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30 Nov

Here’s what I’m up to:

– I have so much to talk about I might end up doing multiple snapshot posts this week. Forgive me.

The Jennui gave us these adorable bunny Converse in what feels like years ago but was really just in May. Isobel loved them so much she went absolutely apeshit for them and insisted on putting them on despite the fact that they were at least two sizes too big. She inevitably fell down a lot and looked like Sideshow Bob, so I put them away. Or at least, I thought I did. Every time she saw them in the upper reaches of her closet she went ballistic, demanding to wear them. I had to shove them inside her old sling for protection (hers? mine? the shoes’? Nay, I was protecting THE WORLD AT LARGE from her wrath). They mostly fit her now and she couldn’t me more pleased than if she was pooping pink rainbows out her baby buns.

– I think I scared people when I put out another call for guest posters. What I meant was that I’m planning a rough outline of my time, my projects, and consequently, my blog posts, through the new year. I’d like to feature a few guest posters here and there over the next few months. Not that I want to take the next few months off and have other people post exclusively. My wording must have fueled some worry because several people DMd and emailed me to ask if I was okay. I’m just peachy! Even with a few anxious rough patches I’m really doing well. I just have a couple special projects coming up that are going to take extra time so I was looking for a handful of people to step in for a day if things got crazy. Sorry to scare you!

– I’m having an Etsy sale! Save up to ten bucks on selected items! For more info, see this post.

– My phone is stupid and dumb. This is the epitome of a First World Problem, but I own an ancient 3G iphone that has been dropped on its head one too many times despite the case I lovingly contained it in after an unfortunate meeting with the tile floor of the girl’s upstairs C wing bathroom. I’ve been having problems texting and making my phone aware of my SIM card and the other day it freaked out so badly I had to restore it. BOO. I lost some very treasured photos and about a million sweet text messages and my phone still quite possibly is in the throes of Alzheimer’s.  There really isn’t a point to me sharing this with you, other than the venting of my frustration and the fact that it takes awhile to receive texts sometimes.

– You should add pomegranate seeds to your Greek yogurt. The way nature intended. I also made dirt candy with sweet potato and butternut squash, and oh sweet baby Jesus Picard with a hat on, it was by far the best dirt candy ever. Both of ’em. No need to roast. They were perfection. When friends would come over I’d make them sample it and by turns they were always confused, intrigued, and finally, addicted.

– I also made balsamic glazed mushrooms, sauteed garlic spinach, and baked sweet potatoes in the style of baked russets. It was a special occasion because Anthony was gone for the night playing D&D. I don’t cook sweet potatoes when he’s around because he despises them. I love him anyway because he gave sweet potatoes a shot and tried them three times in three different ways. Such a good sport. He still hated them after all that so I gave up trying to convert him to the fiber-rich beta carotene-goodness of the yam. I had never tried treating a  baked sweet potato like a baked potato before. Normally when I bake them I soak them in lime butter and zest and flake over plenty of sea salt and maybe a pinch of nutmeg. Eating it with sour cream and bacon and garlic chives was a wonderful experience.

– Speaking of yams, my friend Jose came over the day before Thanksgiving and brought me the largest sweet potato I have ever seen in my life ever. He also dropped by a stack of comics to disperse among the locals. Anybody interested? Valerie? Caleb? Jwa?

– Despite the fact that it’s becoming a bit chilly, Isobel still insist on playing with water outside. When we went to the library, she demanded to check out this book and then requested I take her picture with the library’s lion. We still haven’t showed her the movie Totoro because it would be too scary for her still, but we have been listening to the soundtrack that my friend Zack burned and decorated for me many years ago. It’s great to listen to while folding massive amounts of laaaaaaaaundry.

– I only just put my fall decorations away, and other than the Scandinavian table runner that was my Grandma’s, I haven’t gotten any decorations out yet. Everyone’s posts on IG and twitter are really inspiring me, though. I’ll have to put stuff out soon.

– This conversation happened a couple days after Thanksgiving:

J: Do you want to get a bite to eat somewhere, or do you just want to go home and have turkey?

C: I’ve had turkey for breakfast. I’ve had turkey for lunch. I had turkey twice the day before that and the day before that.

J: I get it. You probably also let a new European country into the Union.

C: Yes. It was Turkey.