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Clinic Duty

10 May

Taking the cats to the shot clinic this weekend really reminded me why I should never leave the house with my pets. It was as stressful and frustrating as I thought it would be. I honestly don’t know how Gigi has managed to move across Europe with Pablo and Tobias.

The easiest part of the day was dropping Isobel off at my bestie’s on our way to the clinic. She obviously had a great time there and didn’t miss us at all. She even felt at home enough to tell their cats “NO!” repeatedly. She’s thoughtful like that.

My mom literally saved us by letting us borrow the cage-type carriers she uses for her trap-neuter-return program. The last thing I wanted to worry about was Peaches eating his way out of the carrier again and running amok at the clinic. The first time was bad enough.

And I had never put Zorro in a cardboard cat carrier and I was not at all sure it’d be up to snuff for lugging his 25lb-carcass around. I can just picture the bottom collasping and orange cat going everywhere. Zorro was pretty cramped in the cage carrier, and we had to hold it from the bottom or the handle would break, but we did it.

As soon as we put them in the car Zorro started howling. Not his typical tiny-cat meow, either. Full-on, top-volume mrowling. I waited in the car with them while Anthony stood in line and Zorro kept it up the entire hour.

Peach however, remained pretty calm, but clearly trying to escape from the cage, testing the bars and scratching at the corners. He’s been to the vet and the shot clinic many times, plus one time our neighbor took him to the pound, so he’s been on lockdown before. He probably has PTSD.

When Anthony gets near the front of the line we get the cats and wait to see the vet. She is quite astonished by Zorro’s size and he takes the two vaccines calmly. We do Peach next and when the vet sees him she remarks, “Oh! You have a little one, too!” Now, I wouldn’t call an 18lb Manx little, but after seeing Zorro your perspective tends to be a bit skewed.  Zorro took his shots with no complaints but as soon as Peaches is out of the box he starts yowling and fighting back. It’s all the vet and I can to do hold him down. Finally, we are done. We pack up the cats and head home.

Zorro seems eternally grateful to be back and Peaches seems laid back but is actually quietly biding his time. Turns out he had a plan: later that day Mr. Peach takes his revenge and urinates on my side of the bed.

Kitten Time!

8 May

Today is the day! We get to pick up our brand new kittens today and I’m so excited! However, we have to take our two enormous cats to the shot clinic first to get all caught up on their vaccinations and I’m not excited about that. Dreading it is more like it. The last time I took Peaches to the vet he literally ate his way out of the cat carrier while I watched in horror. Really.

Now he’s about 17 or 18 lbs, making him a cat size L. And he’s nothing compared to our XL cat Zorro, a monster Maine Coon weighing in at 25 lbs. (For all you civilized metric folk that’s about 11 1/4 kg. I looked that up special. You’re welcome!) He’s never been to the vet because frankly, I could never convince myself to do it.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s had his kitten shots and he’s as neutered as a male soprano, but that was before we got him when he lived at the no-kill shelter. Back when he was small and only weighed 7lbs. He came to us fixed, vaccinated and disease-free. It didn’t take long for him to balloon to his giant size living in our cushy house and eating off the Science Diet fat of the land (plus table scraps).

My Mom, bless her trap-neuter-return soul, has two pet cages that we’re going to use to transport the boys to the shot clinic. The brilliant thing about these cages is that they open from the top as well as the front so we don’t even have to pull them out for their shots. The vet will be eternally grateful, I’m sure.

I love seeing how Isobel is affected by growing up with cats. We try to avoid telling Isobel ‘no’ and instead opt for saying things like, “not for Isobel.” I picked that up in a child development course as a way to avoid your kid telling you ‘no’ every five seconds. It’s hilarious because she has learned the word ‘no’, but only in a specific context: yelling at the cats when they scratch on the furniture.  I have never heard her say ‘no’ in any other context and she says it with authority. Here she is yelling at Peaches for scratching on our nice green chair.

Another wonderful side affect is that she tries to play with the cats the way we play with the cats. It’s heart melting. Here she is using a ribbon to play with Zorro.

I’m super excited to raise her with kittens. I should have put this on my life list because frankly it’s a dream come true.