sep

This vintage clock was made in Japan and it looks like it was set into a enamel-coated metal plate. It’s from the 60s or 70s.

Before I list it in the shop I’m going to put a battery in it to be sure it works. I wouldn’t want to sell anyone a broken clock.

I’m really hoping it does work, though because this would be the perfect accessory for someone’s kitchen or office. Look for it in the shop soon.

Thrift Store Score: Daisy Platter

11 Sep

Anthony is lost in the woods again while Isobel and I spend the day at home riding Zorro (her) and catching up on laundry (me). Also I’m going to try not to think about the possibility of my husband being eaten by a Sasquatch.

This set is all kinds of vintage wonderfulness, perfect for a dinner of crudités with the family or appetizers at a party.

UPDATE! The Daisy Tray has been added to my shop.

This is exactly the type of vintage servingwear I love to bust out at dinner parties. Also, I love to have dinner parties and think they deserve a comeback.

I’ll be adding it to the shop soon.