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9 Jan

It looks like my incessant babbling on twitter has paid off, because for the first time ever I’ve been nominated for an award: a Shorty Award! Which is appropriate because I could totally shop in the petites section if I wanted to.

My nomination is in the Social Media category because of my Follow Friday posts and my frightening inhibition to share on Overshare Wednesday.

Thank you, people I don't know!

Right now I’m going to do something very unbecoming. I’m going to ask you to take a minute and vote for me.

And here’s why:

I’m not going to win. I’m not rich or famous or even all that noticeable. I’m just a little blip on twitter. But right now I’m on page 14 tied with (among other users) a guy with a Bieber photo as his avatar. I would like your vote SPECIFICALLY so I can beat THAT GUY.

To vote, please go here and fill out this box:

Just change the twitter user to @exlibris and the hashtag to #socialmedia. You do have to put a little message after “because” or they won’t count it, but you can always just say something simple like, “she is my soulmate” or “the girl loves her cheese” or whatever. I don’t think they’re picky.

Thank you!

Useful Life Content

21 Dec

When I first started blogging, my spam folder was unimpressive: advertisements for weight loss pills, c!ali!s deals, and the online retail of prescription drugs from Canada. That changed slowly and over time the spam comments became more amusing.

I remember the day it all started. I opened my spam folder to empty the cache and saw that someone had left me a message that said,

“This is quality post!”

It was a fluke, I thought, because then I was back to receiving offers insulting the girth of my penis.

Then I received a gem that said only this,

“herp derp.”

It was like a spam bot had spontaneously developed a sense of humor. After that I began to receive comments about toasters and bulk life content.

I present to you now my current favorite spam comments. I think we should all vote for our favorite.

1. The Screen Toaster.

2. Useful and Life content.


3.  Very special

4. This is a nice blog and greatly.


5. Makes me want to drink.

6. Good molly, bulk and Life content.


7. Extolment to you!

8. Colon Clense

9. Trap Period Roster

10. I give birth