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Scrapbook: Yosemite

5 Sep

I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend! Right now we are just getting back from watching one of our oldest friends marry another good friend. Recently, though, we took a trip to Yosemite. As I mentioned earlier, we’re not going to be doing this again until she’s older. We had a good time, but herding her around and making sure she wasn’t discovering creative new ways to injure herself took all of our energy. We felt like the Secret Service, clearing the perimeter, ensuring at least one of us had a visual at all times, and trying to convince our VIP that she shouldn’t wander into the bike lane. It was exhausting.

But we had fun! Our favorite parts involved water, and not just because Isobel enjoyed it so much: the temperature was in the high nineties and I wanted to keel over every time I ventured into the sun. I’m used to this baking, relentless heat in my home in the Valley as it’s a part of living here. But there’s something demoralizing about getting excited to visit a lush forest, a national treasure,  and finding you’d prefer to sit in the car with the air conditioning on full blast. Sacrilege, I know.

We found solace in the Yosemite river twice. First, before our picnic we stopped by the lower portion of Yosemite Falls. The river was so low families were climbing in to cool off their toes and wade as deeply into the frigid water as they could stand. We climbed down to the river bed and the water was as shockingly cold as the sun was scorching. Usually venturing into the water at Yosemite Falls is only for those with a death wish, but this late in summer the river is more rock than water.

After our picnic, which was punctuated with constant requests from Isobel to “go pet the squirrels,” we hiked down river and found shady little spot just right for exploring. This was the most relaxed we were the whole trip, and it was nice to sit on the cool rocks and listen to the shushsush of the water and watch Isobel contentedly pretend her stick was a fishing pole. The best part (and you can see this in some of the pictures on my flickr) is that after we got there some dude decided that this spot on the river was the perfect place to stop and meditate among the beauty of nature. Which, I’m sure it was, but nature’s splendor had to compete with the joyous cries of my daughter repeatedly saying, “HOLA! I’M ISOBEL! DO YOU WANT TO GO FISHING WITH ME? YAY, I LIKE FISHING! ME TOO!”

I mean, we were there first, so he had to know what he was getting into when he plunked down into the lotus position. If he was actually able to tune out Isobel’s voice then we may have been in the presence of a Buddha himself. Also, while she was singing and shouting and splashing she was also wading into the river up to her shins. It’s a good thing I packed extra clothes.

If you’re interested, you can see more photos from our trip to Yosemite here, including a shot of the smoke from the wildfire that detoured our route by a good forty minutes.  I hope your weekend was long and relaxing.

Surviving Yosemite

28 Jul

Anthony: I don’t need to get boots to climb Half Dome. But I’ll get them if it’ll make you feel better.

Me: Don’t come home unless you buy a pair of boots.

Anthony: I’m buying them now.

Me: Okay, good. My blood pressure is dropping.

Anthony: That’s just that low-sodium diet I have you on secretly.

Me: So you won’t slip and fall to your death if you have boots, but what about the lions?

Anthony: What lions?

Me: The ones that live in the mountains. The mountain lions. They are going to eat you since you are wandering around at night.

Anthony: They are not going to eat me.

Me: Not at first. They play with their food you know. That’s what they do. What are you going to do if a mountain lion attacks you?

Anthony: I saw a video about a guy who fought off a mountain lion. He stabbed it in the side with a knife and it ran away.

Me: Do you have a knife?

Anthony: …I have a pencil. I could go for the eye.

Me: You’re going to die, aren’t you?

Genetics & You

27 Jul

First off I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I felt that since I made promises about thrifted home interior posts I need to deliver. That project is still in the works but it got a bit derailed by Isobel getting sick, followed by me getting pounded by migraines that were caused by me catching Isobel’s cold. Awesome! This is the second time I’ve been sick during summer vacation. A personal best.

When Isobel got that scary high fever I flipped out and made sure she saw the doctor immediately. California has a nasty whooping cough epidemic and my mother convinced me we were all going to die. That wasn’t her goal, of course, but you put her neurotic worry together with my neurotic worry and it goes something like this:

I love my mother dearly, but sometimes she’s about the quickest way to give me an aneurism. I can hardly blame her for being crazy when I’m just as crazy myself. And she’s been spending a lot of time over here helping with the baby while Anthony works and I’ve been surrounding my head in ice packs and moaning for death.

Migraines take me out and pretty much waste my day, which puts me in a horrible mood. When I found out that I not only had the migraine but also a fever, signaling I was coming down with Isobel’s cold, my bad mood did not get any better.

I have been trying to find ways to entertain Isobel that are appropriate for a sick child and something I can supervise while not feeling so hot myself. We’ve taken lots of cool-down baths together:

Anthony supervised her playing with pots and pans (my migraine would not tolerate that):

I tried to Beiber her hair:

We played dress up:

And we snuggled with Daddy:

And with me:

She wants to go outside but she’s way too sick for that. Although I love Yo Gabba Gabba I’ve been kind of YGG’d out from all the time we’ve been spending loafing around in front of the TV. I’m going a little insane from the repetition of the songs. Neither of us have much of an appetite so it was a small miracle when (former chef) Grandpa Doug brought us ribs and she tore into them with gusto.

Right now I’m still sick but grateful the worst of the migraine seems to have passed and Isobel is finally napping. Anthony is getting ready to for his overnight hike up Half Dome. I’m trying not to be neurotic and terrified about that. I’m sure he’ll be fine. He’s the height of personal fitness and strength. We had always planned on making this hike together but when I was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s we knew that was no longer possible. The arthritis alone makes walking to the park difficult, never mind a 14 hour hike up a mountain. And the cables. ::shudder:: I’m terrified of the cables. He’s going with some experienced hikers who know what they are doing but I’d be ruining my reputation as the Worry Champion of the West Coast if I didn’t admit that I’m a little terrified for him. They are doing the majority of this hike at night, did I mention that?

Yeah, I’m terrified.