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Scrapbook: Kingston & the Magic Factory

16 Aug

Isobel and Kingston are like any modern couple. She works from home while he drops off the children off at daycare on his way to work at the Magic Factory.

He wears his magic hat with pride, secure in the knowledge that he is providing the American economy with magic for years to come.

But he’s not defined by his job. Warlock? More like Warjock!

A well-rounded worker makes for a well-rounded America.

Scrap Book: Witch Hat Visit

10 Aug

I’ve been using my powers to thrifting to put together an awesome dress up chest (as per my Life List) and Isobel is just entering the perfect age to really enjoy it. One of her favorite things is this witch hat, which actually isn’t thrifted but was certainly a thrifty find. We bought it about a year ago from the dollar bin at Target even though money was really tight. She looked so adorable in it then and is still adorable now. Seriously, you should click on over to see the cuteness, if for no other reason than to see the Herp Derp Awareness button the grumblies made me.

Sometimes she likes to wear items from her dress up chest when we go on errands, and it usually ends up being one of her many necklaces. This time, however, she insisted on wearing her witch hat to Papa and Ama’s.

When your kid decides to be this awesome, you just have to get out of their way.