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Happy Thanksgiving

24 Nov

Sunday Self Portrait

30 Oct

Zorro and I be chillin.

(The baby’s around here somewhere. I assume.)

Flip Book: Zorro Hug

17 Aug

Scrapbook: Zorro Photobomb

5 Jun

Will I ever, ever be able to take a photo of a terrarium without Zorro not sticking his head into the frame to inspect it? No. No I will not.


29 May

Isobel sings most of the ABCs till she gets distracted. She also does a pretty good chorus of “Don’t Bite Your Friends” from Yo Gabba Gabba.

25lbs of Love

1 May

Organization: Before

2 Jan

In keeping with my New Year’s Goals, Anthony and I are aggressively going through the house on a cleaning and organizing crusade. Here are some of the Before shots in all their sordid glory.

Above we have the desk. It’s a large, vintage, all-steel desk that was made in the fifties and used by my father in the warehouse where he worked for nearly thirty years. It’s giant. It’s a behemoth of metal and the matching chair alone probably weighs more than I do. It’s huge, which sometimes just means there’s more room for junk. Behind it is my bulletin board. If you sent us a card in early December, you might find yourself on it.

Also if you are a Star Trek: TNG fan, prepare to be very jealous. Note the screen saver. Anthony also set the computer up to all the vocal responses of the computer of the Enterprise. In fact, our whole computer is Enterprise computer-themed. Yep. The two of us? We’re bringing dorky back.

Clutter has been building up all over the house. Behind the chair in the library is one of the areas that I shove things when I don’t want to deal with them. I call it my Secret Shame.

The majority of the Christmas toys still live in the family room. The nursery needs a total makeover into a little girl’s room.

This is what happened when I pulled all the toys out of Isobel’s room to sort and redistribute. Thank goodness for naps.

Not only are we taking out the crib and leveling up the bedroom, I’m also trying to sort through the chaos that is the closet. This was the state of things before she was born. Now it is no where near as neat, but it is just as full. She has clothes in her size plus larger and smaller. It’s a nightmare and I need to get stuff to storage, donations, and to pass on to my friend’s baby Abby. God, what a nightmare.

Before I return to work I we’re also going to tackle the garage an the attic. I hope the After photos are worth it.

As of this revision, the desk area is mostly done. I don’t have flattering After photos to share with you, but this might do for now:

Follow Friday – Presents

31 Dec

When my family arrived for Christmas morning brunch, we immediately locked Jupiter in the bedroom. He doesn’t behave in the best of times, so we weren’t taking any chances. What we weren’t expecting, however, was Zorro to dart in between the presents and tear off bits of wrapping paper and bows. And the ribbon on Isobel’s gift drove him crazy.

Right now Isobel is sitting on my lap as I type, intermittently shouting out, “Isobel! Presents! Santa!” Good times. I saved all the leftover wrapping paper this year (it always seems like such a waste) and I’m using it as packing materials for my Etsy shop. In fact, I have two packages on my desk waiting to go out, and their fragile contents are swaddled in wrapping paper.  If you order anything from me in the next month or so, expect to find some leftover Christmas cheer in your box.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.

FakeeEtiquette It is always rude to copy that floppy.

theRratedBull Playing “The Game of Life” loses its luster when you’re an adult and play the game of life everyday.

lafix When people ask if they can get me anything, I always ask for a jetpack.

simontarr Pretty sure my father in law buys a new printer when his ink cartridges run out. He might actually be a genius.

ApocalypseHow Aqualunch #6thGradeClassicRock

ApocalypseHow “I Want to Know What Like Is” #6thGradeClassicRock

ApocalypseHow Enter Sandbox #6thGradeClassicRock

ApocalypseHow Blinded By The Masturbation #6thGradeClassicRock

schmutzie I’m still sitting here and eating chocolates. I think I’ll do this until mid-January at least.

louispeitzman NYE is the FML of holidays.

AnimalBullshit Pandas are gold-digging whores.

simontarr To be clear: by “libertard” I mean “libertarian ‘tard”. Different than “libtard” (liberal ‘tard). Or just “tard.” Which is “conservative.”

wawap There’s a terrible Facebook virus going around. It’s causing people to post old news stories as well as misinformation. Oh, wait…

thejohnblog Diamonds and perfectly timed declarations of “Yo Mama” are forever.

Greeblemonkey My 8yo has started saying “oh-em-gee” on a regular basis. So, yeah, he’s now officially the world’s youngest douchebag.

palinode My mother was a force of nurture.

eshep If you are interested in taking in some southern folk-art phallus murals, look no further than the Marian (NC) Truck Plaza men’s room.

phaemarie My nerdy teenager keeps herp-derping at me.

RailbirdJ Just called a guy abt business. I think he answered in a bathroom. On speaker. This is why I email.

ScrewyDecimal I didn’t have a commute this morning. I had an odyssey. It was the stuff of epic poems. I am Dante, and Brooklyn is the 9th circle of Hell.

shinyinfo I think I know this dude but I can’t tell. All ginger hipster dudes with beards look alike. #HipsterRacism

ordermeanother Merry Christmas, Bitches!

BadAstronomer All I Want for Christmas is Your Two Front Teeth #MerryZombiemas

BadAstronomer Have Yourself a Mary Little Christmas #MerryZombiemas

BadAstronomer Santa Claus is Shambling to Town #MerryZombiemas

BadAstronomer Little Drumstick Boy #MerryZombiemas

shinyinfo I got wished “Merry Christmas” by more Muslims than Christians this year. The “War on Christmas” is complete bullshit. #HappyHolidays

realMickFoley I wonder how many wrestling fans think of me when Marley says “Mankind was my business.”

The_Pigeon When making your resolutions, don’t forget to leave room for “letting the Pigeon drive the bus”.

CaffeinatedLiby I just found my cell phone in my bra drawer. I think that means it is time for bed.

MrWordsWorth All of Lifetime’s movies seem to have the same message of empowerment, if you consider ‘ladies, your lives are in danger’ empowerment.

guiltysquid Found some stuff of the ex’s in a closet that I’m pretty sure he’d want. Hope he’s up for some dumpster diving.

LaurelKS John just shot out of bed to be with his TV. Amused but concerned.

thejohnblog Let he who spelled chihuahua correctly the first time without Google cast the first stone.

buildingjason I am pregnant with the love-child of queso and shame.

almightygod Happy birthday Jesus. Sorry I wasn’t around when you were growing up.

sween All I wanted for Christmas was peace on Earth. But they were right. Just shot my eye out.


JerryThomas If the name of your favorite band has a punctuation mark in it, you might be a hipster. #sophisticatedfoxworthy

louispeitzman The coolest thing I did in high school was making a LiveJournal icon of Garfield reading the newspaper with lyrics from “A Day in the Life.”

Sigafoos No matter how appropriate, Elizabeth did not approve of my usage of the phrase ‘Present Orgy’ today.

Phineas It’s almost 1 pm and I don’t even care that I haven’t opened a present yet. Being an adult is bullshit.

smileydooby Its like I tell my 4 year old. If you don’t have anything nice to say, get a twitter account.

jen_talley 4 yo nephew comes in with giant Toy Story doll. “I GOT A WOODY!!”

jesus Overslept. Was in a cage match with Santa the entire evening.

ApocalypseHow Tucker Carlson says Michael Vick should be executed – specifically, “hung from a bowtie until dead.”

Sigafoos Oh, forgot to announce yesterday that I’m giving up my dream of brewing in lieu of artisanal Ethernet cable making.

juliussharpe Another Xmas of going home and telling my older relatives I invented Twitter. It’s just easier they think that.

badbanana Holiday vacation. I have reached a level of inactivity normally associated with a Kardashian library card.

inversejaik 3rd cousin’s pension now being discussed in great detail. #ohgrandma

colsonwhitehead Haters gonna hate. Butters gonna butt.


What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.

The Good, The Bread, & the Zorro

9 Oct

Evidence: Exhibit A

The other day we returned from the store and as I started unbagging things and putting them away Isobel apparently decided she was hungry. For bread. So while I wasn’t looking she grabbed a loaf of bread, opened it, and started eating it plain. That’s my girl! Mmm, bread sandwich.

When I was done unpacking the food I noticed her with the bread in her mouth and started snapping pictures. I also found evidence of what she’d done on the floor.

Before we had Isobel Zorro showed a marked terror of children. Whenever a child of any sort came over, from baby to toddler to school-aged kid, his eyes would get all big and he’d run for his hiding spot under the end table near the couch. From there he was completely safe but had a perfect vantage point from which to observe the toddling threat.

It’s probably a good thing that he hasn’t totally outgrown that tendency.

"I couldn't help but notice you had a noms."


Many of you who follow me on twitter know that Isobel’s latest endeavor has been her repeated attempts to ride Zorro like he was some sort of orange pony. Now, at 25lbs, Zorro is a big boy. The vet even remarked about how large he was while he was side by side with a giant Saint Bernard.

These aren’t the best photos but I did get some of her attempting to ride him. They don’t accurately portray the hilarity of her walking up to him, slinging one leg over him and sitting down on top of him in one quick motion. They also don’t accurately convey his horror at someone treating him like a pack mule. You can see some of it in the pitiful meow, but really, the full effect of it is hilarious.


Not that that stops her from trying.