6 DIY Costumes: Halloween Roundup

1 Nov


Here’s a recap of this year’s costumes! Most of these photos were taken at my friend Zack’s birthday party. We celebrated his continual survival by dressing up in Halloween costumes and meeting at a Bay Area go cart race track. Which is a whole post in itself really and was a blast.

This year Laurel was a zombie jogger. If you notice she was bit on the ankle. My theory is that she was bit by a zombie dog who was following her on her run. Her husband John had a joke about why she was caught and it involved her saying, “traaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiins” but I don’t remember it now.

Laurel went to great lengths (specifically, Walmart) to purchase that fanny pack. She was pretty disappointed they didn’t have any day-glow options. I told her because day-glow fanny packs are now vintage, which is awesome, which defeats the purpose of a fanny pack. So they don’t exist any more. QED.

Isobel was terrified of Laurel with the green make up on. At one point Isobel looked from Laurel to me and then said, “Help!” After Laurel removed the make up, however, they were BFF once again.


Some of our friends decided to dress up as super heroes. Anthony suggested I join in the theme since what I originally wanted to be didn’t work out. After going through a list of super hero ladies he suggested I be Rogue. I had a brown leather jacket like her anyway, so it could be done cheaply. Perfect!

Every year at Halloween, I learn something new about myself. Two years ago I learned that I can’t abide the taste of fang adhesive. Last year I learned that I wanted nothing to do with Anthony when he was covered in zombie make up. This year I learned that spray-dye for your hair smells like ass and I’m probably never going to use it again.

I do best with costumes that just involve clothes, really. For the photos I show off Rogue’s signature gloves and bitchy look.


K is totally photo-bombing this shot. I love it.

My husband was Nightwing for Halloween. He found a (fake) leather jacket while thrifting and after considering several options for adding a blue stripe we realized that the simplest would be the easiest one of all: blue electrical tape. For the most part the tape adhered very well on it’s own, but since he never planned on using the jacket for anything else we glued the tape down in the areas where the adhesive needed help.

He reused his leather pants and the boots are actually galoshes that he found at the Army surplus store. Black gloves and a mask complete the look.


This is Laurel’s husband John. He is posing in character here and you probably have no idea who he’s supposed to be. That’s because he’s a private joke. People of Voltaire, I present to you everyone’s favorite dog groomer, Mike. S. Yes, the legendary Mike S.

I’d say he nailed it.


Jake dressed as that guy from The Notebook a private detective. It’s a very good look for him, I think. Here’s what he’d look like if this photo was taken in the 1930s:

Very dapper, Jake.


Our friends Justin and Melynda were out of town and so we didn’t get to see them on the big night but their costumes were adorable: they dressed in black and added handmade masks and went as two crows. Melynda purchased her mask on etsy while they made Justin’s themselves. Very creative, very cute. Also I’d recommend you spend the whole night talking about things that are shiny.

4 Responses to “6 DIY Costumes: Halloween Roundup”

  1. purplequark November 2, 2010 at 4:58 pm #

    It’s been lots of fun reading this series! I need to join in next year. I know Lupe is reeeeally looking forwarding to some Halloween dress up.

  2. Windsor Grace November 3, 2010 at 12:51 pm #

    For God’s sake, how many costumes did you do this year?! I thought I loved Halloween, but you’re really the queen.

    • LittleBig November 3, 2010 at 4:35 pm #

      I was super lazy and was only Rogue. You are still the Halloween Queen, madame. I posted costumes from the last four or five years. 😉


  1. Etsy Interview: Windsor Grace « Little Big - December 8, 2010

    […] This would have been PERFECT for my Rogue costume at Halloween. […]

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