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Welcome To My Spam Folder

10 Nov

It’s time to open my spam folder and read some Useful Life Content! Let’s see what the robots have for us today.

Oh! My first ever comment from the Monopoly Man! Unfortunately for him I can’t be arrested for being among the 99%.

Thrifting, domesticity, and sex publicing. It’s what I do. I’m a giver.

I’m flattered! Especially since this praise comes from the Cancer Institute…?

(Click on image to see full-size.)

I honestly wonder if some enterprising young spammer used Dragon Dictation during Rush Limbaugh’s show and used the resulting text as spam. Anthony said it’s as if regular spam is getting more annoying, like it’s evolving. Of all the liberal-minded posts this could have attached itself to, I think this comment was left on an innocuous post I wrote about my elliptical machine.


(Click on image to see full-size.)

This comment went on for PAGES and PAGES and PAGES. Seriously. I would have had to do a screen capture three or four times to get the whole message, but to sum it up: he concludes with the argument that he, himself, is a god, though an admittedly crappy one by his own standards. This is one of the weirdest comments I’ve ever received, including the comment about Sasquatch and the one the simply said, “I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather.”

Until next time, robots!