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12 Oct

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

– I forgot to mention last week that Danforth featured my photo on his tumblr. He is hilarious and loves Star Trek. You should follow him, but only if you like things that are awesome.

– My twitter wife Shinyinfo made a pinterest board of all her favorite nerd-larious gifs and photos. It’s amazing. She has magical powers of seeking out all things geeky and combines that talent  with the cataloging prowess of a librarian. I like to think she made this board because my birthday is this weekend, but she was probably looking for a way to more effectively say this or possibly this to the world at large.

– I shot my very first wedding reception last weekend, and using a fancy expensive lens, too, instead of my regular kit lens. I love how the photos came out, but I was unprepared for how my back, neck, and shoulders would ache from lugging around that heavy lens. Using a new lens really inspired me, and besides that, I was able to put the camera down after awhile and enjoy the party. I ate a lot of Assyrian food and convinced the mother of the bride to give me all her secrets, er, recipes.  I’m not quite sure I’m up to dolma, but I’m pretty sure I can replicate at least a few recipes in my kitchen.

Some other fun things:

I’m not saying my mom loves me more than than yours loves you, but mine did save this for me for over ten years.

Isobel made soup.

The problem with banks.

Isobel kisses her reflection 1 and 2.

Swearing is very upsetting.

Two recent thrift store scores.

From Robots with Love

30 Jun

It’s time for another round of Useful Life Content!

Behold, my spam filter:

No thanks! I’m on a diet.

This comment pretty a lot says it all.

I make it a policy never to chat with robots. My twitter wife would leave me.

Without becoming a Geek? Oh man, you’ve come to the wrong blog…

Your Mom’s on-page one. I totally optimized her.

Did you just greet me like that neighbor from Tool Time, or are you insulting my womanly honor?

Better luck next time, robots!